Change Your Perspective, Change the World

You can never EVER change anything or anyone by trying to change the external effect.  When someone is behaving in a way that makes you uncomfortable (angry, disappointed, bitter, resentful, fearful, anxious, etc. etc.) the change must come from you!  You should never look/expect someone to change their behavior in order for you to feel better.  Recently, President Trump caused a major stir with his alliance to Russian leader Vladimir Putin.  People have been in an uproar, voicing opinions, stating matters of fact, and expressing their concern and more so their disdain over his perspective and actions.  In essence, people desire Trump to behave differently, more in line with the way they believe he should behave, so that they can feel better.  And this is no different than anything or anybody else.  Your children behave in ways that make you uncomfortable.  Your boss behaves in ways undesirable to you.  Your spouse is not acting in accordance with agreement you two have set up.  The police are misbehaving in ways that are life threatening.  So on and so on.
Two weeks ago, we talked about how we do not have to let what is, be our dominant vibration. We discussed how we have the ability to turn our awareness in the direction of what we want and give less attention to what we don’t want. We talked about having the ability to be solution oriented in the middle of a so-called problem; and having the ability to find something to appreciate in what seems impossible to appreciate. We always have a choice!  The choice is, do I lean in the direction of my inner being, or do I lean in the opposite direction of my inner being.  You can tell what direction you’re leaning in by the discomfort you feel.
Complaining about Donald Trump, and his given right to his perspective, is exactly the vibration that helped put him in office in the first place.  FACT: The more you and I complain, the more we ask for more of the same.   “We give up our power not just by observing by what we’re seeing, but more so by what we’re aware of. Our awareness of what is. Our opinion of why what is, is and what should be done about what is. Our conversations about what is. Our disappointment about what is, and what we secretly harbor in our hearts regarding what is. This observation and awareness of a perceived reality, whatever it may be, trains us into a frequency that doesn’t allow what is, to ever shift into what is wanted.” (Did You Forget, Align To Enlighten)
If you want something to change, even the behavior of another, it requires two things and two things only:
1). An acknowledgment of the desired and wanted new behavior.  If someone is behaving in a way that makes you uncomfortable, think about how you WANT to feel.
2). Hold that thought.  That’s it!  When you ask for something, it is given.  Even if the asking involves someone altering their behavior.  Because what you’re really wanting is to feel better regarding your observation.
When single minded consciousness is matched with mass consciousness is when we see world change.  Your job, my job is to talk about, provide opinions on, write about, and sustain thoughts of WHAT IT IS WE WANT!  It’s hard because it’s simple.  It doesn’t seem like it’s the answer because in our action-oriented world we are taught that nothing happens without physical action.  And although we are not advocates of eliminating action, goals, movement, etc., we adamantly recognize that the true power comes from vibrational output.  The true power to change an environment lies internally within you and I.  Whenever the mind perceives, it creates!  You and I are living realities that we’ve created including this state of America and its leadership.  The beauty of this fact is that we also have the conscious creative power to create a new and different deliberate realty- one that we desire.  But will we, or will we choose to keep what we have?

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