Time Is An Illusion

  The idea of time is a man-made constraint designed to help our minds receive information, process that information and interpret that information in order to direct our physical decisions. Time is indeed helpful because it helps keep things on track with what we want to achieve and accomplish. But at the core of our being…our soul…time and space do not exist. Time is meant to direct our consciousness, not define our existence.

Our existence is not dependent upon time. Our existence is dependent upon awareness. Our souls are complete awareness. Consciousness. Authenticity. Life. Pure Existence. The body can not operate without a soul. However, the soul CAN operate independent of the body. Why? Because the body has an expiration date while the soul does not. The soul animates the body. For a time. (pun intended)

Most all religions subscribe to some type of existence after our bodies “expire.” Usually that existence is characterized as an ever-lasting paradise. This also suggests that time is relevant, only to this world. But not the world after it because there is no clock on forever. Yet, we offer all authority to time here on earth as if it is our master. As if time has some type of ruling authority over our authentic existence. We become slaves to it. We beg for more of it. Or we wish it would pass along faster. It seems to be fleeting and for that reason, we have angst, worry or concern about it. But time…is an illusion.

Granted, we see the earth rotate around the sun calling it “sun rise and sun set,” we see the days pass, the seasons change and the years go by. Our days run together as we fill them with school, work, to-do lists and deadlines. Our existence becomes numb. Then we bide our time and try to harness it when we consider the weekend or vacation with long, lazy days of nothingness or various fun activities. And when that time is up…we become saddened or return to our “Monday Melancholy” because we have surrendered the power of our emotion to depending on what was happening for a period of time.

We reminisce on the past or we carry optimism for the future. But authentic reality suggests…time is a simple illusion and what is authentically true is this moment. The awareness of our brains are in the moment. We can dream about the future. We can access memories of the past. But we can not physically embrace either. This is the connection most of us are missing when we offer time all the power in our lives. We have no command over what we felt from the past. We have no command of what we will feel in the future. We command only the moment in which we reside. Physically, mentally and spiritually. Therefore, time is only a concept, a notion, an idea…an illusion because it is not real.

We FEEL as if “being busy at work makes the time go by faster.” Or we FEEL “the weekends go by too quickly.” Or we may FEEL “there’s never enough time to get things done.” Or sometimes in the midst of things that are unpleasant, “time stands still.” In the essence of how we have defined time, it is consistent. Nothing has changed. :60 seconds equals 1 minute. Period. Yet, we can all relate to the previous comments. Why? Because we are caught up in the illusion of time and we are not focused on the authenticity of the moment. The moment is consistent and forever present. The past is a memory. The future is an idea. The moment is real. The moment is where actual living is taking place. Someone said, “the moment is a gift from God and that’s why it is called the present.” The moment is where we have all the power to exercise and create our desired outcomes. The moment is where happiness, joy, peace and fulfillment live. What we have felt in the past are moments we conjure through memory. We have zero control over that “time” because it has past. Our thoughts of the future are unborn ideas. But we don’t control or dictate all of the circumstances and variables that will influence those thoughts of when that future arrives. Therefore, the future is a simple idea. Not a tangible reality. Operating within THIS moment, being in THIS moment, focusing your awareness of THIS moment allows us to decide and to create and to manifest and to realize our deepest desires. Our desires of peace…choose it in the moment you are in. Our desires of happiness…choose it while in the moment. Our desires of prosperity…choose it in the moment. And for the record, prosperity and wealth is a state of being. Not a state of passing materialism.

All that we desire…begins with an awareness of that desire in the current moment we are living. If you desire peace, love, tranquility, compassion, joy, happiness, wealth, etc., become aware of the authentic you that transcends time and realize what you desire can be captured in the current moment you reside. Live in the right now.

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