Expect the Best!

And only the best!!

How many of us try to live by this philosophy?  I remember a short time ago, my motto was, “Hope for the best, but plan for the worst.”  Which obviously meant I was expecting the worst. This was based on conventional thinking that said, “whatever can go wrong, will go wrong.”

There are different schools of thought regarding expectation.  Some say, we should let go of expectations and enjoy the journey with no real attachments or assumptions as to the outcome.  While others say, we should expect exactly what it is we want and look for nothing less.

The fact of the matter is, you DO have expectations- all day every day.  You simply can not get around that.  You expect the sun to shine, you expect to have fresh running water, you expect good transportation, you expect your local store to stock an abundance of food. You’ve come to expect certain behaviors from others like your children, spouses, bosses, etc.  You have expectations all-the-time. You’ve come to expect things mainly because you’ve always had them.  But how can you expect something that you haven’t seen the evidence of?  Or more so, how can you expect something that you actually have seen evidence of its opposite?  We are here to discuss ways to channel your expectations.  Redesign them if you will, to create greater leverage towards empowerment.

It’s a very peculiar thing when you think about it. Because the way it works is that you have a primary thought and belief about something, and the Universe provides you evidence to support that thought/belief.  So then you think, as it appears to be true, that you had the experience first which led you to believe a certain thing, which obviously led to you having certain expectations around that thing.  But in reality you created the experience through your thoughts. Emotions, beliefs, and expectations.  The Universe simply echoed that which you projected externally.  But what we want to share with you is how to positively expect the unseen.  How to expect that, which in its immediate observation, is something different than what you want, by focusing the power to project positive expectations towards what it is that you DO want- AND GET IT!  We want to share with you how to change your expectations to positively effect everything around you and everything you come in contact with.

So how does it work?

Expectations come from the context of what’s being observed, previous experiences and mostly what has happened recently and repetitively.  When a decision is made as to which expected event is chosen, we tend to “see” things literally, based on our expectation. This is part of the equation of how it is you go about creating your own realty and how it is we turn thoughts into things.  Your expectation colors and shapes your reality.  What you expect to see, is what you generally tend to see.  Some will say, “No, I didn’t have an expectation of anything, and this bad thing just happened.”  Well, we know that is not how it works from a Universal Law perspective.

If you have spent any time at all following Align To Enlighten, then you know that it is your thoughts and accompanying emotions that contain manifesting power. This is because that’s all the Universe can hear, it doesn’t hear your words or speak our vocal language – but rather interprets the vibration that comes from your thoughts and emotions AND your intention and expectation.

So here’s how to use expectation for your greater good and to change your own reality towards desired things you want.

  1. Understand what expectation is. That it is more than words.  Expectation is indeed a force, just like belief, just like intention.  As matter of fact, they all go hand and hand. And in understanding first and foremost that expectation is a force, always in action, whether you use it deliberately or not, always available whether you choose to consciously use it or not, you can now CHOOSE to exercise deliberate intention to use expectation to your advantage.
  2. Understand that you can’t cheat expectation. In other words, you can’t fake like you’re expecting something that you’re really not.  Expectation is directly tied to your belief.  You can not expect other than what you believe to be true, usually.  So you can’t really “fake it til you make it”, in regards to expectation.  Your expectation has to come from a place of truth and complete authenticity.
  3. Start today choosing to expect the best in every situation. This requires a shift in paradigm.  Because as previously stated you can’t just start expecting something you don’t believe to be true.  Start simply by training your mind onto good thoughts by developing a strong focus, awareness, and thinking about things that make you happy and that make you smile when you think of them. Don’t give your attention to anything unwanted. If you catch yourself thinking a thought unwanted, simply shake your head and let the thought dissipate or say out loud ‘switch’ or what I like to use, ‘chill’ to signify a mental change is required. Keep saying things like, “I know this is going to work out for the best,” or “I know I will turn this situation to my advantage somehow,” or “I expect the best and the best always comes to me!
  4. Avoid negative talk like the plague (BY ANY MEANS NECESSARY). By “negative talk” we mean complaining, arguing, being miserable or feeling fearful and powerless – anything that drags down your emotions and contradicts your positive expectations. Limit the amount of time you spend with negative people as much as people. (We are assuming that you are not one of those people yourself lol).  Some people are easy to complain with than others, do your best to avoid conversations with these people and spend more time feeling positive and spending your time with positive people.
  5. KNOW that your expectation will come true. You may wonder how to “know” when you really don’t know yet! If it hasn’t happened yet, how can you be sure it will? This type of knowing is based solely on a generality. It is not so much that you know what you are expecting specifically will happen (although it can and most often will).  It means more a general knowing that the feeling you’re seeking will take place.  That you will feel exactly what you hoped to feel from the expected experience.   Because remember, the only reason you want anything ever, is because of how you think you’re going to feel in having it.  You must CHOOSE to know, that come what may, even if what you expected did not occur specifically, that ALL IS WELL.  And that your general expectation is one of THAT knowing- that all is well, and everything is always working out for my greater good, and that everything is for a greater purpose.   It might take some time to get comfortable with this, but once you do, it becomes a lot easier. In order to really know, you’re going to have to completely banish doubt and disbelief from your mind. When they pop up, simply push them out of your mind (SWITCH), and affirm again that you KNOW your expectation will happen. Expectation of what?  WELL-BEING, joy, satisfaction, No exception!. The only way to master this is through practice.


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