Week 20 – Create Better Relationships by Honoring Humanity

Oftentimes when we’re on a spiritual path and we’re so invested in creating our own realities and beginning the work of spiritual redevelopment from the inside out, from the spiritual state rather than the physical state, there’s a tendency to minimize divinity in yourself and the divinity in others.

We so often live outside of the present moment, and are firmly grounded in what we perceive to be the realities of this world, we often walk into situations with a preconceived idea of what our role should be at any given moment. In doing so, we either place ourselves or someone else on pedestals or in higher esteem the necessary.  The thoughts we experience when that takes place are defeating and, if we dwell on them, can have a negative impact on our spiritual development. Not only do we experience pain over whatever might have occurred, we often are thinking “they should have been better than that” or “I know better, and should not be so severely affected by what has happened”.

For example, when we walk into a situation thinking what we have to offer is more valuable than what the other person has to offer, we will be given the prime opportunity to learn how to honor the humanity in one another. Or, when we react badly to an opportunity presented on our life journey, and we are consumed with guilt over our inability to get past some perceived detrimental circumstance, we come face to face with our own humanity and have the opportune time to honor it.

When we are honoring ourselves, as well as others, we understand that the roles we take on or give are meaningless in the grand scheme of things. They are not good or bad. This understanding gives great peace, and allows us to feel compassion and love not only for ourselves, but for others as well.

Accepting and recognizing the divinity in each of us is not quite enough, from my perspective. Keeping in mind, and appreciating, that we are all human must stand side by side with seeing the divinity within. The two go hand and hand, we are all human and we are also all divine.  This enables us to see the possibilities and the wonder of each person we meet, and in ourselves. At the same time, it helps us stay away from judgment, helping us discern the truth of the situation by shining a light on ourselves and the role we are playing.

In the work of honoring humanity where we seek to bring our ethereal body, forward, our carnal and physical body goes to the side. Our ethereal body, our spiritual body, our higher good, our higher knowing comes front and center.

As we approach life from this perspective and respond to challenges and relationships from the many faces of love, from tolerance, kindness, and compassion. We are bringing forward in the physical realm 24/7 our vibrational, spiritual body, our higher knowing. As we bring our ethereal body forward as a response in each situation and particularly in relationships, we are shifting the paradigm that we grew over time to create.

As you go through the process of making your life your practice, of remembering to respond to life from one of the many faces of love, as you do that and you bring the higher good forward, you bring the etheric body forward, having that make the choices in your life, you will automatically honor the humanity you encounter in yourself and in others.

My reflections end in this way: Don’t judge; be willing to be the light. Create better relationships by honoring your own humanity, and that of those around you, thereby operating from a place of being equals. Create your peace through love, compassion and forgiveness.

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