Reform in America – TODAY

Clearly, reform in America is at hand. Social injustice, racism, police brutality/murder, economic disparity, etc., the list goes on. So HOW do we begin reform in America? It starts from within. Take a listen to the brothers of Align to Enlighten, a non-profit organization created to educate, encourage and inspire from the point of spiritual empowerment, as they break down how to leverage the innate power of manifestation from the soul.


  1. Understand that we are ALL souls first. Most times, we see, evaluate, analyze, feel and then act. This is operating from the “outside to the inside.” We internalize what is happening around us and we react. Reform from the inside out means, DECIDING what it is you choose to feel and what you choose to attract into your life’s experience.
  2. Speaking of “attracting,” we should also understand the Law of Attraction when we consider reform from the inside out. What we focus on, expands. If I am focused on hatred, destruction, despair, etc. then that is exactly what I will attract into my life’s experience. Stay focused on what it is you TRULY desire to attract into your life, no matter the circumstance. The Universe is conspiring for your good. Be sure you are a match to what you desire to attract and it will be delivered.
  3. Imagination and Expectation are two very powerful tools to use when focussing what you desire to attract. Do not “see” things as they are. Instead, “see” things as you desire them to be. Imagination helps to formulate your vision. We must have a vision to provide material for manifestation. Your imagination has a purpose. Now you’ve found it. Finally, EXPECT it to be. When we focus our desire, utilize our imagination of what is possible and how we desire to see it, the final piece is to expect it to show up. THIS is how we reform from the inside out and is the exact way to manifest the realities we desire to see. As opposed to the “seeing” reality and responding to it without power.

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