Escaping the Collective Consciousness

Belief is one of the most, if not THE most powerful forces that exists.  What you believe shapes everything – your expectation, your outlook on life- the lens out of which you see everything through, your choices and decisions, and certainly your perception.  All these things have their root in your belief system.  Your reality, your current state of being, is significantly impacted by your belief.  This is why smart parents try to instill in their children very early on certain beliefs about who they are and what they can be in life. They understand the lasting effects.

It never ceases to amaze me that you can believe something to be true, whether it is or isn’t, and it will become true for you.  You can actually believe something INTO truth.  For example, I have a friend, that every time it rains, and she doesn’t have anything to cover her head, she gets sick.  So, when it’s cloudy, she’ll make statements like, “I better get home before this rain catches me.  I don’t want to be sick.”  She has a belief and expectation that the rain on her head causes her illness – every time.  And of course, the Universe being the cooperative component that it is, obliges her every single time it rains and her head isn’t covered.

In the above dialogue, we’re referencing individual or singular belief power/consciousness.  However, just as it is with any other force of power where there is a collective number – the power is even greater.  For the purpose of this discussion we’ll call collective consciousness a collective energy which is created, and vibrational frequency generated as a result of the combined or collective individual thought processes and beliefs.

Just as one individual has the power to believe something not tangible into something tangible, so it is much more so with collective consciousness.  Just as your individual thoughts, beliefs, emotions and actions mirror perfectly what you experience in your life, it is the collective thought, belief, emotion and actions of the ~ 7 billion individuals around the world which collectively join to create the various events, conditions and circumstances in the world on a much broader scale. It is this pool of collective thought patterns and beliefs that determines worldwide occurrences such as wars, homelessness, poverty, love, hatred, gender inequalities, classism, and yes racism.  We can argue that even natural disasters are a result of the metaphysical manifesting into the physical.

We give it all meaning-

It is us, we are the ones, the masses of living human beings, that give meaning to any and everything- EVERYTHING!

The collective belief for a very long time was that the Earth was flat until one individual challenged that notion.

The collective belief for a long time also was that you couldn’t run a mile in under 4 minutes.  It was thought to be humanly impossible until Roger Bannister came along.

If a tree falls in the forest, and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound?  The answer is no, it does not, UNLESS there is someone there to interpret sound.  We are the perceivers of all there is.  Things are because we say they are, as individuals and as a collective.  It’s almost as saying things don’t exist unless we say they do, and thus give it our attention.  I know how this may sound, but think about it.  Whether it’s deciding that a piece of paper with a government seal on it has a particular value or exchanging with material goods is more valuable.  We are the deciders.

Don’t stand at the buffet and complain- 

So just like you wouldn’t stand at a buffet in a restaurant and complain about what you don’t want, you would simply focus your desires on the cabbage and NOT the broccoli, the same holds true when faced with things in your personal and in our collective lives.  This world is like that buffet.  We can choose something else.  It may not appear to be that way, standing smack dab in the face of a situation.  But even then, most importantly then, we absolutely can choose another belief and thought pattern that is closer and more in alignment with our ultimate and true desires.

What do you want?

My friend has a beautiful daughter who often, as children do, tends to wine and moan when she wants something or doesn’t want something.  One day when the daughter was having an episode of discomfort and irritability, I heard the mother say, “What do you want, tell me what it is you want?”  And the child said whatever it was she wanted and of course she was granted her desires.  This is how the Universe responds to us.  Of course there are other variables, but the point is, instead of complaining and moaning in regards to what we don’t want, why not state clearly what it is that we DO want.   The Universe is hearing our complaints and moans and is saying, “what do you want, tell me what it is you want.”  But as a collective consciousness we’re seeing things in the world taking place and settling in on disgust, angst, resentment, fury, bitterness, etc.  Never, ever, settling in on what it is we truly desire, and thus the results and outcomes never change.

The New Paradigm- 

So here’s a shift in thought pattern.  Instead of looking at something unwanted and allowing ourselves to feel long-lasting negative emotion, let’s take the time to feel what we need to feel for a brief moment, and as quickly as possible, get right to the thoughts and feelings that feel better.

So what is the best way to contribute as individuals to change or improve on what we perceive as chaotic conditions in the world?

  • Understand and accept the fact that we are powerful creators and have tremendous influence on our lives and the environment we live in.
  • When you see something you don’t desire- DON’T STAY THERE- Keep focus placed on your specific and desired outcome.  (Act like your at a buffet)
  • When you speak, try hard, give it all you have, to speak only of what you want in any circumstance, and very little if any discussion of what you don’t want.
  • Become conscious of what it is that you are creating – look around you – what are you manifesting and how are you feeling mostly.  This will be your two greatest indicators as to what you’re personally creating and what you are indirectly contributing to the collective body.
  • Develop an attitude of gratitude and appreciation, understanding that the process of creation is ALWAYS perfect and precise, that everything is unfolding perfectly based on the energy and vibrational frequency that is being emitted which represents where the collective thought patterns and beliefs are.

Contrary to what we’ve been taught to “believe,” one person can make a huge difference how we live in this world as a society.  When you raise the quality of YOUR thinking and remove limiting beliefs that don’t serve you well, you are raising the frequency of the energy projected through and by the collective consciousness which MUST raise the frequency of the collective consciousness as a whole, which can only produce better and more positive results in the world.




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