Let’s Just Face Reality!

Well, actually let’s NOT do that!  We do not encourage anyone, at any time, for any reason to “face” reality.   No matter how dire the circumstances appear to be.  We are proponents of CREATING reality.  Of course, there are times where we obviously are forced to deal with things that are presented to us in the moment.  But usually by that time, we’ve already missed the opportunity to create.

Over the past couple of weeks, there have been two very hot topics of discussion.  One, Colin Kaepernick’s triumphant win as it may be, where he fought for a cause he felt passionately about, stayed the course, and prevailed so to speak.  The second incident involved Serena Williams’ lost at the U.S. Open where she felt like she was cheated. In both scenarios there were discussions of injustice, inequality, racial and gender disparity, and so on.  When we look at both cases we can see what appears to be obvious unfairness and wrong doing.  But is it really?  Is there anything else we can factor into these equations and others we may personally experience in our own lives that seemingly we have absolutely no control over? Where do we factor nonphysical forces into our lives? Do we have any influence over things that happen to us BEFORE they happen?

We’ve been trained by, well-meaning and sometimes not so well-meaning people, to deal with issues “head on”, by confronting/facing reality or else.  People who refuse to face reality can get a lot of frowns, not to mention the label of being irresponsible.  As a society we just don’t take kindly to people ignoring the facts as they are presented, and dealing with them.

We’ve discussed in our past posts that nothing, absolutely nothing precedes vibration.  Your vibrational marker, your vibrational point of attraction is the basis for which anything and all things are manifested in your life.  You’ve also heard us say frequently that we live in an attraction-based world and Universe.  And how nothing comes to us, except that we attract it on a vibrational level first.

For anyone who is unfamiliar with how this works, simply put, you ask for something by thinking about it.  You ask for something by giving your attention to the subject.  Worrying about something, complaining about something is the same as asking.  Your attention to a thing, whether it be positive or negative is a request.  Sometimes, in fact most all times, we are unaware of where we stand on a particular subject vibrationally, until the subject manifests in our lives in ways that are undesirable.  Then, we give so much negative attention to that subject and the Law of Attraction does its job by providing us more of the same.  This why the rich get richer, the poor get poorer, when it rains it pours, and so on. You always get more of what you give more of your attention to and less of what you give less of your attention to. It happens automatically!  You get what you think about or what matches your thoughts vibrationally, WHETHER YOU WANT IT OR NOT. You can only reel in and have life experiences to that which you are a vibrational match to. 

If we can consider for a second, the fact that everything physical comes from and out of what is non-physical, including but not limited to real life circumstances, situations, and events, we may then be able ask ourselves why are we so focused on the here and now or  the “What Is?”  Why do we give some much credence and so much of our attention to what’s going on right in front of us?  This is because we live in such a physical, see it, touch it, smell it, hear it, taste it environment.  And because we don’t really understand vibration, we discount its power.

Obviously it makes a lot of sense to address life from an action-based, physical standpoint until you come to realize Who You Really Are, a spiritual being having a physical experience, part of the same source of energy that created this world and Universe, born for the purpose of making decisions, coming to your own conclusions about life, and deliberately creating your own reality.

What’s going on right now, in this moment, is really history from a vibrational perspective.  The circumstances in our lives right now and every single condition we’re experiencing now, were created by the thoughts we thought, and thoughts we held and maintained BEFORE.  Does that make sense?  It’s all old news.  It’s all a product of the vibration we had last week, last year, yesterday or an hour ago. Looking at it from this perspective we may be able to understand that what’s happening currently, is only a mere snapshot in time of a vibration that used to be.  So what is, is not such a big deal vibrationally speaking.  Everything is always about creation – where you stand and where you desire to be.

So don’t be dismayed at what is happening now.  Stop facing reality and start creating reality.  Exercise your given power to architect and orchestrate exactly what you want to experience in life. Pre-pave your life by raising your vibration, increasing your immediate impact and influence over all that comes to you.  We attract only who and what we are.  Be love, be giving, be compassion, be joy, and watch your external reality match your internal vibration.





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