Week 47 – The Formula – For Life…

hasenohrl1  According to dictionary.com, E=mcis an equation derived by the twentieth-century physicist Albert Einstein, in which E represents units of energy, m represents units of mass, and cis the speed of light squared, or multiplied by itself.  Now, I have NO idea what that means, LOL, but I DO know the formula to manifesting your dreams.

Inspiration + Imagination = Your Desired Creation


Every person born to this earth comes here with a purpose or purposes for life.  Often times, we lose sight of, or devalue our purpose when we get caught up in the “rat race” of things.  The “rat race” of survival instead of the beauty of experiencing life.  Our inspirations and desires sometimes take a backseat to the “realities” we have created.  When this happens, we are stuck, stifled and relegated to the mediocrity of being.  But it’s never too late to discover inspiration.

Inspiration is unique to an individual.  Each of us is inspired to BE or DO some thing.  Whatever gets you excited, makes you feel wonderful when you do it, offers you joy, happiness, bliss and freedom when you think about it, is inspirational to YOU.  Inspiration is as unique as your finger prints because they belong to YOU.  What gets you inspired may not be inspirational to another person.  And vice versa.  But inspiration is the driving force and the strongest indicator to your purpose of being.  Discovering your inspiration is how you become closely aligned with discovering your purpose.  Inspiration feels like a light bulb of exploding ideas coming from within to illuminate the path of your life.   Inspiration feels natural, warm and welcoming for your soul.

Your inspiration is not concerned about money, wealth or power.  Your inspiration’s only concern is what makes you the most happiest and spreading that happiness to others becomes the objective.  BE INSPIRED!!!  Life without inspiration is half-baked, indifferent and unfulfilled.  What is it that inspires YOU?

It is okay if you can’t readily answer that question.  However, ask yourself a few questions to help you find your answers:

  1. What is it I want to BE or DO?  This has NOTHING to do with what you want to HAVE.  This isn’t about materialistic things.  Inspiration has EVERTHING to do with your inner being and authentic happiness.
  2. What gets you truly EXCITED?  What fuels your enthusiasm?  What is that thing you would do every single day of your life WITHOUT being paid???
  3. What makes you feel REALLY good inside when you do it or say it?

These are a few questions to help you discover your inspiration.  And inspiration is the first step in the formula of manifesting your dreams.

+ Imagination

Do you remember being a child and using your imagination?  We used our imagination to draw pictures, color, play make-believe, day dream, etc.  We believed we could be or do ANYTHING.  Our imagination had no boundaries.  No limitations.  No restrictions.  Then, as we grew older, we discovered the boundaries, limitations and restrictions and we called them “reality.”  This is the “reality” that we have created.  One where imagination takes a back seat to the tangible facts of our lives leaving no room for our imaginations to be free.  WE become restricted.  Bound.  And incarcerated.

But our imaginations are still with us to offer an outlet, an alternative, a different choice!  We simply need to call on it.  The authentic truth is, without imagination, there is no creation.  i.e. we no longer travel by horse and buggy in America.  We travel by car, plane, train, bicycle, motorcycle, etc.  So…SOMEONE at SOME point was inspired in regards to transportation.  And SOMEONE at SOME point used their imagination to come up with faster, more efficient ways for us to travel.  If there had been no imagination, we would still be traveling by horse and buggy.

The same applies to everything we see in our daily lives.  We don’t have to be stifled and restricted by what we physically see in our current circumstances or situations.  We have the ability to discover our inspiration and apply our imagination to what it is we desire to have happen.  This is the formula to creation.  Source Power, God, Jehovah, Allah, created our existence.  But let’s not lose sight of the fact that He created us and we are created to perpetuate HIS creation!  This is why we have both inspiration AND imagination.  They were given to us for a reason.  A reason that says, “carry on creation.”  Take some time to remember on what things used to look like, 50 years, 30 years, 10 years, 5 years or even last year compared to now.  Roads, buildings, cars, technology, the work place, clothes,  electronics, automobiles…everything.  ALL of these wonderful things that have been created, came from a place of inspiration and imagination.  We have the same ability to apply these things to our lives for our desired results.

= Creation

In our everyday lives we are faced with a number of challenges and obstacles.  We tend to invoke practical applications to achieve the goals we have in mind.  But what if we operated from a sense of inspiration, coupled with our imagination?  How much further could we be?  As I heard someone else say, “you’re grocery shopping on a full stomach.”  So in other words, you are not desperate or driven by some other force to act.  So you have nothing to lose in this exercise and everything to gain.

Discover your inspiration first.  Think about it.  Pray about it.  Meditate on it.  Daydream about it.  In short, spend time within regarding those things that inspire you most.  Then add in your imagination.

Imagine yourself operating within your inspiration.  For example, if you are inspired to play the piano and love playing beautiful music.  Playing the piano makes you feel good inside.  You’d play the piano everyday of your life even if no one was listening besides you.  Now start to imagine yourself playing that piano in front of an audience of 10,000 people.  Imagine these 10,000 people are enjoying the music as much as you are.  Imagine what they are feeling as they listen to the beautiful notes and melodies you play.  Keep applying your imagination to your inspiration and watch it be actually created for you.  This is the formula to manifesting your dreams.   Apply this formula to any and everything you desire that is aligned with your inspiration.  And watch creation unfold before your eyes.  All it takes is your consistency in believing.

We are designed to perpetuate God’s creation.  Be sure you are doing your part.

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