Week 16 – Conscious Appreciation

For whoever has will be given more, and they will have an abundance. Whoever does not have, even what they have will be taken from them.” Matthew 25:29, New International Version Bible

So the rich get richer, and the poor get poorer.  Everybody gets what they consciously, and consistently ask for – energetically.

The above Bible verse is one of my favorites.  To me it unequivocally supports the Law of Attraction.  For whoever has will be given more… Whoever has what??

To some degree, most of us experience what I’ll call the “taking things for granted-ism.” It has always baffled me how lack appreciation of the full value of our health, of the people we truly love, of our peace, freedom and prosperity, and even of life itself. It almost seems like a natural inclination that our appreciation dwindles over time. We have something, we appreciate it, then we care less.

We appreciate how valuable things are when they’re taken away from us – for example, when we become ill, or when we’re separated from our loved ones. Then, when we return to health and are reunited with the people we love, we can really feel how blessed we are to have them.  Or a person who’s lost his freedom through incarceration, and the overwhelming sense of joy that must be felt when freedom is returned to them.   When we experience the loss of something we deem as precious and get it back, we live in a state of real appreciation, in which we feel buoyant and free from anxiety. However, it’s usually not too long before we begin to suffer from the “ism” again and begin to take these blessings for granted, at least to some degree.


Part of the reason for this taking things for granted-ism is our tendency to quickly adapt to new environments and situations. Man is equipped with a mechanism to achieve.  Once we obtain a goal, we’re quickly on to the next.  This is a good thing because it causes the evolution process.  However it can dilute our humility and our ability to appreciate those things around us of true value.

When we’re first exposed to new experiences and environments, they affect us powerfully – think of the first few days in an unfamiliar foreign country, the first few days in a new job, or the first exposure to a new smell or taste, or the first time you lived on your own, in your own space, and how elated you felt in such a state of appreciation and gratitude.

But these experiences lose their sensory power as we become habituated to them. There seems to be an internal mechanism of desensitization, which quickly filters out the intensity of experiences, turning the newness to familiarity.  This is why we know that money can’t make us happy.  However you feel BEFORE you win the 100 million dollar lottery is how you will eventually feel after the money settles in and the natural equanimity returns.  Can you be unhappy or better yet miserable and have a 100 million dollars in the bank at the same time?  Of course we can.

However, we believe it is possible to transcend taking for granted-ism, and to live in a constant state of appreciation WITHOUT having to lose anything. We don’t have to have things taken from us to appreciate its value and be grateful for it.

I recall my experience as a real-estate investor.  I had spent years developing relationships, honing certain skills, and acquiring a pretty impressive portfolio.  I remember one New Year’s Eve feeling like I needed a reminder of the enormous accomplishment I had made.   I decided to drive by each and every property to take a picture and spend a quiet moment to appreciate the goal I’d achieved.  One thing I noticed immediately was the overwhelming sense of humility and appreciation that I felt.  I felt extremely humble and grateful, because I had been successful at providing affordable and comfortable living for those who might otherwise not been able to achieve that dream.

Here’s what I learned and have come to know about conscious appreciation:

  1. First of all, Conscious Appreciation is an active process; it requires a deliberate and intentional action.  There is simply no getting around it.  You must make it a priority to appreciate.  There are infinite reasons to be grateful.  Just start silently (or outwardly) acknowledging things around you that you’re thankful for.  Look for reasons to appreciate. 
  2. The more you practice it, the easier it becomes. AND the more you take time to appreciate the more the Universe provides you with more reasons to appreciate. 
  3. The moments we consciously take to appreciate are so important because they show us a glimpse of reality. Think about it this way, when we stop and appreciate something, we become aware of what is already there, what was always there, but which we have stopped paying attention to. Our lives are filled with blessings which we forget to count. Every day of our lives is filled with experiences and activities which we should relish, but which we subconsciously dismiss as mundane. So when we have appreciation experiences it’s a little like waking up, after forgetting that we were asleep.
  4. And lastly, what’s so mind boggling to me is that, the simple act of appreciating is one of the main communication tools of the Universe that provides the pathways for us to receive our true desires. Gratitude and Appreciation are two of the fastest ways to access all that you want. 

Make appreciation a conscious and deliberate by saying these words:  No matter where I go, no matter what I’m doing; It is my dominant intention to look for and find things in my world to appreciate.


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