Week 12 – Inspired Action and Law Of Attraction

We’ve said it a million times in a million ways, but here’s one more quick summary of the Law of Attraction:  You are a vibratory frequency emitter; you emit vibrations (energy) and frequencies every day, all day by your thoughts and feelings; the Universe responds to your predominant thoughts, and the essence of your thoughts and feelings by matching things that correspond with that which you are emitting.  So you get what you give your attention to and the essence of what you think about, NOT WHAT YOU WANT.  Thoughts literally do turn into things.

Having said this, no matter how well you focus your thoughts on what you want, Law of Attraction still requires that you take action- INSPIRED ACTION by acting upon the opportunities that come to you.  This is why often times we want things that we are not ready for (meaning not a vibrational match to), and we either miss the opportunity or we attain the thing we thought we were ready for, and then we lose it.

So let me repeat:  To get what you want, you must take inspired action to make your dreams a reality. 

But what is inspired action and how do you know when to take it?

Well, the first step in turning thoughts into the things you desire is to – ask for what you want.  Knowing what you want is key!  And the more vivid and detailed your knowing is the more you give the Universe something to work with.  And let’s be very clear here… asking does not mean verbal outward expression of a request, although certainly verbally affirming what you want does help.  But that’s not what we mean when we say ask.  Asking means focused attention.  Whatever you give your attention to, you’re asking for. So ask by maintaining a clear, positive and deliberate focus on your desires. By the way, we are asking for things all the time anyway, whether we are aware of it or not.  We’re just saying be deliberate and intentional about asking for the things you truly desire.

Then wait…

Ideas will come to you, people will gravitate into your presence, events, circumstances, and situations will transpire that you will often dismiss as happenstance or just a usual occurrence.  But in actuality this is the Universe responding to your request. 

How does God answer prayers?

In so many ways, but you must be conscious and aware of the bread crumbs being dropped that will lead to where you’re wanting to go.  These clues come in many shapes and forms for example: a song on the radio, or a TV ad that is directly related to what you’re asking for; billboard signs on the road; or comments overheard from a conversation in passing just to name a few.  Often we ignore these signals, but this is the Universe telling us to ACT NOW to receive more bread crumbs.

Following these breadcrumbs is taking INSPIRED ACTION!

It must be understood that this is precisely and primarily how the Higher Power communicates to us.  There is no power dictating or specifically telling you to do “x, y, and z.”  You get to choose. The Universe guides you, showing you the way if you allow.

NOTE:  Sometimes we get the clues, but then disregard them because we are not sure what they mean.  But you should try to listen to them.  No matter how irrelevant they may seem.  Nothing is irrelevant!  Stop, look, listen, and act.

As soon as you ask for what you want (by clearly identifying a desire and letting it be known with your intended focus), pay attention.  Look for the breadcrumbs to appear right away! The Universe responds very quickly, especially when you are clear. Look for ideas and signs that will lead you to your desires.  If you have the slightest inclination, the most remote thought that something is connected to the manifestation of your desire, pay attention and act upon it.

If you want to manifest a new car, new home, yacht, private jet, or maybe start a new business, and have an idea that you should speak to someone or make a call and inquire about prices or other pertinent information- DO IT! Do not think to yourself, “Why would I inquire about something I can’t afford?”  First of all, if you can perceive it you can receive it.  Don’t sweat the small stuff like figuring out how to afford it.  If the Universe has the capabilities to bring you the bread crumbs, the Universe also has the capability to deliver the entire desire.  PERIOD.

The key is to pay attention to your nudges and hunches and act on them.

How do you know if an action is truly inspired?  

Sometimes you might feel the urge to act, but it isn’t inspired action.  It is coming from your ego and not the Universe. How can you tell the difference?  How do you know whether or not your action is inspired versus motivated?

  1. Inspired action comes more from a place of allowing. Motivated action is based on an attachment to the outcome.
  2. Inspired action is usually fun. While motivated action is task-driven involving anxiousness and stress.
  3. Inspired action is patient, comfortable, and feels good. While motivated action may be rushed and oftentimes fearful (fear of losing something, fear of failure, or even fear of success).
  4. Inspired action feels like a pulling to something. Motivated action feels like a push.

So follow the breadcrumbs.  Pay strict attention to the clues.  Stop, look, listen, and act; and take only inspired action towards your desires.


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