What’s Below the Surface?

  Going through our day to day lives, it is very easy to get caught up in the things that are happening and pull them into our experience. We get cut off in traffic, someone doesn’t say thank you, the President says something incendiary, your boss pisses you off, etc. It’s easy to get caught up in bills being overdue, not being able to “get ahead,” having a mentality of “grinding it out” all while creating our reality at the surface of life. But is that it? Is our life made up of work, bills, current events in politics and dependencies on things or other people to make us happy? Is that our purpose? To live from the surface of life? What’s below the surface? Or do we even have time to explore? Are we too busy with our faces buried in our phones, oblivious to what is actually happening around us? Are we too busy measuring the amount of “likes” on the selfie we just uploaded to Facebook or Instagram looking for happiness but yet are disappointed when the responses don’t come back the way we desired? Are we too busy being emotionally enraged because of whatever the hot political topic is for the day, that doesn’t line up with our beliefs, to decide and define for ourselves what happiness, joy, peace and contentment actually mean? Are we too busy searching for a “savior” to validate our existence instead of being our own savior and creating the reality we want for ourselves? In the past, we have certainly seen great leaders that people made to be saviors, such as Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., Mahatma Gandhi, Mother Theresa, etc. But the one thing we tend to not see is…these people…lived below the surface.

Align to Enlighten’s very first blog post from more than 3 years ago was entitled, Escaping the Matrix. Recalling the actual movie, The Matrix, there was a false reality that people assimilated to and lived it as authentic. But the true reality was not at the surface, but was below it. There was something deeper than what the characters were living at the surface. This is not dissimilar to what we live today. The fundamental understanding we are offering here is, EVERYTHING we see with our physical eyes is a reflection of someone’s fulfilled desire. But it’s not necessarily your own. If one does not LIKE the reality one sees…one has the ability and the power to change it. “The Matrix” has tricked most into believing this is not possible. Therefore we must go along with what we see and name it truth. This creates a feeling of disempowerment which in turn morphs into anger, resentment and a feeling of powerlessness. Is this not the premise of the movie??? Create a sense of powerlessness so control can be maintained?

Our current day “matrix” is the facade of power we give to our government, the authority we give to money & finances, the way we allow current events to mold, shape and guild our emotion and perspective. We operate as puppets being directed in a story line that is not our own. Why? Because we are living on the surface of life. Kanye West says “slavery seems like it was a choice.” His point was not so much that slavery was a choice for black people in America. But it became a belief that they did not have power and thus a reality that perpetuated itself for 400 years. For many people, this was inflammatory and unacceptable. We are emotionally invested in what he said. Same goes for when someone says, “Black Lives Matter,” or Trump says, any number of things on any given day, and the media creates the platform to support disunity, chaos, destruction and mayhem. Then, we stay glued to the television, we stay emotionally invested, we can’t seem to look away from the train wreck happening in slow motion. We are addicted to the drama of it all and call it reality. How else do we explain the enormous popularity of any of the “Desperate Housewives Series?” And that goes for any of the shows like that. It goes for the news. It goes for any of the propaganda that supports disunity, chaos, disempowerment and dysfunction. If any person, any entity, any level of power can foster these things over masses of people, those said people can be manipulated and controlled. i.e. puppets

Cutting the strings of the puppeteer is not hard to do. It simply starts with questioning what is actually “real” for YOU and for YOUR life. The part of the Kanye West interview that was NOT shown was what he said in regards to how he feels about Trump, “if we all continue to simply say ‘F! YOU! F YOU! F YOU!’ and choose not to hear or understand another’s point of view, then how can we move forward in anything?” So think for a second about one of the many influential people in our history that effectuated major societal change. If Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. had lead protests for Civil Rights but led with “F YOU! F YOU! F YOU!” how far do you think that would have gone? Instead, he sat with America’s leaders and had discussions. Calmly. And as a matter-of-fact in his demeanor without the catalyst of anger, resentment or powerlessness. He operated below the surface of his life. Effectuating change starts by going below the surface of your emotion and searches for that authentic part of you that is love and is grounded in life’s desire and purpose.

Cutting the strings of the puppeteer starts with understanding that there IS a puppeteer in the first place. If one can create a desired emotion or reaction from a person, then that person has control over them. That person can guide and direct them to wherever they want them to go. And any person, entity or establishment that manages your emotion, is a puppeteer.  The puppeteer creates a false sense of power and a fallacy of reality that disempowers the puppet. But when we realize it is US as individuals who DECIDE how we perceive things and DECIDE how we choose to FEEL, the puppeteer loses all perceived power and the puppet is left to stand on his own.

Do not take what you see, what you read and what you hear as THE only truth and reality there is. There are layers to life. Dig deeper. Expect better. Create what you desire starting by focusing on your desire from within. The things you see happening outside of you are manifestations of someone else’s truth. YOUR truth is created by your desires, thoughts, intentions and attentions to that which you want. Don’t live on the surface of life. Live Below the Surface.

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