Week 26 – Success From the Inside Out

Just to recap, we opened the topic of this discussion on success talking about The Keys to Success, we provided a new definition and meaning to success with True Success, and then we talked last week about Finding Success After Failure.  For this, the final post on the subject on success, we wanted to expound on what was mentioned last week, in this week’s discussion – Success From the Inside Out. 

Achieve the feeling of success and let the Law of Attraction handle the restEdward Muhammad

I don’t think there’s a better feeling in the world than having succeeded at some large goal.  That moment when you send in your last mortgage payment or car note payment? It’s magic!  That day when you sign the papers to get your first novel published? Unparalleled.  That day you managed that ten minute or eight minute or six minute mile? Incredible.

I wouldn’t trade the feeling of achieving a large goal for virtually anything else in the world. Almost every great moment in my life – except the birth of my daughter – was the culmination of a goal.  I set an intention, I worked hard, and I eventually attained and accomplished the desired result.  Of course there were many twists and turns, ups/downs along the path, but I persevered, and found joy in every step.

Here’s what I learned along my journey.

True success at its core, at its essence is first and foremost a feeling.  Success is NOT a series of check marks and achievements – “I did that -check,  I did that -check.”  We have come to define success as finish lines, “Well I ran a marathon today, I’m successful.  The real question is, one, why did you run the marathon in the first place, and two, what happens after you’ve completed the marathon?  Do you just keep running marathons to achieve that feeling of success? What happens if you break your leg and you can no longer run marathons? Did you then fail?   A lot of people set financial goals, “I’m successful when I make my first million. Oh, okay, now I have to make my second million”, and so on and so on.

When your feelings of success, and your sense of achievement depend primarily on external realities, you will continue to rely on them for the sense of success you feel. And you will always be chasing a dream based on an external condition.  So when the stock market goes up, you feel up. When the stock market crashes, you crash.  When we get that promotion we feel elated.  When someone else gets chosen for the promotion or we get fired we feel defeated.  I love Rudyard Kiplin’s quote from the Poem If.  It says, “If you can meet Triumph and Disaster and treat those two impostors just the same…”  Meaning, train yourself not to rise and fall with life’s successes and so-called failures, maintaining alignment at all times with your inner being. Remember failure is simply an illusion.   And all true success comes from within and should never be based on any external condition or circumstance.  True success is unconditional!

So why do we do what we do?  Why do we want anything in life?  It is absolutely for the feeling we’re hoping we will achieve.  Everything we aspire to have in life, everything we want, all we desire, is based on one thing – how we think we will FEEL once the goal, desire, etc. is achieved.  Think about this!  We’re going after the feeling in all our wants and desires.

So it stands to reason that if we can achieve the feeling internally, without the immediate manifestation, we’re half way there, on the road to true peace and joy.  Remember, the Universe is always responding to our emotions, and our feelings, which arrive from our thoughts.  Our ability to conjure up the feeling of success from the inside out, will usher into our lives, more success-related experiences (Law of Attraction).

Success is a feeling, and it’s the feeling of contribution. The feeling of service, and giving.

So the bus driver in your city, if he has decided that his job as a bus driver is to ensure that everyone who gets on his bus feels better about themselves because they got on his bus and not another bus, and so he greets them with a smile, he says “Good morning,” offers them a kind word, he says “Goodbye,” recognizing them as they come and go. He is successful. His success is derived internally from a place of true authenticity.  Versus this vice-president of the fortune 500 company who’s made it all about herself and her financial goals, she’s the one who’s unhappy. Because she based her success externally and instead of internally, and depended on a outside condition to attain success.

Success is a feeling not an accomplishment.  And neither is it the feeling that comes from the accomplishment.  Success is an internal feeling, achieved through alignment with your inner being; demonstrated through your deliberate practice of living an authentic life based on love, compassion, and giving.

The true feeling of success comes from feeling good in a way that transcends the acquiring of any external thing.  Real success/true success can withstand “failures” as minor set-backs, opportunities, stepping stones, and learning experiences.

Let’s start redefining success and reclaiming our true purpose.

The take away from this series:

  1. Success is not defined by tangible goods and wealth.
  2. True success is an inside job- based on your own alignment.
  3. Failure is an illusion. It is not real!
  4. Real success is unconditional.
  5. True success is defined by living your authentic purpose.

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