Week 21 – Quick to Hang a Cross – Slow to Carry One

  We continue our conversation about Honoring Humanity. In today’s time there seems to be a reoccurring theme of hatred, devalued human life and hurt. Our country is so completely emotionally charged right now. We have so many challenges that seem to continue: death at the hands of police officers, racial tensions, Donald Trump (enough said), etc. Every single day we see these dramatic stories play out in the media. Then, because media is measured by ratings, views, website hits, etc., the drama perpetuates itself offering us more drama to breathe in. Then we get more emotionally charged. We talk about it with family and coworkers and friends constantly. Then more drama happens, the news reports it again and we talk about it more with anger, fear and worry in our hearts, minds and souls. Why haven’t we learned the simple truths of the Universe? What we focus on expands. Period.

-This past week someone tagged me in a post on Facebook regarding Donald Trump. It immediately caused a firestorm of rhetoric between pro-Trump and anti-Trump supporters. The debate, the anger, the hatred went on for days. I removed myself from receiving notifications.

-I read earlier this week that another black man had been killed by police officers via choke hold in a Las Vegas casino. I was sickened to read the comments below the article that spewed hatred on one side towards the man who had been killed and then hatred toward police in general. I posted something positive and uplifting and then promptly turned off my computer.

-I talked, watched and cried with my African-American son this week as he shared a story. My son has a successful channel on YouTube where he creates stop-motion animation. He started a group at school for kids who have the same interest. One of his classmates, a Caucasian girl, wanted into the group but they were full. So she created an animated video full of racist remarks towards whites and threatened to share it on YouTube saying my son created it in an effort to sabotage his YouTube success. Then he shared with me all of the racial remarks people are making to him on a daily basis.

These events continue to play out in our society. Many people are so emotionally charged with hatred and disdain for other human beings. They are quick to hang a cross and crucify ANYONE who is not like them, doesn’t hold the same views or has a differing opinion. The amount of judgment levied against others sometimes makes my heart very heavy. In many cases we are all becoming the mob that demanded Jesus be crucified. We are hanging crosses every single day for Trump, for police, for Black Lives Matter, for Congressmen/Congresswomen, for people with different skin colors than ours, for immigrants, Muslims…we are screaming “kill them all! Crucify them! They don’t believe in what I believe in! Off with their heads!” It is a sad state of affairs all the way around because people are happy to hang crosses and crucify any other human because no love is being shared. No compassion is being given. No understanding is being considered.

On his way to Calvary, Jesus was condemned, spat upon and beaten. The crowd wanted his head. There was no compassion, love or consideration for humanity overall. Yet, there was a man who offered to carry Jesus’ cross for him. In the midst of the chaos, the man offered to carry his cross. How many crosses do we carry for other people? How many? Or are you part of the same angry mob looking to crucify whomever does not line up with who you are and what you consider “right” in your world?

Carrying a cross for another means setting the emotion aside and being open to understanding, compassion and love in the name of humanity. THIS is how we Honor Humanity. Losing judgment is key. We pass judgment with no recourse for penalty. None of us own a heaven or a hell to send anyone to. So why judge in the first place? Judgment perpetuates and permeates negative energy. Our focus, our emotion, our thoughts, intentions, words…these are all markers for the Universe to respond to. So as we are being extremely critical, judgmental and down right mean, the Universe is responding to every single thought, word, action and feeling we present. And the Universe deems this as your life experience and as what you desire. Therefore, Law of Attraction has no choice but to provide your life experience with exactly what you have called for! So stop…please…stop hanging crosses and start carrying crosses.

I recently went to a Gala Dinner with 4 other people. The table was set for 10 people and we didn’t know who else would be coming. In walked 5 police officers in full uniform for this event and filled the other seats at our table. People in my party began to roll their eyes and whisper to each other, “well there goes the evening.” Or “why’d they have to come sit here?!?!” Or as one friend told me, “I’m glad they’re on YOUR side of the table and not mine.” I admit that I initially didn’t like it either, especially after seeing the news a day prior where 6 officers had shot an unarmed black man to death here in Southern California. But at some point I made a choice. I made a choice to carry someone else’s cross.

I engaged the police officer sitting next to me and said, “Sir, I don’t often get to speak with a police officer directly unless I’m being pulled over or detained in some way. But I’d like to have an open and candid conversation with you about your thoughts and feelings of what is happening between the African-American community and police in general. I want to better understand what you do, how you do it and why.” I went on to tell the officer that I have three African-American sons who are terrified of the police because of what they’ve seen, read and heard in the media. I was not emotionally charged, angry or rude. The officer graciously gave me a rundown of their precinct’s philosophy, training curriculum, counseling session protocol, etc. and then invited me to bring my sons to the precinct to have a frank and open conversation about their concerns! He offered to show them around their offices, introduce them to the D.A.R.E. Officers, K9 Unit, show them their police cars and afterwards, sit down with them to discuss their concerns and what they’ve seen in the media. His response to me was, “I’d like it very much for you and your sons to come sit with us so we can begin a positive dialogue.” We are going there this week on Wednesday.

The point is, I could have sat there and said nothing. I could have joined in with my friends in bashing the cops, making them feel unwanted at our table, not speak to them, ignore them…hung a cross for them all. But instead, I CHOSE to carry a cross for them. I was genuinely interested and concerned about having an open dialogue and discussion with these officers that was wrapped in compassion, love and understanding. I came to them with peace in my heart, mind, soul, thoughts, words and actions. THAT was my focus. And WHATEVER it is we focus on…expands. Carrying the cross for another offers compassion. This is the only way we begin to change the world for the better. Honor humanity this week by carrying the cross of the one you despise most. When you do this for another…YOU become the benefactor of the peace you seek. Namaste

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