Week 15 – When We Search for Gratitude, We Find Contentment

“Seeds of gratitude sprout the flowers of happiness, contentment and peace” – Gene Black”

There is so much power in both gratitude and appreciation. Gratitude is a super power God has given us that can change our personal reality immediately. This week, we will discuss how this superpower can create contentment in our daily lives.

As a child I remember my grandmother watching several soap operas…daily.  There was As the World Turns, All My Children, General Hospital, The Guiding Light and One Life to Live.  She watched every last one of them even if she had to switch back and forth between channels because there were no VCR’s, not to mention DVRs.  But her favorite was The Young & The Restless. Because we only had one television in the house, I would end up watching The Young & The Restless with her from time to time. What I realized was, no matter which soap opera, ALL of these people were truly restless. Their lives were agitated and their entire storylines were full of drama and discontent. No one was satisfied with the person they were married to so they would sleep with other people to fill the void of what they wanted. While they all seemed to be rich, no one was satisfied with the wealth they had so they looked for ways to sabotage the other family’s business or run hostile take overs. There was always some crisis that would disrupt or breakup their otherwise normal lives and they always had to run to the rescue to ‘make it right.’ Granted, this is all made for television, but many of these soap opera storylines, while grossly exaggerated, are art mimicking life.

We, often times, live our lives like The Young & The Restless. We covet someone else’s house, car, job, income, spouse, etc. We do this sometimes consciously or subconsciously, but the overall truth is that we sometimes lose sight of what is right in front of us because we are too busy looking toward the thing we don’t have.  And in that moment, our minds, bodies and souls are restless, agitated and discontent.

How many times have we heard the saying, “we always want what we can’t have?” When we haven’t appreciated what we DO have? When operating in this mindset, it is virtually impossible to find contentment. Why? Because we’ve lost focus of what we are grateful for in the first place. Melody Beattie said it best, gratitude turns what we have into enough. And more. Gratitude is a state of being. When we walk in gratitude, the sun is brighter, the air is lighter, the mood becomes joyous and your spirit is content with life.

Some people may think, “but I don’t want to be content.  I want more out of life.” Contentment does not suggest a retreat from our desires. Ironically, when we walk in a state of gratitude, it creates a space of allowance. As we’ve spoken about before, there is only resistance and allowance. Allowance creates a space for our deepest desires to be realized. But it starts with contentment. And we find contentment through gratitude.

Finding contentment through gratitude is easy. No matter the situation. Here’s something to consider when searching for gratitude and finding contentment:

Identify the Source of Your Discontent

Identify any situation or circumstance you are unhappy about. Anything that you really don’t like or you wish would change for your favor. Perhaps you don’t like your job, your boss, your spouse gets on your nerves, your house is too small, etc. What is the source of your discontent? If you have several, you may want to write them down.

Identify What You Desire

Many times we are content to complain but don’t give the same energy to what we desire. When we continue to complain about what is causing discontent, we get more of the same thing we don’t want because we are giving it focus and attention. Remember, what you focus on expands. This is a loose definition of The Law of Attraction.

By identifying what you actually desire, independent of the discontent, you declare a new intention, a new desired outcome. As a point of direction, your true desire works better when it is not at the cost or detriment of another. For example, if your boss is the center of your discontent at your job, a desire to see her fired should not be your intent. A better way to achieve your desires would be a desire for peace, appreciation, promotion and understanding in your workplace. Identify your desired outcomes instead of complaining about what you see in front of you. Focus on your desires. Feel your desires. Expect your desires to be manifested. The more we focus on our desires the more they expand towards manifestation.

Look for Gratitude in the Source of Your Discontent

I’m SURE this sounds nutty.  Why would you search for gratitude within the very thing that is causing you discontent? Because that is the first step to removing your discontent. Remember, resistance and allowance. When we hold fast to being discontent with a person, place or thing, we offer resistance in that situation. The more we resist, the more the discontent continues. When we search for gratitude in the person, place or thing, we offer allowance. And in the space of allowance, our deepest desires begin to grow.

Have you ever had an argument and then decided to extend an olive branch? Your choice was to continue to hold onto your anger and discontent, or choose to move forward with the intention of resolution. In that simple example, you chose to remove resistance and embrace allowance when you extended the olive branch. You didn’t necessarily concede the other person as being right and you being wrong. You simply chose to allow, by extending the olive branch. And no matter how the situation turned out, you walked away feeling very good that you did the right thing. That is how allowance works. It creates a space for positive feelings and vibrations to grow. And when positive feelings and vibrations grow, our desires follow suit.

If you’re having an issue on your job and/or the people at your workplace, take some time to identify that. Then dwell on what you truly desire to feel at your job. Do you want to feel more appreciated, loved, valued? Whatever it is, identify how you desire to feel. Then find something you are grateful for in the building you go to work in, with each person you work with and even with the boss that gets on your nerves. Find something you are grateful for in each and every thing.  When you do this, you will immediately feel lighter, more free, emotionally unrestricted and more content. Just be grateful.


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