Week 19 – Honoring Humanity

 In most traditional faiths there is a belief that we all reside in a place before we come to earth. Our spirits or souls are born to God first and then born to our parents here. There is a sense of collectiveness “somewhere” else before we get here. And in most traditional faiths there is a place we go when we leave. To be together collectively…again. So in that sense of existence, we are souls residing together first and then again after life on earth with humanity happening in the middle. So if this is the way it is, we as collective souls living in harmony before and after having a human experience, why is it so difficult to honor our collective souls in harmony to create humanity? For the month of May, we will discuss ways of and the importance of Honoring Humanity.

One of the first realizations about Honoring Humanity is to understand we are spiritual beings first. As Pierre Teilhard de Chardin put it, “We are not human beings having a spiritual experience. We are spiritual beings having a human experience.” But somewhere along the line of life, we tend to forget about this. We get caught up in how we perceive the road to happiness on earth which is usually in physical things. Our realities become the stresses of perceived success and the measurement of that success being defined by the amount of material things we can collect. We are sometimes overcome with pride, ego and a sense of complete selfishness that disregards our fellow man. That is being 100% human and 0% spiritual. Humanity is the perfect combination of them both. Humanity is compassion for another spiritual being having a human experience. Humanity is caring. Humanity is unconditional love. Humanity is non-judgmental. Humanity is acceptance. Humanity is understanding. Humanity is the advocate for human harmony.

In traditional faith, the “collective” is where our souls live in peace, harmony and tranquility, before and after life here on earth. So to that end, it stands to reason our souls should seek that same peace, harmony and tranquility collectively here on earth too. This is one way we honor humanity. By remembering where we first came from and then remembering where we’re going back to.

When we look at our world today and the various events that are happening, from global political tensions, terrorism, police brutality/killings, hate crimes, shootings, stabbings, kidnappings, etc., it seems bleak, hurtful and hopeless. But what it really is, is opportunity. Our choices are to 1) continue to be reactive to all the things we see happening around us or 2) CHOOSE to seize the opportunity to honor humanity and affect change. It is not our jobs to change the entire world. It is our job to change our individual world for the better. And THIS is how we change the entire world.

If every person chose to focus on humanity, there would be world peace. Period. How quickly did you just toss that notion of world peace aside by saying “every person in the world won’t focus on humanity?” Whether every person will do so or not is not the issue. The fact is, when you, as an individual choose to make it your focus, YOUR life’s experience begins to move towards the peace, harmony and tranquility your soul desires. The peace, harmony and tranquility it experienced before it came into your physical body and the peace, harmony and tranquility it seeks to return to after your body expires. It is your innate being to live this way. Why else do you think it feels good down to your soul when you help someone else? It is what you are supposed to do. It is natural to you. It is where you came from.

Namaste is a greeting in the Indian culture. Now days it is sometimes misused or misunderstood in meaning. The true meaning for the word Namaste is, the divine light in me acknowledges the divine light in you. This is a reminder of who we authentically are. This is a reminder to the importance of honoring humanity. “When you walk through your day acknowledging the Divine light in others and operating from a sense of love, tranquility and unity, even those who you consider your “enemies” have no choice but to acquiesce to your disposition.  Why?  Because we are spiritual beings first, having a human experience second.  The fundamental and authentic US is born of the same Divine consciousness.  Therefore when you are communicating from a space of authenticity, (your soul), the other souls around you have no choice but to recognize the communication of authenticity you are providing.  Whether their egos allow them to show it or not…their souls recognize and resonate with the authenticity that is being communicated” – Align to Enlighten, 2016 Namaste. This is how peace on earth is created. In honoring humanity there is a communication happening that goes beyond our words. There is communication happening at the level of our souls. The same type of communication that we invoked before we came to earth and the same communication that happens after we leave.  

Join us this month for a deeper look at how we all can Honor Humanity in everyday life to affect positive change not only in our lives but in every life we touch. “It has been said that something as small the flutter of a butterfly’s wing can ultimately cause a typhoon halfway around the world” – Chaos Theory.

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