Week 44 – The Racism Revolution, E-RACE IT!

Just a quick recap of the past 4 weeks of our discussion on The Black and White of Racism:

The first week we talked about the cause, effect, and briefly touched on the cure for racism.  We discussed racism and its correlation with energy.  The second week we wrote an open letter to racism, exposing its cowardice, disempowering its effect and influence.  We talked about how when racism surfaces, you and I have a decision to make whether or not we will engage in the dance or not.  We stated emphatically that, world peace begins with your own reality and the peace you create within your own world.  In the third week we discussed the role that both the victimizer and the victim play in any discriminatory scenario, and how racism is no different. We talked about how in order to see something different regarding racism, we must start addressing it from the causative problem solving approach, and address it from a proactive, creative position instead of responding and reacting position.  Then in week four we established a New Modern Day Civil Rights Movement and described how empathy, expectation, and empowerment can effect racism in a more powerful and sustained way.  We differentiated between the civil right movement of years past and this the new modern day civil rights movement, and how energy and expectation play more of a role than anything else.

We would like to conclude this series on racism with two brief and personal stories.  These stories will show how energy and emotion are two of THE key factors always in play with racism and how the non-physical is much more powerful than the physical.

About three years ago, I was working for a home health agency, providing therapy services.  I had been assigned a patient who needed occupational therapy.  This patient also required skilled nursing, physical therapy, and nurse aide assistance.  The racial breakdown of the therapist were 2 black (myself and the nursing aide); and 2 white (the registered nurse and the physical therapist).  The patient was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s and was being cared for by her daughter, so all of the scheduled visits were done through the daughter as the patient’s cognitive status would not allow her to engage appropriately.  After the services had started and all clinicians were scheduled and arriving at different times throughout the day and week, a strange thing happened.  One day, seemingly out of the blue, the daughter instructed the nursing aide to start entering and exiting the premises through the back door, at the back of the house.  Yes, you heard me, the professional service provider who was coming to the home to help make the person’s life better, was asked or rather instructed to come and go through the back door of the house.  For those unfamiliar, it was common practice on the plantation of the slave owner to instruct the slave to enter and exit through the “servant door” and to reside in the “servant quarters” which was usually located behind the house.   My co-worker, recognizing what she was experiencing was livid!   She became very emotional, took the situation to our superior, and it became a big deal.  She never returned to the home.  I, having witnessed this whole occurrence, also became very emotional about the situation.  It made me extremely angry.  Although it was not my personal immediate experience, I empathized with my co-worker.  I shared her pain.  I talked about the situation for weeks and weeks with any and everybody that would listen, even long after it was over because of the tremendous injustice I felt had taken place.  And when I talked about what happened, I did so with great emotion and passion fueled with anger and pain, saying things like, “if that would have happened to me, I would have done such and such.”

So, true to its basis, Law of Attraction, gave me exactly what my attention was on, exactly what I secretly feared, and exactly where my energy was.   About three weeks past the situation that occurred and about a month into this whole treatment assignment with the patient, the daughter very politely and respectfully, with such care, asked ME if  I would start coming and going through the back door.  Yes!  I had attracted the very same scenario into my own personal experience.  This is an attraction based world and universe.  Nothing ever comes uninvited!

The lesson is clear.  Last week we posed the question:  Why do we let someone else’s experience define our expectations?  “If it is not your reality, I’m not saying ignore it. What I’m saying is, continue to create the peace you seek through your vision and expectation. And share THAT with others to assist that vision in growing. Be involved in the creation of YOUR reality.”  (From Week 43 – The Modern Day Civil Rights Movement).  Oh yeah,  of course I did not go through any back door but rather used the opportunity to educate and teach the daughter on a few things and I kept it moving.  And I realized that anytime you match expectation with powerful emotion and energy, there will always be a physical manifestation.

The second story happened more recently.  After hanging out one night coming home pretty late, I was stopped by the police.  The officer stated he pulled me over because I could not be texting and driving, that that was against the law (driving while distracted).  It should be noted here that this was the third time I’d been stopped for the same infraction, so suffice to say I had established a vibration about the subject that was counterintuitive to my desire.  I stated to the officer I was not texting, that I was about to play some music.  He said whatever I was doing with my phone while driving, I cannot do.  So we went through all the formalities, license, registration, insurance, etc.

It is very important to also note that my mood and disposition was extremely good, and that I had also been intentionally and deliberately cleaning up my vibration regarding police for a couple of years now, so that vibrationally speaking, I was in the best space one could be in regarding a situation like this.

Having said that here are the chain of events that took place succinctly after I gave the officer my information.  The officer took my information and said “I am not going to give you a ticket, just a warning.”  He went to his car to run a check on everything then returned to my vehicle and said, “I have good news and bad news.  The good news is you won’t be getting a ticket.  The bad news is I have to take you in to custody.”  WHAT!?!?!  He stated that apparently I had missed a court appearance on another traffic violation (I think for the other “driving while distracted” ticket­)  And that a warrant had been issued for my arrest.

By that time, per protocol, he’d called another officer on scene.  The arresting officer then proceeds to tell me what his intentions are.  He stated, “with your permission, we can drive your truck up the street to the church parking lot, secure it there, so that you’re not impounded.”  Yes, the police decided not have my vehicle impounded and drove it to a church lot and secured it, you read this correctly!  Once he took me down to the precinct they told me my bond was $150.00 and that I had to have the correct dollar amount to post that night or I would have to wait until morning.  I did not have the exact amount. I had well over that amount and needed exactly thirty two dollars with what I already had.

What happened next was like a dream to me.  As I stood there feeling good, in a state of complete allowance, and simply going with the flow of this process, a wonderful thing happened.  I watched as people emptied their pockets, wallets, and purses, one collaborating with the other, anteing up on the exact dollar amount needed for me to go home.  It was if these people were fairies of the Universe, angels if you will, acting in concert on my behalf at that moment in time.  I said nothing as I witnessed this.  It was beautiful and humbling to observe.  Once they had the amount needed for my bond, they continued on with the process and released me.  Then, the last thing that happened was that the arresting officer drove me back to my truck where this all started and I was home all in less than an hour.

Now was this luck, or a blessing, or simply the way this particular officer and police department does things, or, or, or?   It is my dominant belief that I impacted and influenced this situation before it even occurred, so that when it did occur, the best possible outcome transpired.  It is my dominant belief that my practiced and sustained vibration that I know I’ve been working on for about two years regarding the subject of police and law enforcement directly affected this outcome. This had the potential to go any number of different ways.  If my knee-jerk response had been one of having the perception of being harassed, treated unfairly, etc., even if I was justified, my energy would have been much different and this probably would’ve had a completely different ending.

This is not about having a good attitude we’re talking about here, although your vibration and attitude go hand and hand.  We’re talking about changing or better yet affecting, impacting, and influencing the mindset and energy of another human being and the world at large by attuning purposely to your vibration.  Racism can and will end!  But we must take a different approach than we ever have.  We must take an energy approach, starting within ourselves.  Look at what’s transpiring, launch the desire you wish to see, and BE that desire by thought, word, and deed!  All it takes is one.



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