Don’t Forget About the Children…Be One…

Do you remember the innocence of your childhood? It doesn’t matter what your socioeconomic status may have been; rich, poor, middle class, whatever the label. We were children. Children with ideas, thoughts, dreams, unbounded potential and high expectations. School days lasted “forever.” But so did Saturdays when we played outside all day long. Time “stood still.”

As children, we lived without limits. Without boundaries. Everything was possible. Our “wealth” came from family and friends. The love was abundant. The compassion overflowing. The kindness, plentiful. This is not to say, “those were the good old days.” Or, “remember how it used to be so much better???” Or, “I wish we could go back to the way things used to be!” None of those statements are the answer. We have the ability to create the “good old days” right now.

Time “stood still” when we were children, primarily because, we didn’t focus on time. In fact, in this vast and infinite Universe we live in, time does not actually exist. Time is a man-made construct that we created in an effort to capture moments. But moments are fleeting. Therefore we feel time is fleeting and we say things like, “it’s October ALREADY!” as if the months have somehow sped up since we last checked. We have imprisoned ourselves and have become slaves to something we created. Is there time in Heaven, Hell, paradise, purgatory? Is there time in deep space? No. Time on earth is calculated and represented, based on our rotation around the sun. But we apply it to all things as if it’s truth. Time is a burden. Once you understand the context of what time actually is…you release yourself of that burden and immediately find happiness within the moment. When we are continually looking for better things in a future that hasn’t happened yet, we miss the moment in front of us. And when it’s gone, we wonder how we missed it. “It’s already the end of the year!” (for more on this, please see, Time Is An Illusion, July, 2018)

But as children, we took the moment and lived every second of it. Time stood still because our expectations of tomorrow, next week, next month, next year were so completely far away because we were in, that, moment. And when we thought of the future, it was bright because we didn’t have a reference point to judge what that may look like based on past experience. The possibilities were vast. Then we got older, experienced more, and then decided what the next moment would be, NOT because we were actively creating it, but because we based it on past experience as opposed to what we desire to create in that moment with the infinite possibilities available. This is why time seems to be fleeting. We are anticipating the next moment, predicting it and creating it based on what we THINK because we’ve “seen this movie before and we know how it ends.”

Many of us adults, could learn so much from a child’s mentality. When a child believes something is possible, it becomes a truth. When a child LOVES…that love does not come with a disclaimer. (if you do “this” then I won’t love you any more) When children are on a playground and someone else wants to join in, for the most part, the other person is welcomed to join. Young kids on a playground don’t segregate or discriminate, unless they were taught by an adult. In all of these scenarios, children step out on the path to joy, happiness, abundance, peace and respect. There is an EXPECTATION in them to receive these things. ADULTS teach them otherwise. Sometimes we teach an expectation of disappointment in an effort to protect kids from it. “No Johnny, don’t do that because it may not work out like you think.” It’s the fact that Johnny THINKS it WILL work out as to why his parent should encourage him to do it. Things…are manifested from thought, expectation and belief.

As adults, in today’s world, we seem to be preoccupied with so many things outside of our children and our childlike mentality. So many of us are completely emotionally charged on so many challenges we face: Stress on the job, our Political climate (Republican vs. Democrat), the president, #metoo, Black Lives Matter, police brutality, the economy, our daily commute, etc. But are we forgetting who we once were and what that means??? Are we caught up in the wake of perceived chaos, floundering in anger, fighting to the death for a cause, debating our political views, furthering our careers…all while losing our true selves?

As we are caught up in the various perceived challenges of this life, we lose sight of the foundation that guides all that will happen next…the moment and what we decide to do with it. Teach our children or should I say LEARN from them that our dreams are where our realities come from. Teach our children and remind yourself to embrace dreams, visions and expectations. Do not stifle them, or yourself, based on YOUR experiences from YOUR past. Release that which has held you back. If you “know how this movie ends” and you are basing your thoughts, actions, and next steps from that, then open yourself to the possibility of new and brighter outcomes. Do it without boundaries or limitations like a child would.

Reclaim some of the elements of your childhood. EXPECT Santa Claus to show up! JK, but seriously, expect wonderful things to happen in your life. What good does the alternative bring you? Give LOVE freely and to all. What reason do you have not to? “Because some people don’t deserve it,” a friend told me. Really? If this is the way you feel, then love is exactly what you should be giving in that scenario. It will free YOU by doing so. Invite others into your life experience. Do something out of the ordinary. Challenge yourself. Challenge the self-inflicted boundaries that hold you back. Be accepting. Wake up happy. Explore. Be inspired! Have fun. Live in the moment and LOVE the moment! Don’t wait until quitting time, or the weekend or until the holidays or until your vacation to be happy. Find the happiness, joy, expectation and anticipation you had as a child. And foster THAT same behavior in your children today. They know how to live life happily ever after.

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