Week 10 – What Inspires YOU?


There is not something you’re supposed to do.
There’s not something that you should do.
There is only that which you are inspired to do. Edward Muhammad

As the saying goes, the month of March comes “In like a lion, and out like a lamb.” Referring to the ending of cold harsh winter weather and the beginning of milder temps. March signifies many things: the newness of spring, the renewing of the spirit, the cleansing of both the internal and external.

So in that same vane, this month we want to focus on a sense of renewing.  The theme for this month’s blog posts is Reclaiming Your Inspiration.

We tend to focus solely on the current reality in front of us.  The “reality” of paying bills, working form 9 to 5, traffic, errands, etc.  But what INSPIRES you?  This month we want to challenge ourselves and challenge you to reclaim your inspiration and discover new and different sources of inspiration. We want to travel along this journey of reclaiming our inspiration and discovering parts of ourselves that are lying dormant just waiting to be reclaimed by you!

First of all, what do we mean when we use the word inspire? According to Merriam Webster Dictionary the meaning of inspiration is as follows:

1a : a divine influence or action on a person believed to qualify him or her to receive and communicate sacred revelation
b : the action or power of moving the intellect or emotions : the act of influencing or suggesting opinions (He/she inspires me, Meaning they move me in a particular direction)
2: the act of drawing in; specifically: the drawing of air into the lungs
3a : the quality or state of being inspired
b : something that is inspired a scheme that was pure inspiration
4: an inspiring agent or influence

I found it very interesting that one of the definitions the word inspire meant breathing in – inhaling (inspire), and how when you exhale, you  breathe out or in other words you cast out the bad. Side note- This is why in my opinion many “inspiring or inspirational” ideas comes during and/or after meditation where you are intentionally and deliberately breathing deeply.

We would like to take a moment and be clear that inspiration is different from excitement although the two words can have similar meanings and connotations. We talked in-depth about excitement in our blog posts in 2016 Week 29 – What Are you Excited About and Week 30 – Follow the Excitement Part 2. Excitement can lead to inspiration. And of course you can be both excited and inspired simultaneously. But inspiration comes from a deeper soul space than excitement. You can be excited about many things; like a trip to the Bahamas, going to see a good movie, or a walk in the park. Inspiration however is something with a deeper connection. Inspiration pulls you in a particular direction. When you’re inspired to do something, you almost can’t not do it.

So what’s inspiring to me and why?

I am inspired by many things in my life right now. Let me share with you just one of those things: First, I am inspired by Blue Apron Menu. This is a nationwide delivery service that sends you a box of pre-portioned meal ingredients, with recipes. Why am I inspired? I have a passion for cooking and am intrigued by the concept of this company, and I’m interested in expanding my repertoire. I haven’t used it yet and I am curious to see whether this is a truly helpful innovation in shopping and meal prep, or simply the worst of both worlds lol — expensive take-out food that you still have to cook yourself. We’ll see!

A second thing that I’m inspired by right now is, Thelonious Monk’s album Straight No Chaser (Japanese Folk Song my fav). I was intrigued by a conversation I had with a perfect stranger to seek this artist out and I am inspired by his music. Why? The horn/string combination is thought provoking and dark, and uplifting at the same time.

Third, I am completely and utterly inspired, energized, and excited about the idea of deliberate creation, and this notion that I, ME and me alone (along with God) have complete control over my reality, my destiny, and the outcome of my life. I love the idea of being able to intentionally orchestrate my life, not control it per se, but better yet design it. I love knowing that what I’m living- My life is in direct proportion to what I am thinking and feeling- ALWAYS. To have a desire, nurture it, and watch it manifest. OH WHAT FEELING!!

Lastly I would like to say I am very inspired by Brian Peterson. Brian is an artist who has an organization called Faces of Santa Ana where he befriends and paints portraits of the homeless community in Santa Ana, CA; then sells the artwork and uses the proceeds to help in rehabilitating the homeless people he painted. WOW! This really inspires me to figure out more ways to give back to the community where I live while and doing it while simultaneously expressing my creativity. (Thanks Brian).

So what’s inspiring you? Walk with us this month and let’s inspire each other to newer and higher places of growth and development.

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