Week 41 – RACISM – I Don’t Understand You…You Don’t Understand Me…

 An Open Letter to RACISM from an African-American Man…


As a black man living in America, I don’t understand you RACISM. I don’t understand your purpose. I don’t understand your objective. I don’t understand your perspective. What is the end game? What is your reasoning? Why are you here? I don’t have any good answers for your use in my world. By the same token, I don’t understand any PERSON who subscribes to you. There is nothing you will do in MY world that will give you any more power than the power I allow you to have. So why not just give up your fight? Give up your struggle to separate. Give up your war of perceived inequality. Give up the fallacy of your superiority. Give up the notion that you will be victorious in your make-believe war. The “soldiers” of your war have no authority in my experience. They are impotent in knowledge and incapable of extinguishing the spirit of expectation within me. But you will not give up. You have lived here for centuries. You continue to feed your soldiers on generations of hate, anger and bitterness. And the biggest ignorance is…you don’t even know why. You don’t have an actual answer as to why you hate so much. Nothing of factual value suggests you should hate. But you do anyway. You may offer that you hate because my skin is a different color. Then you tie all types of ignorance to that fact: “you’re black, so you’re less than me. You’re lazy. You don’t contribute to society. I’m angry and I don’t like you because you’re less than.” You offer these statements with no empirical data to support your claim.

You mask your ignorance in the cloak of entitlement and unsupported innuendo.  You live in a world you once dominated and were supported by laws to suppress, segregate and attempt to destroy any semblance of my self-respect as a human being. And now that the covers have been pulled back to expose your ugliness…you are even more angry in 2017. You are seemingly gaining traction, momentum and power from your terror groups, the overt and inverted who move in silent revulsion towards those who do not look like them and backed by a President who openly supports your cause. Exclusion fuels you which is evidence of your ignorance, as if we want to be a part of your ‘exclusive club’ in the first place.

But here’s the funny thing RACISM, and this goes to you and to your toy soldiers…you are nothing if I am not a willing participant. Nothing. You are nothing when I expose who you are, what you are, your intentions, your ignorance…you are nothing. You are nothing when I move through my day with the confidence of who I am. You are nothing when I stand on the worth that is ME as opposed to succumbing to your words and actions. I am a being not defined by my skin. I am a powerful spiritual being FIRST, living within the body God has given me. But you don’t understand that. It is in THIS knowledge, this enlightenment where I find the true power of my being. A power you can not control, suppress, or segregate. And while you don’t understand it. You…FEAR…it. You fear the innate power within me. You fear me finding and discovering the power of my being which causes you to hate and act out even more. You fear you will be exposed. Your fear tells you “they will come to conquer me therefore I must fight harder. I must be prepared to defend myself. I must continue to create legislation that supports the socioeconomic inequality that keeps them back. I must continue to kill them in the name of ‘justice’ and acquit my police soldiers in our courts of law. I must be diligent in using words and language that hurts them to make them feel less than.”

But again, I say to you…you only have the power I give to you. Why? Because I am a powerful, spiritual, being FIRST. And the funny thing is…so are your toy ‘soldiers.’ They too are powerful, spiritual, beings, first. However, they have lost their way. They have forgotten who they are. And you, RACISM, continue to keep them ignorant. Because in enlightenment, there is no hatred. There is only love. And this is why they remain lost. Fighting a war that will never be won.

Find Your Peace RACISM…because I have found mine.

Yours Truly,

Spiritual Being

And for those who are feeling oppressed…it is important to find your enlightenment as well. This is where you will find your power to positively counter RACISM. Walk with the expectation of WHO you are. Walk in that confidence of knowing your worth. And approach every situation, every circumstance, every person…in that way. When faced with RACISM and the evilness of its toy soldiers, expose it and them for what they are in that very moment. “You are RACISM and I have no place for you in my life’s experience!” Say it. But, be careful. Do not fall into the power of your emotion that surrounds your disgust. This is easier said than done. But understand, the emotion you may feel when RACISM shows up, is the counterpoint to the emotion RACISM is feeling and expecting. So in THIS space, when we offer the same emotionally charged response, we begin to dance the dance that compliments the anger, hatred and dissension. We provide the yin to the yang. The push to the pull. We dance with the devil. So…instead…walk with the God that is within you. Walk with the peace of your soul. Walk through life with an expectation of love. Be matter-of-fact regarding what you expect, how your life experience will be and what you will attract into your experience.

Have you ever heard the ladies in a beauty pageant answer the question of what their principles and morals are and how they will change the world? And one of them will say something like, “I want world peace” with a huge smile? I’m sure in her heart she truly wants what we all want  – peace and harmony.  But one person is not going to create world peace, alone. World peace begins with your own reality and the peace you create within your own world. Then it spreads abroad. And together, as a unified collective consciousness, we attain world peace.  The same holds true for RACISM. It can be eradicated. Even though America was built on racism, separatism, discrimination and fear. i.e. Christopher Columbus “discovers” America, they settle it, Native Americans are displaced, beaten and killed. (Trail of Tears) The American slave trade. Four hundred years of brutal oppression, inhumanity, dissection of a race, rape and murder made to be “justified” in the name of Democracy and justice. The lives lost in the name of RACISM should not be in vain. But be honored by how we combat RACISM today. The power lies within our souls and begins with loving unconditionally. The thought of eradicating RACISM in America is not only possible but probable, the same as a beauty queen stating she will bring world peace. However, JUST as that beauty queen does have the power to create peace within her ‘world,’ WE have the power to eradicate RACISM within our individual world. It’s simply about being proactive instead of reactive. It’s about creating, instead of responding to someone else’s creation.

  1. Deliberately Create Daily – Often times we are reactive to what we see in the news or hear about or experience. We can’t control what someone else does, thinks or says. So don’t put your energy in that. Instead, wake up tomorrow morning and put your energy, thoughts and expectations towards what you desire in your life experience. i.e. Expect to walk through your day and experience peace, equality and inclusion. And LIVE that example with everyone you come in contact with. This is how we deliberately create our life’s experience.
  2. Live Matter-of-Factually – When we deliberately create our experience, we walk in confidence that THIS is how it is going to go. THIS is how it is going to be. If your child is resistant to something you’ve asked them to do and you know it is for their benefit…do you waiver? If you are a parent like me…probably not. My thoughts in this situation are a matter-of-fact. “You are going to do exactly what I asked you to do.” It’s not emotional. It’s simply what’s going to happen. Live your life with the same expectation of what you deliberately created.
  3. Manage Your Emotion – Speaking of matter-of-fact, the Law of Attraction operates in the same manner. Our emotions create a vibrational marker that is like a magnet. Whatever we are emotionally charged about attracts more situations, people and experiences into our world that offer the same. As we’ve spoken about before, this is not intended to say suppress your emotions. That does not work. FEEL your emotions in the midst of RACISM. Acknowledge them. And then DECIDE to be a deliberate creator, living matter-of-factually with whatever emotion you actually desire to be manifested.

We ALL come from a place of love, peace and happiness. We are not born as haters. We learn that. We can also learn to create what we desire within our own world. When we create the peace and expectation within our own world, it causes a ripple effect and carries forward to the greater world. Do not be oppressed by the impotent power of RACISM. Instead, deliberately create the world you desire.

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