How To Leverage Emotion to Manifest Desire

Emotions are powerful receptors and catalysts regarding Law of Attraction. With ALL of the turmoil in America today, emotions are running high. This video talks about how to leverage, channel and direct that emotion, which provides fuel to achieving your authentic desire as opposed to feeling.

How To Leverage Emotion to Manifest Desire…

  1. We are vibratory beings. Albert Einstein said, “everything is energy. That is all there is to it. Match the frequency of the reality you want and you cannot help but get that reality. It can be no other way. This is not philosophy. This is physics.” Given that truth, it is important to understand the power of our emotions and how our emotions connect with the Universe. Our emotions generate a significant vibration that the Universe is responding to. Therefore, when we want to manifest a certain desire, we should be cognizant of the emotion/vibration/frequency we are emitting.
  2. Channel your emotion. When something happens or someone makes you angry, frustrated, infuriated, etc. don’t stifle your emotions. FEEL them wholeheartedly. But then CHOOSE what you truly desire to feel next. DECIDE what is the prefered outcome from the situation. Our emotions are indicators that tell me where I currently stand versus where I WANT to be. This is a signal for you to do something. That something is for us to go within to decide what we would like to happen next. From an authentic point of view, not from a vengeful perspective.
  3. “We are more powerful in our IMAGINATION than we are in our OBSERVATION.” Access your imagination to create what you desire to feel next. When we envision what we desire, we activate it. This is where manifestation begins to become reality. Create the vision of what you desire and then FEEL it within. The Universe is responding to what we FEEL and not what we say.


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