Mind, Body and Soul – Separate but One…

Have you ever considered the totality of your being? Your looks, your personality, your sense of humor, your emotions, your strengths, your weaknesses, your vulnerabilities, your successes? We are so multi-faceted, the same as priceless diamonds. We are layers upon layers of complexity. And this is what makes us so very unique. So very special. And so very awesome! Have you stopped lately to recognize how awesome you are? How awesomely made you are? Have you stopped to appreciate the layers of your being? Have you stopped to truly LOVE yourself wholly, unconditionally, without limit or boundary just as you are? If not…then begin today. Stop. Right now. And reflect and be amazed at WHO you are for the person you are. Right now. Not the person you WANT to be. But the person you currently are. Why? Because this is the way you begin to get to where you actually want to go. By first appreciating you, for the YOU, you are right now.

But before we get too far into the Love Fest for Ourselves, let’s first understand the full make up of who we are. We are composed of three different components; Mind, Body and Soul. These three components operate independently, yet as one. Let’s explore them one by one and we will start with the body.

The Body:

The body is easy…right? It’s that handsome or beautiful creature we see when we look in the mirror. It’s that physical matter we put through the ringer with diets, exercise, fasting, beauty salons, massages, mani-pedies, etc. Our bodies are actually a simple reflection of our true selves. Our physical body allows our true selves to be manifested into physical form for others to see from their physical form. But our bodies are not who we TRULY are. Our bodies are just one form of who we are and is a reflection of our authentic being. Our bodies are wonderfully made by the Creator and we are full of regenerative powers. Every single day, we lose millions upon millions of cells in our bodies, only to be formed and created again, by our bodies! How awesome is that?!?!?

Our bodies allow us to receive information by way of our 5 senses; see, touch, hear, taste and smell. But what about intuition? Gut-feelings? The voices in our heads that tell us to turn right instead of left? Some say there is a sixth sense. This is evidence of the multiple layers that exist within each of us. The body is ONE component of our make up. But not all of it. Those voices, intuitions, gut-feelings are the whispers of our souls.

The Soul:

Our authentic selves speak softly, quietly and discreetly. With wisdom and understanding. In measured contemplation. This is the level of our soul. You know you are there when the calm you feel supercedes the noise of the outside world. Our souls provide clarity in the midst of confusion. The term soul and spirit are used interchangeably because they are one in the same. Unlike the body, the soul is not material but ethereal. The soul is representative of the authentic YOU. That part of you that is real. Our souls are eternal while our bodies perish daily. Our souls are only bound by the bodies that house them. Free from the body, the soul is limitless. Some refer to this as death. But in actuality a soul freed from its body is LIFE. It is important to understand and remember this because we often limit our possibilities by the boundaries of our bodies. We forget who we TRULY are and recognize the reflection in the mirror as our true selves. This is only partly true.

We are ALL spiritual beings FIRST. Remembering this fact helps us to realize and manifest our true, heartfelt desires. It begins from the inside. The seeds of growth, prosperity, success, well-being and even health for the body…ALL begin from the inside. From the level of the soul. We then see the manifestation of the seeds we’ve planted in our material world. This is the place where all things we see in this world begin. With a desire…with a thought and THEN a physical action. Remembering we are spiritual beings first…creates an understanding of life.

The Mind:

And THEN there’s the mind. My grandmother used to say, “the mind is the devil’s playground.” LOL…today, we offer, the mind is whatever you ALLOW the mind to be. YOU are the master of thought. YOU are the commander of emotion. YOU are the leader of manifestation in your life. But here’s how the mind works from a fundamental standpoint: The body receives information from the five senses. The soul knows the authentic truth in observing it all. The mind makes the balance between the two. The mind functions as a bridge between what we experience and what is REAL.

“What we experience and what is real:” Every experience, every encounter, every interaction…all that happens only has the meaning we apply to it. The mind is the facilitator of that understanding. We choose to levy meaning against experiences we consider “bad” and those we consider “good.” This doesn’t suggest we throw out how we’ve been socialized, how bodily harm feels or any other type of ridiculousness. What this means is, we have the ability to CHOOSE how we want ANY circumstance to affect us for any prolonged period of time.

If I get a flat tire on my way to work and I DECIDE that this is going to ruin my day. At that very moment, the thoughts in my mind begin manifesting. Next, after my tire, I get to work and my boss yells at me, my wife calls and is angry about something, my project falls through, I get “bad news” from my mom, I almost get into an accident on the way home…etc. It continues. It goes on and on. Why? Because you DECIDED it to be.

An alternative would be: I get a flat tire and I DECIDE, this is a welcome disruption to my day because it happened for a reason. Perhaps it slowed me down enough to miss an impending accident that was going to happen. Perhaps someone else was meant to stop and help me and then I end up having a great conversation that they are inspired by. The point is, when we understand that we are the masters of thought, the commanders of emotion and the leaders of manifestation…the thoughts created in our minds begin to work FOR us as opposed to against us.

The Conclusion:

Cater to EVERY part of you. LOVE every part of you. Nurture every part of your being, every part of your existence. Too much focus on any part and not enough on the other keeps you out of alignment. Keeps you out of balance with who you truly are. All parts of you need focus and attention. You are your Mind, your Body and your Soul.

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