Week 48 – The Honeymoon Effect

Create heaven here on Earth while you live!

So this is week four of our theme this month of Learning to Live Happily Ever After.  Just to recap, we opened this dialogue by discussing how learning to live happily ever after is more about a state of being and not a destination, and that it takes practice.  We talked about how we create the enchanted world fairytales are made of by paying attention, being aware, and by finding joy and gratitude in the little things of life. In week two we described how learning to live happily ever after involves letting go of conditions you think you have to have in order to be happy.  We talked about how most importantly, living happily is inside, internal work.  Then last week we discussed sustaining happiness through alignment, and how living forever happy is about living deliberately in accordance with what you truly desire in life. For this, our fourth and final week, we want to provide a “how to” approach to living happily ever after.

Think about the moment in time when you felt the most exhilarating feeling you ever felt.  Remember that one event where it seemed time stopped, and for that moment nothing else mattered, I mean nothing.  The day or period in your life that you wished would never end.  Maybe it was your first child being born, graduating from high school or college, or perhaps it was the night of your honeymoon. For most, these are times of heartfelt bliss, enormous excitement, and abundant energy. Life was so beautiful that you couldn’t wait to jump out of bed in the morning to experience more.  The future was bright and filled with possibilities.  Imagine what our lives in this world would be like if we could maintain the “honeymoon effect” throughout our whole lives and is this even possible?

What happened that, the bliss we experienced during these episodes was so short lived? What happened that we lost our zeal and excitement?

Here’s exactly what happened.  Somebody convinced us that fairytales don’t come true.  Somebody convinced us that life was supposed to be a hard struggle and made us feel guilty about being happy, joyful, and at peace. Somebody told us, “if you’re not struggling, shame on you, life is supposed to be hard.” They made us believe that somehow if we were happy that something was wrong with us.

We here at Align to Enlighten are here to tell you – THEY LIED!!

Fairy-tales do come true, your honeymoon does not need to end, you CAN create heaven here on earth, and you CAN live happily ever after, right now!

So how do you do it, starting now, starting today?

  1. Decide for yourself that you in fact do desire to live a life of continuous happiness. Do this silently and aloud first thing in the morning upon waking, before you do anything else- affirm to yourself this affirmation:  “It is my dominant and deliberate intention everyday, no matter the circumstance or situation, to be happy.”  MAKE THE DECISION TO BE HAPPY EVERY DAY!  You do have a choice on being happy or not.  You get to decide whether you’re going to be happy every day of your life or whether you’re going to allow some-THING or some-BODY to be the reason for your unhappiness.
  2. Spend some time alone every day to connect with your inner self and to ask your higher power for guidance. You can call this meditation, ME-time, or whatever you choose.  The point is to take a minimum of 15 minutes (longer if you can) and sit in complete silence.
  3. Look for things to appreciate and be grateful for. These should be things that are priceless and don’t cost a dime.  Like the sunlight, fresh air, the beauty of nature, children’s play and laughter, etc.  Intentionally look and you will most certainly find.
  4. Determine your purpose! What are you in this human form to experience and to be? Look for as many opportunities as you can find to be of service to someone or something.  Find ways you can give more of yourself your family, to the community and world at large.  This will create a bliss of joy you couldn’t imagine.  We are made to serve one another and give and share love, and when you find ways to do so on a consistent basis, the happiness you’ll experience will be unmatched.

Learning to live happily ever after comes from inside. It’s all about YOU, no one else.  It’s about making the decision, and practicing daily, every day all throughout the day to be happy.  Making conscious choices with that main objective in mind.  Living happily ever after comes from knowing yourself, accepting yourself as you are, forgiving any perceived faults and living life on your terms, and particularly ON PURPOSE AND WITH PURPOSE!



2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Purplegirl
    Nov 29, 2017 @ 15:13:38

    I love this weeks message. Something we forget how much control we have over our own lives because we let other people or voices in our head. When we stay still, stay positive,and stay self motivated we satisfy our own happiness.



    • loveyourself7
      Nov 29, 2017 @ 18:28:59

      SO true “purplegirl.” We have so much power and control over what we desire to feel, yet we lose sight of that and are often times led as opposed to leading our own way and directing our own path. Thank you so much for your comment!



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