Week 42 – The Victim and the Victimizer- A Perfect Match

Just a few points of understanding to start before we go forward:

  1. This is an attraction based world and Universe. There is no assertion!
  2. Nothing is ever at rest; everything moves; everything vibrates.
  3. Everything is energy, always and at all times emitting frequencies.

No one ever admits to being a victim or having a “victim” mentality.  It denotes weakness, powerlessness, shameful guilt of being tricked or duped, among many other unpleasing attributes.  So usually people avoid admission of being victimized and certainly won’t say they have a victim mentality.  For the purposes of this discussion, let’s define what constitutes having the mindset of a victim.

Webster defines a victim as a person harmed, injured, or killed as a result of a crime, accident, or other event or action; a person who is tricked or duped. “The victim of a hoax”; a living creature killed as a religious sacrifice.

You and I are energy producing, energy flowing human beings.  This cannot be understated.  We were nonphysical beings before we were born, and after we were born, the larger part of our beings remained NON-PHYSICAL.  That nonphysical source is energy.  As energetic beings, we produce frequencies.   These frequencies are not unlike any other frequencies such as sound frequencies, light frequencies, etc.  And just as it is with sound frequencies, such as a tuning fork, or a dog’s howl, frequencies are always trying to match other like frequencies.  This is not only true of sound frequencies, but also true of energy frequencies.  You ever been around someone and FELT their energy?  Sure you have.  It’s a vibe.  And that’s typically what you will say, “he/she gave me a bad vibe”.  You ever walked in a room and felt the tension in the room?  Certainly.  This is energy being felt.  So it is when we encounter one another.

When we talk about racism and the effects it has on our society, we tend to categorize two sides – those who are racist, and those who are “victims” of racism.  A racist cop and the victim, a racist loan officer and victim, a racist president/government – victim, and so on and so on.  Which side do you see yourself on?

Most reading this probably don’t see themselves as a victim (unless you’ve personally been a situation that you felt as such), and certainly none reading this sees themselves as racist, I would imagine. But what tends to happen is, when you constantly are bombarded with what you perceive to be victimization occurrences via the media and other outlets, you naturally empathize with those whom you observe as being mistreated.  You then create a vibration and energy with regards to that subject that you are observing.  So that over time, your constant, sustained practice becomes your dominant vibration, your dominant attitude and disposition towards that subject.  This becomes the essence of your feeling with regards to what you’ve observed.  Now, what you’ve done is create a vibrational atmosphere, a vibrational marker and point of attraction, an internal environment that lends itself to other matching frequencies.  For example, usually a predator preys on the weak ie. a school bully, a street robber looking for one to stickup, etc.  Of course a lot of this depends on the physical appearance of the prey, but more so it’s the nonphysical vibration of a person that makes him or her a “mark” or “victim”.

We would like to offer you a thought to consider: Perhaps there is no victimizer without a willing victim, and perhaps there is no oppressor without one who is willing to be oppressed.  How does one fall into the willingness to be oppressed or a victim?   By being careless with your thoughts and emotions, instead of thinking and feeling with intention.  Remember thoughts turn into things.  By allowing yourself to be mentally controlled by what you’re observing.  By being a reactor to circumstances and events instead of a deliberate creator of your true desires.  When you observe what you perceive to be injustice and react, mainly and predominantly internally, you emit a frequency based on that observation.  Now the stage is set, and you’re ready for a matching scenario to present itself in your world.  You create your own reality ALWAYS!

Last week we said “when we offer the same emotionally charged response, we begin to dance the dance that compliments the anger, hatred, and dissension.  We provide the yin to the yang…”  There is always an exchange taking place with energies and vibratory beings.  There’s always the push and pull.

We would like to assert right here and now, that maybe there are no true victims in this attraction based world.  Maybe, everything that ever comes to any of us, comes invited on a vibrational level.  This is a difficult idea to fathom, but this statement is based on Universal principles, not opinion.

The victim was our own choice; the victimizer is without blame. 

This concept we are offering says. “I may have seemed like a victim, but I really chose that experience myself, through how I interpreted what was done to me or what I observed and witnessed happening to others.  If number one of the first initial points of understanding we laid out is true, that ‘this is an attraction based world and Universe.  There is no assertion, this means that perhaps we chose our own experiences of victimhood.  There are choices always being made on both sides of the spectrum.  Perhaps there is no real injustice anywhere, only decisions made.

We would like to be perfectly clear:  Choosing to be a victim does not refer to a choice to physically place ourselves in harm’s way and refuse to righteously defend ourselves, or to ask for trouble.  Rather it refers to a choice to mentally and vibrationally interpret what happened or is happening in a scenario, in a way that brings hurt to us.  This is very important to understand!

The underlying point that we want to convey is that events or circumstances, no matter how wrong and unjust they appear, in and of themselves do not directly cause feelings and emotions in us.  They only have that power once WE interpret those circumstances, and once we CHOOSE a meaning for them.  The circumstances in reality don’t have any hurtful meaning.  If this is so, can we ever actually say that we have been victimized?

Alignment is alignment is alignment is alignment is alignment.  And that’s our job. It’s never about looking at a situation and judging whether it’s right or wrong.  It’s about looking at a situation IF you must look at all, and deciding, making a conscious decision, then figuring out how to allow your energy to flow regardless.  Maybe there is no real injustice, only decisions made.  There are always choices that can be made to dance the dance or not.

Creation is about looking at something undesired and deliberately deciding to focus your attention on what you truly desire long enough and consistent enough, to watch your dream become a true realityWhen you line up with what you want, heaven and earth will move! Forces begin to act that you would have never known existed. And when you don’t line up your energy with what you want, all the physical action in the world won’t move even a mole hill.  

This is why we keep having the same issues year after year, decade after decade, and literally for centuries regarding racism.  You simply cannot look at what is, and move anything past what is.  This is what we call effective problem solving instead of causative problem solving.  You must look beyond what is to ever manifest what you truly want.

We should be creators of our realities NOT facers of reality.  We keep recreating to the reality of racism, because we keep facing the reality of racism instead of feeling and creating our way to the true reality and living the way we really intended to live.

Mind your own spiritual and vibrational business. Be more intentional and careful about your thoughts and emotions.  Peruse the world for things that feel good when you observe them and fixate on that.  Use the power of your mind to create a vibrational frequency that’s in alignment with your true desires regarding racism, and then watch how that vibrational frequency spreads.



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