Week 37 – The Clarity of Your Diamond…

Diamonds are some of the most expensive gems on the planet. They serve as the trademark to many marriage engagements. They are given as gifts that add that “extra” meaning to celebrate a special occasion. And they serve as status symbols of perceived wealth. Diamonds are often judged by their size. If a man is seeking to impress the woman he plans to marry, we are concerned about being sure to purchase the right size that not only impresses the woman but perhaps her family and friends as well. And that size of the diamond certainly impacts the price. In fact, there are four (4) C’s that impact the prices of diamonds; Carat, Color, Cut and Clarity.

The higher the carat weight of the diamond the more expensive. The color of the diamond may range from colorless, the most expensive, to light hues of yellow. The cut of the diamond determines how light will enter and then be reflected out through the top of the diamond. Depending on the cut determines the amount of sparkle the diamond will have. Diamond clarity measure how the stone reacts to light. Diamond clarity is measured from flawless, the most expensive and the rarest, to visible inclusions and exterior flaws. Value is determined by how many, if any, inclusions the diamond may have. Why all this talk about diamonds? Carat, Color, Cuts and Clarity? Because this month is all about finding and determining clarity in our lives. And what better analogy to compare our spirits to one of the most majestic and expensive gems on earth?

This week we want to discuss the individual and personalized clarity of one’s self. When we find clarity regarding WHO we actually are versus who the world says we are, what our past tells us we are, or how others have defined us, we find authentic peace and understanding. The real truth is, while our experiences in this human life have caused us to have inclusions, damages and exterior flaws…we are actually made in perfect order. We are made perfectly for the story we are here to tell. Our desires and experiences make us who we are in this perfect book of life. But many times, we allow others to determine our value based on what they see as opposed to who we know we are. The “jewelers” of the world tell us we aren’t worth much because we’ve been incarcerated or because we are uneducated or because we don’t meet a certain socioeconomic status. Or in our most recent times, we are considered damaged or far from flawless because of the color of our skin or because of our faith or because we were not born in America. We are discriminated against because we don’t look like or act like the other “flawless” diamonds in the bunch. Therefore, we decrease in value within our own minds instead of embracing the perfections of who we truly are. Inclusions and flaws in diamonds occur naturally as diamonds are being formed. The jeweler can not remove them. They are SUPPOSED to be there. The “inclusions and flaws” we experience as people are SUPPOSED to be there. That doesn’t mean we should be satisfied, saying “well this is just who I am…flaws and all.” But what it means is, we are no less valuable because we have them. The inclusions and flaws help compose the character of our being. Perfection is boring…imperfections make us interesting and unique.

Think about it this way…there are any number of unique diamonds mined every year. Small, medium, large, all varying in shape, color, clarity, etc. Any person with any budget can pay a jeweler to find a diamond that fits whatever it is they are looking for. From a small diamond chip all the way to the Hope Diamond itself, there is something available for everyone who wants it. And no matter where you are in life, because of what that diamond, symbolizes for you, it is special. It is special to YOU. No matter the Carat, Cut, Color or Clarity. When you receive it, it is special to YOU. The same goes for how you should feel about yourself. We are ALL unique with bumps, bruises, inclusions, flaws…but we are ALL special BECAUSE of our uniqueness. So as we search for clarity, it is important to understand that clarity in life begins with the clarity of WHO you are as a person and the value you bring to the world…JUST AS YOU ARE. You don’t need shining up to become acceptable for someone else. You are charged to simply be the diamond God has made you.

The unique and defined quality of our SOUL provides the best quality of our life’s experience. When we understand that we are all souls first…living within a human body…we find flawless clarity for our life’s experience. For our souls are created in the same flawless image of God. We are not defined by the makeup of our physical bodies but by the authentic being of our souls. Let us define ourselves not by what others think or who they say we are. But let us define ourselves with the understanding we are flawlessly created. We are flawlessly created and are here to continue to create and manifest those things we desire. The life experiences we want. We are not defined by what we have, where we’ve been or what we’ve done. We are defined by what we desire to manifest in the current moment we are in. Whatever person we desire to be, walking in our true purpose, living at the heart of authenticity. THAT is what makes YOU and I flawless!

As you go about your week or better yet, as you go about the rest of your life, walk with the understanding and clarity of who you truly are. You are a flawlessly created soul that may have experiences that reflect inclusions and imperfections. But nevertheless…you are STILL a diamond.

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