Directions for Your Day…

Think back to the first day you went to your job. You more than likely needed directions on how to get there. After you drove there a few times, it became familiar to you and then you knew where you were going. Now days, if you’ve been at your job for a while, you have a routine. You know exactly when to leave to avoid traffic. Or you know alternative routes if there’s an accident. Or if everything is good, you simply follow the routes you normally take. Mindlessly. You don’t have to think about it because you know where you’re going. It’s comfortable. And driving to work becomes a mundane, routine with little thought. Nothing ‘wrong’ with that. It’s simply what we do.

Driving to work becomes a very passive action during our days, where on the first day of work, driving there had our full focus. Our full attention. “Don’t want to be late on the first day.” Now our attention is perhaps what’s on the radio, or we’re driving thinking about what we have to do for the day or we’re thinking about what happened at work that day, etc. The point is, we get to the place where our focus is not on directions to get to work because we don’t need to give our focus or attention to that. It becomes routine. But if we are not careful, that routine or lack of focus on direction also mimics our lives. Our existence. We can fall into a “routine of life” without direction. We’re still functioning productively in life, but our conscious for direction becomes muted. Commonplace. Plain. Dull. Callous. And we call it “normal.” Or we say, “life happens.” But what if you gave “Directions for Your Day?” What would happen then?

Without direction to our days, we tend to ‘go with the flow’ of what the day brings. Our days begin to run together. Time “flies” when there is no focus. “What happened to the time?!?!? It was just yesterday when the new year started!” This is what happens when we don’t provide direction and focus to our days. We lose them in our consciousness. It’s hard NOT to know what happened when you were are paying attention to it all. By focusing our attention on our DAYS, we activate our intentions and desires for our LIVES.

If you have a really “bad day,” and we ALL have days that are less than what we desire, you probably did not wake up that morning saying, “hey guess what?!?!? I’m planning on having a REALLY bad day today! Let’s get it started!” That’s probably not your expectation. Right? But did you have an expectation in the first place??? When we are simply “going with the flow of life,” the directions for our day are no longer our own. We are not directing. We are following. Following the influxes of emotion, circumstance, unwanted desire, etc. In this case, no action is action. The lack of action we took in the morning regarding providing direction to our day says, “whatever comes our way will be reacted to.” And we are okay with that. Until we have a “bad day.”

Providing direction to your day is also action. By providing direction to your day, you activate your intention. And your intentions compliment your desires. DISCLAIMER: This does not only mean positive thinking. This means positive and intended ACTION as well. Try waking up tomorrow morning with intention. In our everyday lives we become slaves to our routines. Why? Because they’re comfortable. They don’t require any extra thinking or movement or focus on our parts. And we’re okay with that because we are stressed enough regarding the other things we are tasked to do! But taking DELIBERATE action and providing DELIBERATE focus to our intentions are how we escape from those stresses and the comfortability of our routines.

Wake up in the morning and provide directions on how your day will go. What do you expect to happen that is aligned with your desire? NOT, what do you expect to happen because “it’s raining outside so traffic is gonna be crazy.” Or, “it’s Monday so it’s gonna be horrible.” Or I had an argument yesterday with my spouse so “today will be terrible too.” But first, decide what type of day it is you actually DESIRE to have! Do you DESIRE your day to be fruitful, productive, peaceful, joyous? What??? Seriously. WHAT type of day do you desire to have??? Ask yourself this question EVERY single morning when you awake. And ANSWER yourself when you ask it. Whatever the answer you give yourself, make THAT your intention for your day.

The interesting thing is this: when we provide directions to our days, we activate our intentions through our focus. And that focus of intention is directly linked to our desire. We no longer are a passive player in the game of life but an active participant imposing our will on what life brings our way. We are completely empowered, creating our realities and manifesting our desires. We are giving direction to the Universe. And the Universe is designed to conspire to deliver on whatever it is we are intending with our desired focus. Direct your day! Command your desire. And manifest your intention. Why? Because you can!

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