Week 29 – The Formula for Creating Abundance

  Every person on earth has experienced a head cold at least once in their lives. It may start with a sore throat and then move to a runny nose, stuffy head, sinuses clogged, fever, body aches, fatigue, cough…we all know the drill. If you’ve experienced this yourself and if you are anything like me, whenever I have a head cold I ALWAYS wish I could just breathe comfortably. I…simply…want…to…breathe. With ease. But a head cold makes that hard. I just want to swallow without cringing or hurting. I want to have the same energy I had yesterday that I don’t have today. I don’t want to have the chills one minute and be sweating the next. I just want to be back to “normal” again. Have you ever felt this way? It is at this moment when we begin to appreciate the modest notion of breathing freely or swallowing without pain, or having the ability to taste food. We begin to appreciate the abundance of air, the abundance of our taste buds and the many flavors they allow us to experience, the abundance of the hundreds of millions of cells in our bodies that help fight disease, pain and fever…not until we are sick do many of us truly appreciate the abundance of our health.

I’m taking a broad stroke with this and I am not saying we, collectively, don’t appreciate our health everyday. I know many of us thank God every single morning, when we wake up, for great health. The point is, for many of us, it is certainly not on the forefront of our minds, unless we are dealing with or have dealt with an ailment that demands our immediate attention.

But even outside of health, many of us negate, ignore, discount, overlook, snub or disregard the abundance surrounding us until that abundance is no longer a part of our experience. We ALL experience life this way. It is easy for us to fall into this mode of thinking. Why? Because we are surrounded by distractions that take our authentic selves’ attention away from what is real.

I asked a friend of mine last week if he wanted to plan a trip to Vegas to see an upcoming boxing match. I’m an avid boxing fan and I have only experienced a live boxing match twice in my life, which is two times more than most people. However, my friend’s response was, “nah man…I’m broke!” I asked him what he meant by the term “broke.” His response was, “I don’t have any money.” I went on to tell him that “broke” is a state of being not a true reality. I also shared with him that if “broke” is how you truly SEE yourself, then broke and bro-ken is exactly what you will be. Now and for always. This same friend drives a very nice car, has a mortgage, a wife that also works and lives in Suburbia America. So I asked him, “in terms of financial status, is there anything you are happy about?” He replied, “well yeah! I’m happy I have a career, my house is nice, I’ve got money in the stock market, 401K looks good and I’m looking forward to getting my annual bonus at the end of the year.” So I asked him to revisit the statement about “being broke.” He smiled and acknowledged the point that had been made. Abundance surrounds us! But many times we can’t SEE the abundance because our eyes are clouded and blinded by our lack of appreciation and acknowledgment. Or we are too busy looking past the abundance in front of us because we are searching for the next thing we want. Or we have decided our circumstances or situations should be something other than what they are. So we overlook what we have, discount who we are and/or dismiss the current situations we have created as unsatisfactory.

The true irony or “secret” of gaining more abundance is NOT about hustling harder, working more, saving like a miser or wishing on a star. Gaining more abundance is also NOT about thinking things are far-fetched, out-of-reach, pipe-dreaming or unattainable. The secret to gaining more abundance is simply about focusing your attitude on gratitude. Simple gratitude. The simple notion of “what I have…is more than enough. And in that ‘more than enough’ I am happy, satisfied and content.” Because it is from THIS SPACE that resistance is removed and allowance can flow. It is from THIS SPACE the Universe responds to your frequency that shouts “I am abundant!” and the Law of Attraction responds to that frequency in kind. It is from THIS SPACE appreciation for what you have is more important than what you don’t. And when THAT happens, all the things you truly desire begin to move from being just thoughts to manifesting into real life things.

Gratitude is the fuel that propels abundance. So if the desire is to gain more abundance along the journey of life, let us first develop a sense of perpetual gratitude for what we have and EXACTLY where we currently stand. Find graciousness in EVERYTHING. Period. I laughed out loud last week when I heard a comedian offer a twist on the parable of the man with no shoes. As the story goes, a man was upset and discontented about having no shoes to wear until he came across a man who had just lost both of his feet. The comedian I was listening to said, “I didn’t have no shoes and he JUST lost his feet so I woulda followed him home and robbed him for all the shoes he could no longer wear!” LOL…perhaps he was finding gratitude in finding the man he could rob, I don’t know, lol. But the point is, we are constantly surrounded by abundance. When we pay attention to IT…IT will pay attention to US.

In every situation and circumstance, for this week, do three things:

  1. Acknowledge at least one thing you are grateful for within a thing or circumstance that has bothered you. i.e. you wish you had a new car because your current one is acting up. You’re looking for a new job because you can’t stand the people you work with. etc.
  2. Look around your world and recognize and acknowledge those who have less than you. i.e. Actually LOOK at the homeless man you pass by on the sidewalk every day. SEE the people in your community who have been victimized by crime. FEEL the pain of a family member struck with a debilitating disease.
  3. Resign yourself to be appreciative. Now take a second look at your life and where you currently stand.  DECIDE to be appreciative, thankful and grateful for all things, all situations, all circumstances in your life JUST AS THEY ARE. Because “the struggle ends when gratitude begins” – Neale Donald Walsch

When we express gratitude and find contentment and appreciation in our current state, the doors of abundance open and our desires begin to manifest with very little effort. Try it.

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