Week 43 – The Modern Day Civil Rights Movement

 If you know anything about American History, you are familiar with the Civil Rights Movement of the 1960’s. We had so many great leaders, famous and otherwise, who banned together for the betterment of our humanity. From Marie Foster, who advocated for women’s rights to vote to Rosa Parks who was the catalyst for the Montgomery Bus Boycott. From Medgar Evers, who worked to overturn segregation at the University of Mississippi before he was assassinated by white supremacists to James Baldwin, renowned author and poet. From Malcolm X, dynamic speaker and advocate for African-American equality to Martin Luther King Jr., one of the most powerful and influential voices of our time who led the charge for black activism and civil rights in America. There have been numerous leaders and inspired groups of people to help push our country forward. They were relentless in their efforts and we all should be grateful. The countless sit-ins, demonstrations and marches helped to propel change in our country. They were beaten, spat upon, stabbed, shot and killed, all in the name of the desire for civil rights equality in America. So, as we discuss The Black and White of Racism this month let us not forget the struggles of those who came before us. But let us also not forget, we have a responsibility to carry the legacy forward. The responsibility of carrying the expectation of justice and equality forward. The responsibility of actively being a part of the solution, lest we perpetuate the problem. So, what does the Modern Day Civil Rights Movement look like? We offer that it doesn’t look like the Civil Rights Movement of the past. And it doesn’t look like the modern-day activities we currently see in the present.

What do we want? And better yet, how do we plan to achieve it? Are we looking for a modern-day Martin Luther King Jr? Are we in search of the next Malcolm X? Are we mimicking the Black Panther Party with Black Lives Matter? Are we looking, waiting, dreaming for a “savior” to bring us out of the wilderness? Our modern day Civil Rights Movement is within each of us as individuals. No one is coming to “save” us. No one is coming to the “rescue.” We have an active decision to make. Save yourself. Save your reality. Create what it is you desire. Be aligned with that desire. Be proactive with what you expect instead of reacting to what you see. Sheep are led. Wolves lead. “I Have a Dream” is not simply a famous speech. “I Have a Dream” was an expectation of a desired reality. A vision that was held and constantly aligned with one man. MLK believed and expected the words of his speech to manifest way before the words were ever uttered. That turned into a movement and subsequently a reality. Each of us have that same God-given power and ability. The power and ability to create the desires within our hearts to manifest the realities we expect.

The Breakdown: The breakdown between the Civil Rights Movement of the 1960’s compared to where we are today is, somewhere along the line, the African-American community became complacent in our creation. Meaning, after countless laws were passed outlawing segregation, discrimination and several other civil injustices, did we all not seemingly relax? Did we all not have a sense of “arrival?” That everything was good because we could ride in the front of the bus, sit at the counters to eat like everyone else, use the same bathrooms, vote? Did we all not become complacent in the creation? Did we all not simply…stop…creating? We were expectant. That’s for sure. We were expectant that we would sit at those counters, use those bathrooms, vote, etc. and that became and remains our reality. But the breakdown comes when we are expectant, but we didn’t and don’t continue to create. We become stagnant, stale, motionless, quiet and still. The Civil Rights Movement of the 1960’s was focused, consistent and diligent. It was moving…forward…constantly. The masses of people had a focused energy on sustained change. That was the expectation. It was proactive in function. Not only reactive in emotion. Somewhere along the lines, we relaxed. We stopped moving mentally. There was no need to maintain such a high focus on equality because we had “arrived.” However, the other forces of racism, bigotry and inequality continued to feed their vision. Continued to move forward with the hate. Continued to be focused on their desired outcome of separation and segregation. It was never abolished or eradicated. It was only muted for a time. And now, it has caught up. Now it has a very strong voice. Now, African-Americans and those who abhor racial inequality are reacting to something in disgust that we all thought was squashed after legislation and laws were passed that denounced it. While we thought we’d arrived and thought we’d overcome, the hatred remained focused.

Empathy, Expectation and Empowerment: A passive expectation is the same as having no expectation. When considering the Law of Attraction, expectation becomes a foundational pillar of manifestation. The Law of Attraction states, what we focus on, expands. When we reflect on the Civil Rights Movement of the 1960’s, there was a collective focus on equality and inclusion. That collective focus created an expectation. That expectation was realized. The same holds true for today. Our collective expectations are focused on the injustices of police brutality against people of color. Our collective expectations are focused on the systematic dissection and oppression of any minority race but especially in the black community. Our collective expectations are focused on the separation and segregation of the socioeconomically deprived. We are appalled by the injustices we see. We are empathetic with these things we see in the news and in our communities. We are outraged. We are emotionally charged. We are flat out angry. “And we will be heard!” But because our focus, our energy, our emotion, our expectations are focused on the incident…we are not focused on our desired outcome. Therefore, we attract more of the same into our existence. More police brutality. More dissection and oppression. More separation and segregation. More socioeconomic injustice. Our empathy begins to outweigh our empowerment. At Align to Enlighten, we are not emotionally callous to the treacherous events we see in our world. We would simply like to offer another point of view. So, the question is, why do we let someone else’s experiences define our expectations? When we do, our empathy invites the same experience into our reality. (What we focus on, expands)

In speaking with a friend, he said to me, “man these wicked police are out here beating us! Shooting us! Killing us! And we have to do something about it!” So, I agreed but then I asked him, “how many times have you been beaten by the police? Who do you know that has been shot by the police? Tell me the name of the person in your family or even a friend that has been killed by the police.” His response…    ”THAT’S NOT THE POINT!” But isn’t it? While we empathize, and speak out against injustice, as we should, what he spoke about was not his reality. If it is not your reality, I’m not saying ignore it. What I’m saying is, continue to create the peace you seek through your vision and expectation. And share THAT with others to assist that vision in growing. Be involved in the creation of YOUR reality.

When we carry that expectation of “the police are out here killing us!” and you get pulled over, everything about you says, “I’m EXPECTING something to happen here. Whether you realize it or not, it will show in your demeanor, your body language, your attitude, your tone. Your expectations are a part of you. They tell the raw truth of what you feel. And they are manifested just the same. This is fact. Therefore, be mindful of what you expect in life and what you expect out of life. This is how the Law of Attraction works. Period. When we focus on “these police are out here killing us!” then that thought continues to expand and grow. Again, this does NOT mean we ignore what has happened and what we continue to see happening. What it means is, we have to start to shift our expectations to affect change in our individual realities. And we ALL have the individual responsibility to hold ourselves accountable for our thoughts and expectations.

The Modern Day Civil Rights Movement – The Civil Rights Movement was about social justice and equality for all. If you are appalled by the violation of civil rights we see in the news; if you are disgusted with racial hatred; if you despise police brutality and downright murder of civilians, then it is time to create a new reality. This next part is easier said than done: but put your emotions, your energy and your focus on the SOLUTION. Be aligned with what it is you desire to see. Be consistent with your creation. Be clear with your desire. Be resolute, grounded and matter-of-fact with your expectations. THIS is the Modern Day Civil Rights Movement. Change will be manifested not only because of your march, your protest, your boycott or because of your sit in. Change will be manifested because of your focus and your expectation. Don’t invite another person’s reality to be your own. Instead, create the reality you desire. Share with others how to create their own. And watch sustained change happen. Watch justice be born. Watch peace be manifested. Expect it.


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