Proactive Spirituality…

Do you go to church on Sundays? Do you pray towards the East seven times a day? Do you fast, meditate, pray to God? No matter the religion, the common denominator in all of them, whether you are Hindu, Muslim, Christian, Jew, etc., is living a life that reflects on the characteristics of a higher power of “good” within all of us. We are to treat each other with kindness, love, respect and compassion. Some religions challenge us to live to a higher standard of spirituality in this physical world. There are numerous rituals that are designed to keep us in remembrance of the life we are supposed to be living from a space of “goodness.”

Religions are created and designed to keep us on a track of living our best lives while contributing to the betterment of others. The fellowship, i.e. church, synagogue, mosque, etc., creates a space for spiritually like-minded individuals to come together to amplify their faith. We leave our places of worship and go back into the world, sometimes carrying those messages with us throughout the week and other times leaving our faith in the building we just left. We live in a perpetual cycle of “spiritual improvement.” We are constantly trying to live up to a standard and we all fall short because we are not perfect. In several religions, there are ways to rectify our shortcomings. Confession, prayer, atonement and so on. And we start the cycle over again with a promise to do better next time. But how can we live more spiritually, day to day, to help us grow to the people we truly want to be? By being spiritually proactive.

We all can “go through the motions” of religion, but living a proactive spiritual life can help determine how successful we will be with our spirituality. One simple way to begin to live life spiritually is by first understanding you are a spirit in the first place. When one thinks of God, Allah, Jehovah, the Most High, we generally associate emotions of love, compassion, understanding, long-suffering and grace. These are some of the characteristics religions look to push as goals and objectives in our daily lives. “Be more loving. Be more understanding. Be more compassionate.” All in the context of our human understanding. But if we don’t understand first, that we are all spirits (the bible says we are created in His image), then we are left to attempt to fit our imperfect, material lives, emotions and understandings, into this divine expectation. Understanding we are spirits in the first place grounds us in the understanding that we inherently share the same fundamental characteristics of the One who created us. Therefore, those same traits we strive to achieve are actually possible.

Second, if we are living from a spiritual proactive place, we also understand that the other people we see also share the same spiritual DNA as we do. They too come from the same exact location, are made of the same spiritual material and are children of the same Creator. The differences and the things that divide us all can be traced back to an ideology, skin color, socialization, economic difference or gender. All of our differences in society are based on something mental or physical…NOT spiritual. When we say ‘spiritual,’ we don’t mean religion. We mean your fundamental spiritual make up as your spirit does not identify with any particular religion. The religion is designed to keep you aware of the existence of your spirit. Therefore, with the understanding of, we are all spirits, coming from the same Creator, we are able to clear the way for an innate love, compassion, understanding and grace for every spirit we encounter. Our walls of difference are self-imposed and are not authentic in relation to our higher selves. When we have this understanding, our “differences” become trivial and we open ourselves to more love, compassion and understanding with our fellow spirits on Earth which is exactly what religions teach.

Lastly, when considering being spiritually proactive, every single spirit has a purpose for manifesting into physical form. Our thoughts, which are produced from a sense of desire which is produced in alignment with our purpose, help manifest into actual things, situations and circumstances. This is how we are designed. If you follow Christian belief in regards to how God created the world, the Universe and everything living, He spoke it into being which means it started as a thought which means it started as a desire which is/was aligned with God’s overall purpose…creation. We are made in His image and therefore are also perpetual creators. We have desires aligned with our purpose which feed our thoughts which feed our emotions, words, actions and deeds to ultimately create and manifest into physical things. God has empowered us in this way.

When we are being spiritually proactive…we are living within our purpose. We are living within what we desire most. And THAT is living the true meaning of life.

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