Week 28 – The Attitude of Abundance

Last week we talked about Creating Abundance In Your Life, and offered for consideration, creating more abundance by finding enjoyment in all that we do. This week we would like to discuss The Attitude of Abundance, and how this consciousness can be used to actualize more joy and more of your desires in life.

What is Abundance, Really? And how can we realize more of it. Abundance is a consciousness, a state of being, and an attitude. Not to be mistaken for flexing in a contrived posture of being something you’re not or having more than you have, or faking. But rather an attitude that I’M GOOD, from a place of assurance, stability, worthiness, confidence that can only come from within.

When we really and truly consider abundance as something that abounds, something that there is more than enough of (not that YOU have more than enough of but rather, that there exist more than enough), you can begin to see that we are surrounded by tremendous amounts of abundance daily. The sun, the trees, the earth, the Universe, technology, resources, and yes even money. We literally could not escape the enormous amount abundance in this world even we tried. Abundance is everywhere, inescapable, and undeniable! But like success, happiness, and love, abundance means ten different things to ten different people you ask.

The word abundance is as ambiguous as the word God. For all that it is and is not, one thing is for certain, abundance is the natural flow of this Universe. You can simply look around you and see that. The natural flow of the universe is abundance and all abundance comes from the same source. Whether it’s abundance of clarity, stability, vitality, ideas, wellness, etc, all abundance comes from the same source of energy. And since we are all connected, and all derived from that same source, we all have potential and unrealized abundance. It boils down to your perception of abundance and your individual ability to realize and actualize more abundance in your life.

Your unique perspective will allow or disallow you to see abundance in all your surroundings and circumstances, and thus leverage the ability re-create more abundance in your life. This is part of what we mean by being a deliberate creator. Having the power, whenever you so choose, to intentionally create more of what you desire in life, including joy, peace, and happiness. But there’s a trick to it. You cannot deliberately create anything sustainable from a mindset of lack. This is the strange paradox. To have more of what you want, you must have an attitude of more of it, even if there is less of it in your current perceived reality.   

Lack is the mentality that there is a shortage or scarcity of good things in life, and then creating fear around that idea. Some have referred to this also as shortage consciousness. So that everything you do, all your actions are based on the lack of having. Operating from a place of lack skews the truth of abundance in life and colors your perspective toward hopelessness, greed, anxiety, stress, and futility.

1. Begin to identify how your own fearful thoughts, actions, and behavior that may be driven by a belief that says “there’s not enough for me” or “I better get it while the getting’s good.”
2. Change that belief system to one of “I have more than enough” or “all that I need, I have” and immediately your actions and behavior will follow.
3. Whatever you want more of, give some of it away. Even if you THINK you don’t have it to give.

In 2014 I was working for a local home health company providing occupational therapy services. Most home health agencies operate on a patient census (sustaining a certain range in number of patients at all times). This particular year was a tough year for my agency in that the patient census was consistently low, very low. So much so that I would often not have enough hours for a full day or week. Okay, no problem, or so I thought. I would simply pick up more patients at other agencies and keep it moving as I always had in the past. This didn’t happen. Everywhere I called the answer was the same, “We don’t need any help right now.” This was bizarre to me and somewhat frightening because in all my years as a therapist I had always been able to turn jobs down. Now I found myself not being able to find work anywhere. What did I do? After I had physically exhausted all the resources that I felt comfortable with, I did what any smart, intelligent person would do in the same circumstance – I went to the park and sat for hours under oak trees. No but seriously, this is precisely what I did. This quiet time of contemplation and meditation did more for me than all the hours of chasing down prospective work. Under those oak trees, I decided that I would use my time to deliver MIFA (Metropolitan Inter-Faith Association) meals on wheels to the homebound elderly population in my city. Mind you, I was short on finances and thus did not have the money nor the time to do this, but I shifted my attitude to one of abundance. I asked myself, what’s the one thing now that I THINK I don’t have enough of? Time and money. So I decided that I would not function from shortage or lack consciousness, and give some of what I didn’t have way- time that I didn’t have through delivering the meals, and money in terms of gas expense that I really could not afford.

When I did this, I cannot begin to tell you the avalanche of circumstances that started to happen. First of all, delivering those meals to the elderly gave me such sense of joy. They were always so happy to see me coming and just those 5-10 minutes of interaction spent meant so much to them and left me feeling fulfilled. So the first thing I received was abundant joy. Secondly, an unfortunate occurrence happened. My co-worker’s mother passed very suddenly and unexpectedly, and she had to abandon her position immediately to go attend to her family. So I was asked to pick up her caseload which was more patients than I could see in one week. Lastly, I received 3 calls from agencies asking me if I had any time to see patients for them which I had to turn down. So literally, I went from having not enough work to too much work almost overnight. I stopped fighting against my circumstance, excepted where I was, and decided to have and attitude of abundance. There are many more principles from this situation that were revealed to me to be shared at a later time.

Abundance is a way of thinking and of living, an attitude, or even more, abundance is a state of being. It’s a consciousness, even when you have less money, love, or support than you would like. Life delivers a continuously changing set of circumstances and events to accommodate all that you desire and are willing to allow. But you have to set the right tone internally. Having an attitude of abundance can give you a constant source of stability and assurance that isn’t based on external things, but you must change your perspective and believe in all the potential that lies within your reach.

Even though I had no money and barely any food… I was ABUNDANT in my circumstance. Why? Because I found joy in the midst of it – Gene Black (from last week’s post).

And even though everything “logically” was saying, “dude… you don’t have time to be sitting at no park under no oak trees, YOU’RE BROKE. And your mortgage is due!” That fact was I didn’t have time to NOT sit under those trees. I was able to shift my attitude from lack to one of tremendous abundance and share of myself with those who needed it. And for that, the universe rewarded me accordingly. I was rewarded for my willingness to submit to a higher principle.

The attitude of abundance is the ability to see, feel, believe, and expect abundance and prosperity in all areas of life—financially, physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and otherwise. Unfortunately what often holds us back from realizing and achieving abundance is what we believe deep inside about ourselves, our potentials, and our limitations. FACT: If there is a lack of abundance and prosperity in your life, it is not because there is an absence of these things; instead, it is because you believe there is. We create what we believe, and what we believe determines what we make true!

The attitude of abundance comes first and foremost with excepting where you currently stand and trusting what is. When you can except your present circumstance and be okay with it, truly okay with it, not saying you’re okay but secretly harboring a feeling of lack. But actually finding joy in the present moment, albeit dire as it may appear, you then have opened up a new channel of allowing and realizing abundance into your life.

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