The Evolution of Thought

We’re all familiar with or at least have heard the fact that everything in existence was once a thought- Everything.  The entire world we see was once a thought in someone’s imagination or in the thought consciousness of the Universe.  Likewise, we also are very familiar with having a thought, and producing a tangible thing from our thoughts. Whether it be building a house, buying a car, landscaping a lawn, creating a beautiful portrait, etc. But the thought-to-thing creation we want to discuss briefly here is based on attraction.  Having a sustained thought, expectation, and belief and watching it manifest right in front of you, seemingly without any physical action on your part.

How does a vibration turn into a manifestation?  How does a thought turn into a thing? And how can we demonstrate more control and influence over our thoughts, turning them into the things we want?  Short answer:  Emotions.

It is our emotions and feelings that give life, and substance to thought.  The feelings we use to give substance to the thoughts in our mind come from one of two sources: fear or Love, which we can also say resistance or Allowance.  One feels good obviously, while the other, not so much.  Thoughts that are given substance with resistance or fear-based emotions of anger, bitterness, lack, resentment, frustration, or anxiety, will become things (physical life experience) that we experience as “negative” or “bad”.  Thoughts that are given substance with Allowance or Love based feelings such as gratitude, peace, joy, compassion, happiness and well-being, will become things we experience as “positive” and “good”.

Nothing we experience is intrinsically “bad” or “good.”  It is that our minds make it so through our perceptions and the definitions that we place on the things we observe and/or experience.  And through our internal beliefs we form habits of thoughts.  It’s been estimated that we all have roughly about 50-60 thousand thoughts per day.  Sounds like a lot, but not at all surprising to me when I think about how many thoughts run through my mind in a matter of seconds.  What is very intriguing to me however, is that of those 50K-60K thoughts you and I have today, most are the exact same thoughts we had yesterday and the day before and last week, and so on.  We think the same thoughts over, and over again. Which leads to the same emotions/feelings, which then leads to the same actions, and thus the same results.   It’s no wonder why we keep having the same life experience.  You want a new and different life?  Start thinking new and different thoughts.

So how do we do it?  How do we begin? Here’s what we’d like you to know and remember…these two things:  (1).  We are all energy-based beings, and as energy beings we emit vibrational frequencies that are always trying to match other like frequencies – like attracts like (we’re like magnets). (2). Thoughts matched with emotions is one of the most powerful forces we have as human beings.

So as it turns out, you attract what you are!  And you attract things that correspond to what you are, what you think about, and what you believe.  Whatever your mind perceives, it makes real! You and I are in a constant state of manifesting, turning non-material into material.  We are constantly creating something, either wanted or unwanted. Most times we manifest by default, without any intention, and thus create things that we don’t really want.  Imagine, if you will, what could happen if you deliberately set your mental intention. And didn’t allow your mind to run wild as it does.  What do you think you could manifest?

Your present situation is the result of your predominant state of mind in the past. Your future will be as your predominant state of mind is now.  Because you’re creating your future now, only the present is important. By having a predominantly happy and positive state of mind now, you’re creating a happy and positive future.  And your happy and positive thoughts will turn into happy and positive things.  Circumstances and situations don’t matter.  Only your state mind matters, and thus materializes!  The power is knowing that matter is supposed to be subject to mind, not vice versa.

Be picky about your thoughts.  Choose them carefully and wisely. Let your emotions guide you away from thoughts that are fear/resistance based and more towards thoughts that are from a place of allowance and love.  Make your desires known from this place. Set clear intentions. Then let go of thought and become consciously aware of the manifestations that are certain to come.

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