Week 33 – Adversity vs. Expectation…The Battle


“Manifestation of desire is where expectation and reality intersect” – Gene Black

There is no judgment in the understanding that most of us dread any type of adversity in our lives. Adversity serves as a distraction, an irritation or nuisance that disrupts our flow or our journey to continued happiness. Adversity seems to be an unwelcome intrusion that feels completely counter to where we expect to go. Last week we talked about leveraging those intrusions to our benefits. This week we will discuss the rivalry between adversity and expectation. Adversity vs. Expectation…The Battle.

If we truly believe there is a real battle between adversity and expectation that we feel disrupt and create our reality…we are sadly mistaken. But let’s just say there is a real battle between the two and therefore our realities are created in that space. In this scenario, we are going through life, expectations are high, things are going well, but adversity is looming in the shadows, plotting, scheming and planning to disrupt, take away and destroy what we have set out to do. Adversity attacks and we lose sight of our expectations and begin a battle against this adversity that has attacked. We focus on all the ways we can defeat this intruder. Happiness is put on the back burner of our minds along with desire and expectation because the battle is RIGHT HERE, RIGHT NOW, IN OUR FACES…the adversity consumes our being and therefore becomes our reality. Our truth. But the adversity can only gain the power of being our truth if we freely give it the power to do so. We often think in our minds that the “fight” is of physical nature against adversity. We feel we have to “do something to fix it.” Authentic reality suggests we certainly need to do something. But it’s not something physical we need to do. It’s mental and spiritual.

“Through our gift of decision making, it is inevitable that we will at various points create adversities in our lives.  And yes, if it’s true that we create our own realities, and it is; then it’s also true that we create our own adversities” – Edward Muhammad, Week 32 Adversity, Understanding Its Purpose.

If we have created or at the very least, been a contributor to the creation of our adversities, we most certainly have the power to create something different. It is just that simple. The battle is not won in the material world. The battle is both fought AND won in the spiritual world. What you see happening in the physical is a by-product of what has already transpired spiritually within yourself. And it starts and ends with expectation. There is positive thinking, which is extremely powerful. And then there’s expectation which amplifies your positive thoughts during positive thinking. This notion is not far fetched or elusive. How many times have you gone into a situation, say going to the DMV, and EXPECTED it to be a problem. “Oh I just KNOW that line is gonna be so long! They ALL have bad attitudes. I HATE going to the DMV!” And when you got to the DMV, every single thing you expected to happen played out. And you said, “I KNEW it was gonna be like this!” Well of course you knew. Because you created it. You created the reality that made going to the DMV a hardship. That’s not to say the lines at the DMV are not long and people don’t have bad attitudes. However, by offering the perceived realities YOU created before you even got there, leaves no options for the Universe to deliver an alternative reality to you. You created your expectations. You felt your expectations. You manifested your expectations.

In the photo above, the squiggly line represents “reality” while the straight line represents our expectations. It suggests our “reality” is full of chaos and disorder. It suggests our expectations and our realities are not ever aligned. That our expectations will forever be in battle with our reality. And we, often LIVE in the midst of the squiggly lines and allow our expectations to assimilate to the chaos therefore never expecting our straight line of expectation to even be a possibility. THIS is not the way to win the battle of expectation vs. adversity. When we expect chaos, disorder, problems, issues, etc., we are giving adversity an open invitation or license to come into our lives and take up permanent residence as opposed to treating it as an unwelcome visitor. BUT…conversely…when we lead with an expectation of fulfillment, success, well-being, order, joy, happiness, smooth sailing…we offer the Universe the better alternatives, we actually desire, to be manifested. EVEN and ESPECIALLY when we do not know HOW those outcomes will become realized. When our focus remains on the expected outcomes, our deliberate thoughts are co-creating our desired reality with God. The adversity is seeking relevance. The adversity wants all of the attention. But without your attention, adversity has no power. This does not mean that you ignore the situations or circumstances in front of you. What it means is, when adversity shows up, you focus your attention that much more on your expectations. And you hunker down with those expectations. You feel those expectations. You give your undivided attention to those expectations with little to no energy toward the attention-seeking adversity in front of you.

As we stated last week, it is YOU who has the power. We are ALL empowered spiritual beings living in this material world for our disposal. Not lowly victims with no recourse to the things that happen along our way. We are so far above where we actually live.  We just have to awaken to it. We are here to create. God put the Universe and all of the contents therein, into motion. And the ultimate beauty of it all is…His creation perpetuates creation. Look around. This is how it works. And He has empowered ALL of us to create within this space. It begins with a thought. A desire. An expectation. These are your weapons that win the battle with adversity.

Peace & Blessings


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