Week 22 – Living the Supernatural

The cornerstone of living out the concept of Honoring Humanity is to recognize the value of our own lives and the lives of others, particularly those who have less.  In fact, recognizing and acknowledging your own sacredness and who you are is a big part of understanding the honor of human life. Do you value your own life as sacred? Do you embrace your worth and significance as one who bears the likeness of the Source (God)? Comprehending this is the first step in Honoring Humanity and in embracing the truth of who we all are – at our core, divine, deliberate creators!

The second step is in the way we view others. Do we see others through God’s eyes? Does our gaze stop at their physical appearance, political philosophies, religious preferences, or ability? Or do we look deeper to try and see the image of God in each life? Hidden heart attitudes of pride, superiority, exclusivity, and contempt prevent us from seeing others with the respect and significance they deserve.

I can’t value you, until I can recognize the sacredness in you. I can’t recognize the sacredness in you, until I can see the sacredness within myself. I’m sure not one person reading this would deny that they recognize and honor the value within themselves. We all “think” we do.

In the scripture of the Holy Bible we are given a principle of honoring humanity where there were two groups of people separated by the King, one group who had followed the commandments given to them, and a second group who had not. Both groups asked the same question, “when did we see you hungry, or thirsty, or a stranger, or naked, or in prison and did not minister to you?” The King tells them, “inasmuch as you did not do it to one of the least of these, you did not do it to Me.” (Mathew 25:45).
This is one of the best examples of honoring humanity. Why is this significant? It’s been stated that a nation is best judged on how it treats two things: its poor and its sick. Honoring humanity is recognizing the weak and making them strong. Recognizing the poor and helping. Feeding the hungry. Clothing the naked. Recognizing and acknowledging the least among us and deciding to make them better, particularly when you’ve been bestowed with power and authority.

Here at Align to Enlighten we are huge proponents of getting in, and maintaining alignment. Alignment with the Source of energy that created not only you, but also created worlds and nations. You have the same source of energy sustaining you that created worlds and nations. Think about that! If you can first recognize and believe that, and secondly recognize and believe that this fact is not exclusive just for you; that EVERY HUMAN BEING IS SACRED, and that every human being walking this Earth, also has that same source of God energy flowing through and sustaining them; If you can recognize and believe these two facts, it will allow you to see your fellow man, wife, husband, sister, lover, friend as sacred beings, deserving the utmost honor and respect. This comes first and foremost by our determined intention to be aligned with the God within us. Aligned with that source energy that flows through every human being and through the Universe. This is why alignment is so important. You cannot kill someone when you are in alignment. You cannot curse someone because of a difference in opinion when you’re in alignment. You can’t establish policies that are to the detriment of others when you’re aligned with God energy. Alignment allows you to see the sacredness within yourself and in the sacredness within each and every other human being.

Do you remember the Star Trek television series? It captured the imagination of an entire generation when it first came out. The crew of the starship USS Enterprise endeavored on a five–year mission—“to boldly go where no man has gone before.” “Go beyond!” That was the mission of the starship Enterprise and its crew. And each episode recounted their experiences as they boldly went forth.

Perhaps you’ve wished to live a Sci–Fi life. At work, school, church, your marriage, and/or children. Maybe there’s a part of you that would like to embark on a Star Trek–like adventure. Yet, you realize this is fictitious. (It is fictitious, right?) One of our affirmations here at Align to Enlighten is that we are spiritual beings having a human experience. We challenge you to go beyond the natural realm by doing what may be considered as non-conventional these days. By doing what seems to be unnatural or supernatural – loving (particularly those who don’t love you in return), caring, inspiriting, elevating, lifting up those who have less, and being determined to see the sacredness in each and every human being you encounter on a daily basis, starting and home, then community, and finally the world at large. Let’s live a supernatural life above our present circumstances!

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