How to Cure Resentment…

   “As I walked out the door toward the gate that would lead to my freedom, I knew if I didn’t leave my bitterness and hatred behind, I’d still be in prison”Nelson Mandela

The definition of resentment is, “bitter indignation at having been treated unfairly.” If you are indignant, you are angered, outraged, annoyed. Are there people in your life or in your past that you “simply can not STAND!” Are there people who make your “skin crawl” every time you see them or hear them speak? Is there a person that “gives you an immediate attitude” when they walk into the room? Are you seeing that person in your mind as you read this? You know EXACTLY who they are don’t you? I know I do. But why do these people command that type of emotional response from us? What is it about that person that unsettles us? And why does this happen? Resentment of course.

We feel that we’ve been wronged, taken advantage of, treated unfairly, spoken to crossly, whatever it is…and we can’t seem to forget it or get past it. And perhaps there is a pattern of behavior that person demonstrates that reinforces the underlying resentment you feel. And we often times are “okay” with holding onto these feelings, these patterns, these cycles. We accept the resentment. But what are we truly accepting? When we accept resentment, we are accepting chaos, turmoil, resistance, and discontent. Furthermore, resentment perpetuates unhappiness. Is ‘unhappy’ how you truly want to feel? Doubtful. So what’s our recourse? We can avoid these people. We can divorce them. We can separate ourselves from them. But here’s what’s funny: getting rid of the person you are resentful towards does not relieve you of your resentment. It is still there. Affecting YOU while the other person goes on about their life.

In order to move forward to be truly “free,” we must acknowledge what we feel and make a conscious choice to release our resentment. Our feelings, our emotions are our own. No one else’s. They are ours to command and do with as we please. Our thoughts, feelings, emotions and expectations create our circumstances and situations. They create a vibrational marker the Universe is constantly responding to. The stronger the feeling, emotion and expectation, the stronger the marker. This is how things are manifested. Therefore, when we understand the type of life we want to live, the type of character we want to demonstrate and the person we are or want to be, it is important not to cloud the path along our journey with continuous feelings of hatred, discontent and resentment. Not for ourselves and not for anyone else.

  • Explore – Explore your mind to uncover why you still harbor those feelings of resentment. So many times we are holding onto grudges and negative energy not even remembering why we feel the way we do. Ask yourself why you feel that way about the person. Is the answer valid to you? Is it actually affecting you today? Right now this moment? If it is, have you tried to create a different moment? The reason I ask is because if you are not creating a new moment, you are allowing the other person to create your moment for you which you are displaying through your resentment.
  •  Why Is It Important? – Whatever someone has said or done to you, why is it important? Don’t get me wrong, we should all protect ourselves from harm. But if you are not physically or emotionally harmed, ask yourself in regards to the person you are resentful towards, “why is it important?” And then realize…YOU command your reality. YOU command your emotion, feeling and expectation which is the fodder used to manifest desire. So WHY IS IT IMPORTANT to hold onto something someone did or said to you which is allowing THEM to create a reality for YOU that you do not want.
  • Sincerely Forgive Them – Release it. Ya know, namaste seems to be almost a ‘buzz word’ now days. But the real meaning of namaste, while it is a greeting, is “The Divine Light in Me Sees and Recognizes the Divine Light in You.” Regardless of our actions, and the ills we experience, when we can actually “SEE” someone for who they truly are, another soul along this journey of life, it makes it that much easier to sincerely forgive people. Forgiveness is in our nature. That’s why we feel GOOD when we truly forgive. Release it and you will, in turn, release yourself from the emotional bondage that is holding you back.

There is no need to “get them back” for whatever it is they have done to you. We have been socialized to strike back when attacked. (Again, yes, protect yourself from bodily harm at all times) But that’s not the attack we’re speaking about. We have been socialized to believe when we attack back, we are showing our strength. In true reality, our strength does not come from the physical level. Our true strength comes from within where we command what we desire to feel and manifest the realities we desire to live. Don’t let resentment be the roadblock stopping you from reaching your desired destination. Namaste.


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