Week 24 – True Success

What matters most in your life? What do you value most?  Are you seeking wealth, power and prestige? Are you seeking peace of mind, security and comfort? Before you can attain true success, you have to know what it is!

Do you want true success? Do you know what success truly is?

Millions of people in our modern society are striving for “success.” We read books, listen to tapes, attend seminars and do all manner of things in order to be successful.

But what is “success?”  What is your definition of true success?  Your answer to this question is vitally important because it determines how you approach life. It becomes the basis of your decision-making regarding so many circumstances.

It is critical to realize that you cannot attain true success unless you fully understand what it is! Last week we provided a definition from Merriam-Webster dictionary as a basis from which to have this discussion. Success-“the accomplishment of an aim or purpose.”  The fact of the matter is success, similar to the word love, is one of the most subjective words of the English language.  It means many things to as many different people. Our purpose with this discussion is hopefully encourage you to reconsider your current definition of success.

We would say that most people equate success with having or making a lot of money, and/or the acquiring of material things- nice vehicles, homes, the finer things of living. In this culture of social media dominance, many feel that if they could just become a famous star of film, You Tube, television, music or sports—or reach any kind of “celebrity” status—that would make them successful. But would it, really? Would having any of the above, really and truly equate to success?  We become mislead as to what true success is all about, believing and deciding that “making money” has to be one of our major goals. Never realizing that while having generous financial resources may add only slightly to the degree of happiness one has already attained, it is not the real source or foundation of happiness or of success. Most truly successful people come to realize only after they’ve experienced loss or a near death experience.

When it came to making money, J. Paul Getty was the most “successful” man of his generation. He was worth billions of dollars at a time when a dollar was worth at least two or three times what it is today. Yet he had a failed marriage, was often lonely and frustrated, and has been widely reported to have said: “I would give up all the money I have ever made if I could just have one happy marriage!”

I too have had tremendous success stories in my life and am currently realizing some amazing accomplishments today.   I remember buying my dream car several years ago, and my first home several years before that.  I remember feeling “wow, this is what success feels like.”  I felt a tremendous sense of accomplishment, that I had somewhat arrived at a higher point in my life.  What resonates with me most however, is how the feeling I felt both times was so good, so wonderful, so amazing – but only for a little while.  Then the yard needed cutting, and the floor needed to be mopped, and the vehicle needed maintenance, somebody dented the vehicle door, and on and on.  And although I still felt proud of the accomplishments, I realized that the feeling I felt after everything settled down, and all the accolades stopped was a sense of emptiness and a sense of anxiousness to feel that previous way again.  What I learned was that when I put my definition of success on what I was getting as opposed to what was giving, or contributing, I always fell short.

The “Key” to TRUE Success

Let us make this statement emphatically- The most important key to true success is our ability to achieve and sustain alignment with our inner being.  Self-mastery, self-awareness, and self-realization; the consistent ability to deliberately and intentionally align yourself with your Creator.  And the ability to experience tremendous joy from the inside out.  When you practice this enough you come to experience and know the greater feeling of joy and peace that only alignment can bring.

Yes indeed goals are vitally important in life and purpose is absolutely necessary.  And certainly part of success is the achievement of your goals and aspirations.  But all goal attainment, all fulfillment of purpose is for the tremendous good feeling it brings us.  We do things primarily because of how it makes us ultimately feel.  Everything, literally EVERYTHING we desire is for the ultimate feeling we think we will achieve.  Of course we serve others, do charitable acts, and uplift our communities out of a sense of purpose, inspiration, and love.  But think about it, don’t we always talk about how giving makes us “feel” so good as the giver.

To varied people success means different things. But can we find a definition for success, which applies to all of us? We believe so. Success is discovering and fulfilling our purpose for which we have been created. Each of us has a destiny to fulfill. All of us are here on this earth for a reason.  Let your definition of success be based on your purpose, your alignment with your inner being, and the amount of joy you deliberately create.  Are you on the path of serving your true purpose?

What’s your new definition of success?

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