Week 11 – Ain’t Nobody Got Time Fa Dat!!!

  “Ain’t nobody got time fa dat!”  How many times have you said this in the past week?  How many times have you thought it in the past week?  You come home from work, your little one wants to have small talk with you but your mind is on cooking dinner, helping with homework and getting baths done and you think…”ain’t nobody got time fa dat!”  You’re working hard at work in the middle of a project and a co-worker comes to you for the fourth time in a week to discuss his challenges at home and you think…”ain’t nobody got time fa dat!”  It’s 3pm on a Saturday and you’re watching the game on television when your spouse decides it’s time to discuss long-term financial planning and you say…”ain’t nobody got time fa dat!”  Perhaps your feelings may be plausible in these circumstances.  Perhaps.

But what about when you have a deep feeling drawing you to go help the homeless?  What about when your subconscious pushes you to do something you once loved but have since left behind because “life got in the way?”  What about when you think about the many natural talents you posses but do not use as a part of your life experience?  We often times say the same thing…”ain’t nobody got time fa dat!”  This month our discussion is focused on Reclaiming Your Inspiration.  So we will make time fa dat!

Sometimes our inspiration is calling on us, but we refuse to listen because we are focused on other things we’ve deemed more important.  Life is happening TO us instead of life being directed BY us.  Inspiration is the true “driver” of life.  If you take a moment to think about what truly inspires you…is it your car payment?  Is it your mortgage payment?  Is it your light bill that inspires you?  Those things may motivate you; to go to work to make money.  But those things do not typically inspire you.  Whatever you are inspired to do may look like work to someone else, but for you it’s all pleasure.

How Do You Discover Your Inspiration?

Ask yourself a simple question.  “What would I do every single day of my life even if I didn’t get paid to do it?”  For most of us, this is not a simple question to answer at all.  Why?  Because we have not given our minds license to explore that answer.  Why?  Usually because “ain’t nobody got time fa dat!”  But we DO have time for that.  Or we should make time for that. That thing that gets you pumped up, excited, provides a feeling of warmth deep inside you, a sense of gratitude, happiness and fulfillment…is what you are inspired to do.  Nobody has to motivate Alicia Keys to sing.  She would do it daily for free because she is inspired to write songs and sing them.  The same goes for others who’s inspirations are clear and present; Martin Luther King Jr., Nelson Mandela, Michael Jordan, Oprah Winfrey, Deepak Chopra, Steven Spielberg, etc.

But what inspires you is not about being famous or becoming wealthy.  And there is no need to BE rich or wealthy to live in your inspiration. In fact,  true richness and wealth comes from living in your inspiration.   Just as every person has a unique set of fingerprints, so does every person have their very own inspiration that is unique to them in its own way.  The key to understanding is, whatever you are inspired to do, is aligned with your purpose in this life.  This is why your inspiration feels like ‘play’ to you while others’ inspirations looks like ‘work’ to you.  Because you are meant to live through what you are inspired to do.  Answer the question, “What would I do every single day of my life even if I didn’t get paid to do it?” and you will begin to discover what you are inspired to do…and your purpose for being here on this planet.

Make Time for What Inspires You

“But I can’t dwell in what I would like to do for the rest of my life even if I wasn’t getting paid because I NEED to get paid!”  Yep.  I need to get paid too.  However, and this will sound counterintuitive, getting paid and how to get paid should not be the primary focus.  Ever.  Money and any other material thing is slave to our ethereal being…the authentic you.  And the authentic you is made of your inspirations and heartfelt desires.   Money is easy when we operate from this state of being.

When we make time for our inspirations, we decide to spend time with them, to ‘hear’ them, to ‘be’ with them, to stop ignoring and pay attention to them.  It doesn’t mean you have to quit your job and do this 100% of the time.  It doesn’t mean you need to be some superstar to live out an inspired life.  You can live in your dreams while living within your means.  Inspiration is free.  If you are inspired to help the homeless population of your city, be inspired to help one person every week.  If you are inspired to sing to thousands of people on stage because it makes you feel wonderful, sing a song to uplift one person once a day.  If you are inspired to paint beautiful art but don’t own supplies, a studio or have the first clue on what to do…grab a pencil and paper and simply draw out what is pushing you right now.

When we make time and spend time with what is inspiring to us, it’s like feeding a plant with water and sunshine…and in doing so, that inspiration grows and never stops growing as long as we tend to it.

Spend Time Being Inspired and You Will Inspire Others

I used to travel to New Orleans for work about every 6 weeks.  When I would go, I made it a routine to visit the French Quarter.  But beyond the great food, drinks and good times, there was something extremely more valuable to me.  It was watching people who were inspired to do what they do.  There were certain musicians I would purposefully seek out because it was completely obvious to me that they were truly inspired to do what they do.  If you’ve ever experienced this, it is a total spiritual event.

The man that would play the upright bass with his eyes closed to the world and would be guided by the music that was touching his soul.  Then you’d see the people on trumpet, the saxophone, the keyboards, the drums…ALL operating in one spiritual fellowship of a jam session.  They would be in perfect synch and alignment with each other.  The feeling they each possessed was individual inspiration from within.  Inspiration they were feeling and sharing at the same time.  I imagined this must feel like complete fulfillment and bliss to these people.  They are operating in their complete inspiration and it becomes a complete spiritual experience.  And that spiritual, inspirational experience was also translated to others.  It was certainly translated and transferred to ME.  I was inspired.  Not to play music, but to continue to feel what I was feeling in my daily routine.  My fulfillment, my complete comfort, my bliss.  Inspiration is reciprocal.  When we operate within our inspiration, it, in turn inspires others.  When we spend time with others who are operating within their inspiration, we too become inspired.  What a beautiful dance.

Discovering our inspiration is key to understanding our authentic purpose in life and allows us to operate within the true happiness of our bliss.  So when your first thoughts go to “ain’t nobody got time fa dat,” understand that not taking time to operate within your inspiration keeps you in the perpetual bondage of thinking you don’t have time to experience life for what it is truly meant to be.


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