Week 32 – Adversity, Understanding the Purpose

Every adversity, every failure, every heartache carries with it the seed of an equal or greater benefit. Napoleon Hill

When it comes to adversity, none of us are immune. We have all experienced the heartache, pressure, and anguish caused by difficult times. Whatever form our adversity may take—whether sickness, financial problems, death, animosity, rejection, bitterness, or anger—we tend to consider them “setbacks” or “trials” in our life.

This month we will explore Adversity, understanding its purpose, and how to deal with and overcome these challenges and obstacles in the most effective way that brings us joy and peace.  No matter how successful, how happy, how joyful your life is, the fact of the matter is adversity is a part of life and living.  Adversity, or better yet, what we perceive to be adversity, enters into the life of every individual at various times and in various forms.  It is a natural part of existence to experience adverse circumstance and situations. Through our gift of decision making, it is inevitable that we will at various points create adversities in our lives.  And yes, if it’s true that we create our own realities, and it is; then it’s also true that we create our own adversities.

So what is adversity and what is its purpose?  Why do we experience any type of adversity at all in this most beneficent Universe?  Is it, as many have said, for us to grow?  Are adversities meant to be learning experiences?  It should stand to reason that without certain challenges to develop our skills and abilities, or without difficulties which prod us into developing greater knowledge and wisdom, we might well remain stuck at the same level of personal development for the rest of our lives.  So with this in mind are adversities a necessary part of self-improvement?  And if so, how much should we fret and complain when we’re met with adversities, of any type?

Merriam-Webster dictionary defines adversity simply as “a state, condition, or instance of serious or continued difficulty.”  Immediately what jumped out at me when I read this definition was the word state.  State of being and state of mind.  If adversity is a state, this indicates that we have some measure of control over what adversity we experience byway of modifying our thoughts and perceptions.  We have complete control over our state.

Here’s what I’ve learned along my journey.  Adversity is one of the most potent forces in life. It shapes your character, clarifies your priorities and purpose, and most importantly for me and my experiences, it forces me to focus in ways I would not have otherwise. Adversity can also fuel your greatness. Of course this is only true if you meet adversity, in any form, and see it for what it is, something to work with and through, no more, no less.  Each of us faces an array of adversities every day, ranging from minor hassles to major setbacks and challenges, even tragedies. The path to joy and peace in life, is learning how to convert any adversity, major or minor, into leverage, using it to your advantage and benefit.   

Since there is a natural order to the world around us, a unifying force, that is governed by Universal principles, some might ask, then why is unfairness and injustice so common in the world?  Why do we experience any adversities at all in our lives both on a micro and macro level?

Earlier I mentioned that we create our own adversities in life.  I know this is a touchy subject as some will undoubtedly say, “I would never intentionally create adversity in my life (especially one of tragic or serious nature).  But we are here to tell you that there is no adversity that comes to you uninvited.   It is all our doing!  Every single so-called adversity is self-inflicted.  It is self-caused for various reasons and in various ways.  Sometimes it’s because we saw someone else put struggles there in their lives, and we learned that putting adversities in our circumstances is what human life is. So we pass this practice down from generation to generation that says: Life is not supposed to be fair. Struggles are inevitable and necessary.  No pain no gain.  And on and on we go with these self-prophesying, which often turns into self-sabotaging, statements and beliefs.

But the truth of the matter we want to emphatically state to you here today is:  There is no injustice! There is no unfairness! Everybody gets EXACTLY what matches the vibration of their being.  So you say, ‘but I didn’t vibrate this thing that I’m going through, I would not bring this adversity on myself intentionally.’  This is exactly our point! We’re not vibrating on purpose. We’re not deliberately choosing our thoughts.  And thus we experience less than desirable outcomes in life.  We’re doing things out of habit, we’re doing things because we saw someone else doing them, and we’re letting what we observe drive our vibration. This is not deliberate creation! This is the complete opposite of deliberate creation.  This is creating by default! Deliberate creation is: First deciding how I want to feel, recognizing that everything I want is already available for me (if I stop resisting), and then leaning in the direction of the best feeling thought that I can find.

The difference when you understand Universal Laws and Principles is that you know that you and you alone attracted it all.  This can be a very difficult pill to swallow and difficult concept to understand, but really, it is so empowering.  Because, if you created and attracted it all, then you can now deliberately attract something different.  You hold the power!  YOU HOLD THE POWER!!   You can choose to change what you are attracting starting in any moment of the right now.  I know, I know. You wouldn’t have attracted any of that stuff that you didn’t want to happen.  And I agree.  You would not have attracted it…………ON PURPOSE.  But you DID indeed attract it.  So now, get over that part, and take control.  Take responsibility. Take full and complete ownership.  Stop being a victim of circumstance or someone else’s reality.  And dictate your own agenda for your own life! 

It’s your Energy Flow. And it’s moving because you’ve asked it to move, and you’re going with it or not, and that’s all there is to it really. It’s up to you and us.  It’s not about what somebody else is doing with their flow, it’s not about what you use to do in the past with your flow, it’s not about anything except, right now, relative to THIS SUBJECT you’re dealing with, this adversity right here and right now, are you flowing your energy in the direction of what you’ve asked for or not, period! When you start putting it in that perspective, you start getting immediate control over your circumstances and your own joyful experience of life.


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