Week 46 – Living Happily WITHOUT Conditions

There are people today that are living in what would certainly be considered the best of times and they are utterly miserable, with no outside force doing anything to them. And there are those living in far worse circumstances that are joyful and thriving. How is this possible?  Because “thriving” or better yet living happily ever after is an inside job.

Living happily ever after, for some, is having all the success that you were born to have; and by success we mean alignment, joy, peace, clarity and everything that follows, which is everything you desire.  One important factor to all this is, understanding that you are a vibrational being first and foremost, and that the entire Universe too.  And to understand that the way you feel is vital to understanding what your vibrational output is.  The answer is learning to pay attention to the way you feel, thus controlling your vibrational output, to attract and extract more of what you want.

How do you figure that out?  By realizing that it is not about what is happening outside of you. It’s all about what’s happening inside. We’ve all heard others and have said ourselves things like, “it’s not about what happens to you, it’s about your reaction to what happened.” We say, “if you will start controlling the way you feel, then your reaction will be in your control too.” Then nothing in all of this Universe could do anything but support, soothe, and satisfy you.

We cannot discuss living happily ever after without taking into account unconditional love and unconditional living—Living a joyous life, and finding the peace and happiness you seek without needing any condition to be in place or out of place.   This is the exercise of life!

The standard of living happily ever after isn’t the things we acquire, the money we earn, the mate we have, or any other condition.  It is absolutely and unequivocally the amount of joy you feel.  The formula is so simple.  What you focus on you get more of.  That’s really it.  When you hone in, internally on that which brings you the most joy, you begin to attract more circumstances that make you joyful.   But it’s about the feeling!  The moment you decide to make it your overriding mission in life to live happily ever after based on how you feel, then you will experience a life beyond compare.

Alignment Alert:  You can’t put conditions on your being happy!  For example, a dollar amount.  Most people think that if they had just the right amount of money in the bank that they most certainly could and would be very, very happy.  And they would be correct.  Having disposable income and the freedom and flexibility it brings will undoubtedly add joy to your life.  But only temporarily. You wouldn’t have to worry about paying bills, wouldn’t have to be worried about budgeting so much, etc.  However, this would last as long as it takes for you to level out to where you were prior to the money.  If you require a certain amount of money before you are happy, you’re living a life based on satisfying a condition.  This is dangerous.  Because conditions always have the potential to change, and your sustained happiness, if based on conditions, will also fluctuate.  This type of living, based on not having enough, or lack, causes you to attract more of the same…not enough or a greater sense of lack.

I have found myself to be one who, for the most part, is primarily upbeat and optimistic.  Even in the worst times of my life, I have always, generally speaking, been able to level out to a space of happiness, albeit sometimes it took longer than others to arrive there.  For this reason I know, I have attracted more of what matches my positive nature.  And although financial wealth has been and still is a goal, it is secondary to simply having a joyful life experience, which is independent of the money.  Sure I have been blessed.  I have acquired many things in life, have fallen in and out of love many times over, and have traveled to and seen many exotic and beautiful places.  So which came first, the chicken or the egg, so to speak?  Did I have the joy that attracted the things or did I acquire the things that brought me the joy.  Unequivocally, the joy and happiness came first.  Because here’s the thing, you can never get to a happy place taking an unhappy journey.  You’ll only eventually return to your unhappy place you were in when you started.

I remember years ago, I had a financial goal of having a certain amount of liquid cash in the bank.  I acquired that amount. Then I acquired my dream vehicle, the SUV I’d always desired for years. I drove it off the showroom floor!  Then, I was afforded the luxury of expensive travel experiences to foreign lands.  I cannot begin to tell you the enormous amount of ebullience I felt.  There was no feeling up to that point that could match setting those goals and watching them come to fruition.  Then a strange thing happened.  After maybe six months or so of feeling the joy that came from having these things, I petered out.  I leveled back out to the way I felt prior to the acquisition of the things.  Wait a minute!   What happened?  I still had my dream vehicle.  I had even more money in the bank. I was very much enjoying my travel experiences.  So why did I not feel the same exuberance I felt initially.  Because the joy and happiness I sought after did not reside in the material things.  My ability for living happily ever after has always resided within me!



2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Purplegirl
    Nov 29, 2017 @ 15:39:18

    “ My Ability for Living Happily Ever After, has Always Resided in ME ! “

    This would be an AWESOME billboard sign!,



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