The Walking, Talking Dead…Are You a Zombie?

  So, I am a HUGE fan of the shows The Walking Dead and also Fear the Walking Dead. For me, it simply makes for good, mind-numbing entertainment. LOL…not much more to it than that. If you don’t know or are not familiar with the show, the premise is, “something” (we still don’t know what) has happened in our world to change people from being people to being senseless, zombies who’s sole existence is walking around aimlessly. Oh! and if they can get their hands on you, they will eat you alive. It’s what I do when I want to disconnect from everyday life and get my blood pressure up. LOL…

But what was crazy to me the last time I watched the show was the correlation my mind was making with the mindless zombies on the show with actual people in my everyday life. The zombies on the show continuously walk with no plan or direction or thought about what is happening. They are mentally and physically numb to their actual existence. They simply follow along with the other zombies not looking left or right. They have no proactive intentions. (unless it’s eating your brains) They are not doing anything on the show to support any desire because they are numb to it all. The only time there is a change in their behavior is when something stimulates them; a fire, loud noises, seeing an actual living creature they want to eat. Other than some event happening around them, they continue walking in their “living dead” existence…over and over and over again. We get excited, motivated, stimulated from events, circumstances and/or things we see happening in the news. But do we do anything outside of that? Or do we go back to our mind-numbing existences until the next stimulation?

There’s no judgment in that as we can all fall into this same zombie-like state. How many of us are actually living mentally, spiritually and physically proactive? We may say, “well I do! I go to work and provide for my family everyday!” Or, “I wake up with an agenda and a plan everyday! I’m good.” Really? Many of us do excellent jobs at planning for retirement, scheduling vacations or working hard on our jobs. But are you really living life mentally, spiritually and physically proactive? Living life fully aware takes practice. It’s not “hard work.” It’s deliberate work. Living life fully aware is diligently and purposefully CHOOSING thoughts that coincide with your desire. Living life fully aware is being committed to ACTING on the highest levels of your inspiration immediately in that moment. Some people characterize this as “following your gut feelings.” Living fully aware is DECIDING to actively manifest the day, the circumstance and the situation that most aligns with who you truly are. So…how do we learn to live fully aware and abstain from zombie-hood? By learning to live proactively.


  • Who Do You WANT to Be? – Decide what type of person you want to be. No bars. No boundaries. No preconceived notions of who you THINK you are right now. But who or better yet, what type of person would you like to be? More confident? More loving? More passionate? More kind? More giving? By living, acting and speaking in the manner of who you most desire to be as a person, you begin to live a more authentic you. The you that coincides with your deepest desires of authenticity. You have DECIDED to create the reality you desire by being the person you want to be. And if you’re 100% satisfied with who you currently are, decide on how you can share that authenticity on an even higher level with others?
  • Align Thought, Word and Deed – The next part about living proactively is paying particular attention to your thoughts, words and deeds. But understand, ALL things begin with a thought. Once we have decided on who it is we want to be, it is important to align our thoughts with that same desire. If I want to be more loving, compassionate, grateful, etc., I must align my thoughts with those same feelings and desires. I would direct my thoughts to focus on love and compassion when that person cuts me off in traffic or says something out of the way to me at work or angers me in my home, if I am to live proactively. I am fully aware of my anger in that moment but I am choosing to offer love and compassion instead. By aligning and commanding thought first…word and deed fall in line next.
  • Self-Evaluate but Don’t Self-Desecrate –  Like we said, living life fully aware takes practice. It’s not “hard work.” It’s deliberate work. We are all works in progress. One of the fundamental tenets of living in awareness is self-evaluation. Deciding what type of day you desire in the morning before you leave the house will provide a road map for your day. At the end of the day, review your journey. What twists and turns happened? How did you handle them? Did they align with your morning’s intentions and desires? Why not? What will you do tomorrow to better align with your intentions and desires? Cognitively do this. Daily. And without judgement! Passing judgment against yourself only serves to stifle the process. And most importantly, those thoughts of judgment DO NOT align with your proactive intentions on living in full awareness.

Living mentally, spiritually and physically proactive provides a space for all of us to become fully aware, fully cognitive and fully enlightened. It’s easy to fall into the traps of the routines of everyday life and move through the day like one of the zombies from a fictional television show. Understanding art imitates life, we should strive to become that much more aware, that much more committed and that much more determined to awaken our awareness, align our thoughts and move in a direction that proactively stimulates our existence. Otherwise we operate as mindless zombies…going with the flow.

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