“I DESERVE better…”

I deserve better!!  Says whom?

Have you ever witnessed something fantastic happen to someone or maybe to yourself that, in your mind, was undeserving?  While yet another person who, again in your mind, had worked harder and gotten far less than what they “deserved?”   We see “good” things happen to “bad” people all the time, and “bad” things happen to “good” people.  We say we follow and understand certain principles like reciprocity, karma, reaping/sowing, etc.  but then we see good fortune fall upon the unearned, while misfortune sometimes bestows the hard worker.  How and why?

Consider that the above Universal principles and all others for that matter, are designed to work for us, not against us.  The Universe and its Laws are set up to work in our favor. And in as much as its job is to support us, it cannot defy our vibration. It consistently delivers to us experiences based on what we are putting out, it has no choice. It’s similar to a computer—input and output.  It’s neutral regardless of whether you are a rich man or beggar. It is not a respecter of person.  LOA as well as other Universal principles work for everybody the same.  Isn’t this a wonderful fact?!? But in order to gain the full benefit of this support, we have to do our part by deliberately training and guiding our thoughts, beliefs, and feelings that allow this assistance that’s present for us 24/7 to work completely in our favor.

Forget Fairness

It’s not about being “fair,” or justice, or anything of this kind.  The LOA is always fair and just.  Living in this physical world in physical realities, we have a tendency to always need things to make “sense.”   Which means, often, we start assigning meaning to circumstances and events based on false premises and misconceptions. For example, we start thinking that hard work is a necessary element of success. And of course, putting in physical effort is sometimes necessary to move something from point A to B, but you’re probably also aware of the deep truth that extra effort doesn’t always pay off.  And that sometimes, you can work your ass off and you don’t get what you thought you “deserved.”  While other times you seemingly did nothing at all to get something spectacular to happen in your life.

When we experience certain circumstances and events in our lives, it is due to our being a vibrational/energetic match (on some level).  Our life experience is simply mirroring back to us who and what we are on a core level.  This is a tough pill to swallow, primarily because as things are manifested, they do not seem like anything at all that we are matched with (if it’s negative, if it’s positive we want to take full credit  😊).  So even though you have worked your butt off, done all the right things, and you don’t get the promotion, AND it’s given to someone you deem less deserving, it boils down to vibrational matching.

And just for the record, yes we ALL deserve the best of joy, peace, and happiness.  But not because we’re special people, or that we pray five times a day, or that we pay our tithes. Our mere existence makes us ALL worthy of everything this world has to offer.  Deserving is not based on what you have contributed or whether we’ve been a ‘good’ person.  You deserve what you create!  And you create through your vibrational countenance.  However, there is a sacrifice that does have to be made.  That sacrifice is not allowing your thoughts and beliefs to run rampant.  We must make the ultimate sacrifice of being conscious and deliberate thinkers.  And taking more responsibility for our habitual patterns of thought.  This can not be understated.  As you think, you vibrate, and as you vibrate, you attract. PERIOD!  Yes karma is real, but only due to the fact that good deeds generally are a product of good thoughts and vibrations, while bad deeds are usually products of negative thoughts and vibrations.  And remember the Universe is simply mirroring, so you get back what you put out.  But you can’t produce positive acts and deeds from a negative energetic space.  So it stands to reason when you do good you get good in return.  Not from your deeds, but rather from the thoughts/vibrations that produced the deeds.

This idea that we need to struggle and strive to deserve or earn what we desire is a limiting belief.  Or that “I’ve been through so many trials and tribulations, I DESERVE a better relationship than this.”  Do you?  You deserve exactly what you’ve created.  However, this is NOT about blaming yourself for any misfortune.  We believe in attraction, but there is often a misunderstanding associated with the term that insinuates, ‘you brought this on yourself,’ or ‘it’s your own fault,’ which couldn’t be further from the truth.  Manifestations that occur in our lives based on our vibrational thought patterns, happen as indicators to tell us where we are along the road map.  Am I going in the direction I want to go in or do I need to turn around?  Negative situations/circumstances help us to better focus our intentions for what we TRULY desire.

It is not because you deserve it, nor because you’ve earned; But because you are a vibrational match to it.  



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