The Authentic You…

  Who are you? Do you know? Have you figured it out? Usually after we reach a certain age, we all pretty much think we have it figured out. What we like. Our morals, values, character, tastes, integrity, etc. We grow and we learn more about ourselves over time. Self-reflection. Self-evaluation. We explore. We keep certain parts and throw others away, with a constant sense of refinement. Some people never self-reflect or self-correct and are, as my grandmother used to say, “stuck in their ways.” But are these the elements that make you, YOU? Is that the authentic you?

LOL…I recently asked a friend if he knows who he is. Because I often offer him ‘deep’ questions/conversations, as he says, his response went something like this: “I don’t have time for your metaphysical mumbo-jumbo. I am who I am.” I laughed it off but my point was for him to explore a deeper side than being defined by his character, integrity, ambition or physical characteristics. I was pressing him to discover the authenticity of his being. When we know and understand the authenticity of our being…life is put into context. When we have context…we have clarity. When we have clarity…we are immediately empowered. Spiritually empowered in a seemingly chaotic world to manifest our deepest desires in this life.

So I pressed forward with my friend. I asked him, “When you look in the mirror, what do you see?” He responded immediately, “I see ME!” I said to him, “not true. You see a reflection of you.” He rolled his eyes as he felt I was ‘setting him up’ for something. I asked him if I were right. “Do you see YOU or do you see a reflection of you when you look in the mirror?” He eventually agreed that he sees a reflection. So I asked him, “how can it be authentically YOU if what you see is a reflection?” He reluctantly responded, “it’s not me. I guess.” So I asked him, “who is the authentic you then if what you see is a reflection?” His answer, “I have NO idea, but I’m sure you will lecture me about who I really am.”

The following is what I shared with him.

We are essentially the life-force that resides within our bodies. Some refer to this as the soul. The soul animates the body. The energy that is our soul is a powerful force designed to manifest desire in a material world. In other words, realize, create and manifest. We are perpetual creators and our creations are formed and based on our thoughts and desires. This is the authenticity of our being.

My friend and I went on to have the most profound conversation after that for the next 2 hours. But what I offer you today is, when we can understand the authenticity of our being, we realize we are empowered to design, create, author and tailor our existence. We, as powerful, spiritual creators, have the ability to perpetuate God’s creation in our material existence. This is our purpose. Regardless of your appearance, your education, your socioeconomic status, your job title or any other label you identify with…the AUTHENTIC you operates from a place of zero boundary and infinite possibility. THAT is the you that is waiting…patiently…to be discovered. The authentic you. The you that commands circumstance based on thought and innermost desire. Discover the authentic you. And make the impact on your reality that you desire most. Contemplate your desires. Focus on them without boundary or limitation. Visualize yourself operating within those desires. Expect them, without doubt, to be manifested. And then…step into your new reality. This is the authenticity of your being.

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