How To Discover Your Inspiration

In a world full of destruction, despair and cruelty, sometimes it’s tough to find inspiration. And WHY should we be tapping into our inspiration? Because our authentic happiness lives there. Think about a time when you felt inspired and the joy and exhilaration you felt. We find bliss when we are inspired.

Granted, we don’t live in the Metropolis city of Inspiration 100% of the time. But we should find ways to spend as much time as possible in that space as opposed to the mundane, perpetual, mediocrity we call “life.” We get up, go to work, come home, eat dinner, MAYBE work out and we’re back to the same thing again tomorrow. Align to Enlighten helps the viewer define processes to discover what inspires YOU. Enjoy.


  1. Let’s first understand the difference between motivation and inspiration. Motivation comes from a space outside of us. Inspiration comes from within. i.e. nobody had to motivate Michael Jordan to play basketball. He was inspired to play. Motivation is short-lived whereas inspiration is long-lasting. It is only for us have a desire to BE inspired for inspiration to show up in our hearts, minds and souls. So, first…open your heart, mind and soul with an expectation of being inspired.
  2. Inspiration is closely aligned with purpose in life. Every person has something different that inspires them. So ask yourself…”what is it that I absolutely LOVE without question? What would I do every single day of my life even if I weren’t being paid to do it?” Take time to explore the things you absolutely love doing. Put your mind in that place. When we walk with expectation, the Universe will respond in kind regarding that thing we are thinking and have consistently thought about. Focus on receiving inspiration. NOT looking for it. Allow it to come.
  3. Do things that open a space to receive inspiration. Do things that keep your heart, mind and soul open. Meditate. Walk outside. Put your bare feet and toes in the grass. Do things that make you happy. Do things that are FUN. Be open. Allow yourself to consider possibilities that supercede your everyday responsibilities. And be OPEN to hear them as they come. Turn down the “noise” to be able to “hear” your inspiration calling.

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