Week 34 – The Advantage of Racial Adversity

Love and compassion always triumphs over adverse hardship of any intensity, including racial adversity.  Love is something we can access no matter what life has handed us, and no matter how hard our circumstances are to coexist with one another.  Love coupled with compassion is an innate emotion and one of incredible power.

One of the best ways to overcome racial adversity and leverage it to our advantage is to create meaning from the situations that have occurred.  Instead of denying the reality of what is happening, and ignoring the negative emotion felt from what we are observing.  We can acknowledge it, then set our deliberate intentions on the desire.  And counter-balance out the negativity with positive purpose and aim.

Yeah, but how do we do this when we are presently, here and now faced with an attacker(s) who also have their own deliberate intention which is directly and vehemently opposed to mine?

There were two events that took place over the past week that caught my attention as I’m sure it did many of you.  The first being the Charlottesville, West Virginia incident.  The second, the atrocity that occurred in Barcelona just a few days ago.  Both of these were outrageous atrocities that once again polarized much of America, causing many to take opposing sides.

The incident in Barcelona was especially touching to me because I had just traveled there with my daughter a couple of weeks ago, and frequented the same plaza were the person plowed his car into the crowd.  We hung out on this plaza strip several times during our stay.  As I watched CNN displaying the carnage of dead or injured bodies sprawled along the plaza walkway, I could not help but feel an overwhelming sense of gratitude and appreciation on one side, but and also a sense of sorrow, pain, and disgust on the other.  My kneejerk response was “wow, what animal would commit such a horrendous act?”  For a moment I aligned with what I was observing and allowed myself to feel utter disdain and contempt for what had happened.  I felt offended, almost that this had been done to me personally, at the fact that it could have been me just a week ago!

Universal Laws and Principles, particularly the Law of Attraction is expanding everything and so there is an abundance of everything to be potentially experienced, including what we call “racism” and the adversity of racism.  But as what we perceive we’re experiencing will always be determined by our balance of thought, then it could be argued that one only feels they are experiencing or observing racism if their awareness of what racism is, is informing how they are perceiving things in that moment. In other words, a person whose general balance of thought does not hang out around that subject could actually not feel a “victim” of racism, even if observers say it was what happened, or even if the perpetrator admitted that this is what they were intending to do.  This is a fascinating consideration!  Racism could be considered simply a perception based on one’s personal outlook and attitude of life and life experiences.  Having said that, it is by far NOT a perception that I am being attacked right now and that I have one of two choices – defend myself or allow physical harm to come to me that could possibly end up in death.

The perceived reality of course is that the average person, particularly person of color, is acutely aware of racism – that it exists and it happens – certainly in today’s contrasting world where there is rampant diversity of opinions and wills.

Understand this: At the root of all behavior is a thought, directly or indirectly informing it. The thought, practiced long enough, becomes a belief that inspires and often justifies the behavior; but more importantly, it informs EXPECTATION.

Racism is such a broad term, but as a black man, I did start to notice a few things, a years ago.  Like how the white lady in car parked next to me would quickly lock her door as I approached my car par next to hers; or that I could spot the undercover detective (often black by the way) in almost any store I went to if they had one, because they would just so happen to be looking through every clothing rack and shelf I’d be on.

But later, after understanding things differently, what disturbed me most was not that it was happening; it was that I had suddenly started noticing it so much. I knew that it hadn’t suddenly started happening because of my skin color.  I knew I had tuned myself to it somehow – it had become part of my mental discourse and it was now informing my expectation of it to happen. The paranoid white lady in the car would pick the perfect series of events to lead her to that moment – and so would I. We were a perfect co-creative match. Yuck!!!

Understand thisThere is always a direct vibrational relationship between the oppressed and the oppressor; or the victim and the victimizer.   There is a vibrational frequency that brings these two or more together.

I’ll give you another harmless example.  I was providing occupational therapy services to an elderly white lady with dementia who lived with her daughter in a very affluent part of Memphis.  The patient received therapy services, skilled nursing, and home health aide services from our company.  The registered nurse is a white woman and the aide along with myself are black. The daughter of my patient requested to the aide that she start entering and exiting the home from the back door.  Now for those who are reading this and thinking, so what, let me explain briefly the context of that request.  It was a customary practice of the slave master in our history to have the servants enter and exit the premises from the back of the house as a means of control and psychological oppression.   It also later became common practice during the Jim Crow era for blacks to come and go from the back of businesses, restaurants and other public establishments where there was one.  So my co-worker was aware of what was occurring and became very upset over the incident, reported it to our supervisor, and was removed from the home.  Here’s the kicker.  I had not been asked to come through the back door like my co-worker.  I came and went as I had been doing previously, through the front door.  But I became extremely bothered by the situation.  I voiced my disdain.  I discussed it with any and everybody that would listen for about a week.  I harbored all kinds of negative emotions regarding the incident and about that subject in general.  And when I thought about it and talked about it, I did so with a very emotionally charged spirt.  Saying things like, “I wish she would ask me to come through the back door, I’m going to handle that crap.”  So after about a week of emitting this vibration, guess what happened?  The lady very casually and very politely asked if I didn’t mind going and coming through the back door. YES!!  My wish came true (lol).  Law of Attraction gave me not what I wanted, but rather fulfilled the thought that permeated my being and more so what I expected on some level.  I had prepped myself for that event that had absolutely nothing to do with me, to become my own personal experience.  And oh by the way, I did handle the situation accordingly, don’t get it twisted.

But here’s what I learned.  With any unwanted, undesired situation, from the worst to the least of circumstances, I have to practice maintaining my alignment and how to soothe my feelings about what’s occurring. I learned I must make peace with the fact that people’s differences have always been used as an excuse to inspire feelings of insecurity and vice-versa. And that it is both the proton (positive) and the electron (negative) that creates causes a motion and causes a molecule to move.  You need both forces for evolution and change.   I accepted that what I experienced was what I experienced and I had the power of choice whether to make this a factor that counted in my view of myself in relationship to the world or not. I acknowledge that there were many occasions when I used the differences to feel better about myself and times when I found the differences convenient for my own personal agenda. Basically, I actualized and realized my role in my own reality. And then stepped away from it. For the first few weeks afterwards, rather than get angry when I spotted something suspicious that could possibly be racism, I would try to smile.  And accept that the person’s choices and thoughts and thus observations was inspiring their behavior and had nothing to do with me personally.

I know that there are parts of the world and our country where these differences have inspired an environment where racism is more overt and dangerous than in other parts, but one still has the choice, hard as it might be, of whether to allow it to determine how they view this world and how they think about their lives or not. We have the ability to create space in our minds for anything to grow, even if the thought is opposite to what is considered the “reality”.   We create our own realties.


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