Week 27 – Creating Abundance In Your Life

   Have you ever looked out upon the ocean? Have you ever contemplated how vast the oceans of our Earth actually are? Have you ever considered the depths of how far down they go? Have you ever considered the entire other world that lives within our world beneath that water? A friend of mine recently traveled to Belize to scuba dive in an area of the ocean literally named, “The Great Blue Hole.” It is one of the deepest sink holes in the world with a depth of over 480 feet. My friend dove down at one point to 136 feet below the surface. She discovered an entirely different world than the one we know above the water. The fish, the reefs, eels, sharks, manta and sting rays, jelly fish, the colors, hues, everything teeming with life; it was almost an alien planet compared to what we see everyday. What is the point? The point is, we are surrounded by abundance but seem to miss it or simply ignore it until we take a deeper dive. We ignore the abundance that surrounds us. That is primarily because we define abundance by physical or material things and possessions. We define our success by wealth and abundance as opposed to what is truly and authentically abundant. Follow us during the month of July as we discuss the topic of Creating Abundance In Your Life.

“Not what we have, but what we enjoy constitutes our ABUNDANCE” – Epicurus

I enjoy hearing my children laughing. Just good ole, down to earth, belly laughing from them brings me joy. I enjoy cooking for my family. I enjoy watching them eat and seeing them satisfied. I enjoy having great, intellectual conversations from a place of true authenticity with people. ANY person. I enjoy meditating. I enjoy walking my dog. I enjoy golfing. I enjoy peace. I live a very abundant life. My friend enjoys diving. So she does it. And she’s not independently wealthy. She simply CHOSE to follow her enjoyment. And for that, she was rewarded…ABUNDANTLY.

Stopping in this moment to take inventory of your life and what you enjoy most facilitates abundance. It’s certainly not about how much money you have, the cars you drive, the amount of food in your pantry or the amount of diamonds you wear. Abundance is about the amount of joy you create. When we usher in the understanding of true abundance, the Law of Attraction has no choice but to respond to your authentic feeling which generates that much more abundance for your life.

I remember a time when things were a bit harder for me in life. I was living on a friend’s, screened-in patio for six months in Atlanta. I was looking for a job. I didn’t have money to buy food. I remember I had $14 to my name and I wasn’t sure where any more money was coming from. I was hungry. I bummed a ride to the store from my friend. I bought a bag of potatoes and a dozen eggs and Kraft American cheese slices. It cost me $7 bucks. I ate potatoes and eggs for the next 7 days. It was good that even back then I knew how to cook. So one day I made scrambled cheese eggs and home fries. Another day I made eggs over-easy and French fries. Another day I made fried eggs and a baked potato with cheese. I borrowed an onion and made an egg, potato, cheese and onion bake in the oven another day. I was happy with the fact that I could eat. And it brought me joy that I was able to change up my meals, albeit they were the same two foods, every day. Even though I had no money and barely any food…I was ABUNDANT in my circumstance. Why? Because I found joy in the midst of it. I looked at that sack of potatoes and those dozen eggs and counted them as more than enough for me to survive over the next week. I went on to land a job with the YMCA as a summer counselor and I eventually saved enough money to rent a studio apartment. The point is, abundance…is a state of mind.

Creating abundance begins with a heart of gratitude. Gratitude for the simple things that surround us. Look outside and count the number of trees you see. How many bushes are around? How much food is in your kitchen cabinets? How many televisions are in your home? How many cell phones does your family carry? How many pairs of shoes are in your closet? Abundance. Taking the time to look around and take inventory of what we have, whether material or ethereal (intangible), our minds begin to slow down and we begin to feel appreciation. Appreciation generates a feeling, a vibrational marker of happiness and contentment towards those things that we have. The Universe responds in kind to those feelings and vibrational markers and provides MORE of exactly what your are appreciative of. Abundance is creating in that moment. We all have the power to create the abundance we seek. Start by finding enjoyment during your everyday life in the things you do and the people you interact with.

Creating Abundance In Your Life begins with 3 simple steps:

  1. Define what you enjoy doing most. And do that. Often.
  2. Create a space in your life of continuous gratitude. Do not take anything for granted but appreciate all things instead.
  3. CHOSE to stop projecting into the future and decide to live in THIS moment that is in front of you. Pay attention to the little things that make you happy.

There will always be someone who has more material than you. There will always be someone who has less material than you. But the man who enjoys life the most…is the man who is the most abundant.  

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