Week 46 – LOA Won the Election

electionLaw of Attraction Won the Election

As much of the country and even those abroad remain in upheaval regarding the presidential victory of Donald Trump, the question I have is how did it happen?  How did a man of such vile convictions, putrid comments, and substandard presidential behavior basically thug his way into the prestigious seat of POTUS?

This is a perfect example of the powerful Law of Attraction.

Law of Attraction states, that which is like unto itself is drawn; that which you focus your attention on expands and grows; and anything you push against only gets bigger and bigger.  We witnessed the same thing, happen in year 2001 with then president George W. Bush.  We pushed, and pushed, and pushed so hard against it happening and then it happened.  The same thing happened today, those who pushed against Trump did more to get him elected than anything he could have single handedly done. Attention to a subject, any subject is very powerful.  Because we live in inclusive Universe (there is no exclusion), anything that you say NO, NO, NO to the Universe sees as YES, YES, YES, based on your emotion, particularly if there’s strong emotional connection behind the sentiment. We cast our vibrational vote by giving so much attention to what we did not want. The media, society, everybody focused so much attention to not wanting Trump to win, that the universe yielded exactly what our vibration emitted.  In this Universe of vibration, you get want you focus on, wanted or even unwanted.  This presidential election illustrates this fact.

So how do we find alignment in the midst of divisiveness?  And is it now about unraveling and undoing?  Do we now immediately try to ratify the system of the Electoral College?   Do we focus on finding grounds to impeach?  Do we see how many people we can get to sign a national petition?  Do we protest? What do we do now?

Right now, we stand where we are.  We recognize and identify where we are on the continuum of well-being, and the continuum of thought turning into things.  Meaning are we standing in the observation of what has transpired and labeling the rightness and wrongness, the goodness and badness of individuals from our vantage points of what should or shouldn’t have happened?  Or should we be standing with our inner being, in alignment with our higher self, and all the things we have vibrationally asked for and is now a part of this election outcome?

May I assert:  Neither Donald Trump nor Hillary Clinton is the path to your well-being!  Neither of these individuals have any real power over your life from a vibrational standpoint.  Why?  Because they can’t think thoughts for you.  They can’t focus attention for you.  And they can not perceive for you.  All of these things – thoughts, focus, and perception belong solely to you.  These are the things that turn that which is nonphysical into physical.  Or in this case gets you a president that you didn’t want.  Although nobody can think, focus, or perceive for you, you can be lead and distracted into focusing your attention in a direction towards that which you don’t want.  And that’s what happened here.  We gave so much of our energy towards the candidate we despised, that we actually fueled the campaign.

So what it boils down to is that as a mass consciousness we have created a reality that most of us are now complaining about.  This is similar to exactly what we do in our own individual lives.  We unintentionally create, then if it’s not what we want, we complain, instead of going back to the drawing board and deliberately creating that which we desire. This is an example of how microcosm becomes the macrocosm.

So here’s what we can do.  Accept your point of attraction.  Accept where you are and what has transpired.  Stop trying to make the way you FEEL someone else’s fault.  Trump triggered so many negative emotions out of so many people, because we gave our power (power to control how you feel) over to someone else.  “Did you hear what trump said today?”  “How dare he make a statement like that?” And what did he do?  He gave us more and more of the thing the he saw that pushed our buttons.  If we would have ignored him and his outlandish statements and focused our attention undistracted in the direction towards our person of interest, I guarantee there would have been a different outcome.

It’s not really about the vote of the people or the will of the people.  It’s more about the vibrational balance of the people. This outcome grew out of the vibration of the masses.   The outside world always reflects the inside world, whether as individuals or as a mass consciousness.  However, this does not mean that this outside reflection has to affect you, UNLESS you are one that always vibrates with the masses.  Be an individual advocate for your own well-being and others.  You do not have to look at what is and let what is be the only reason you broadcast a vibration and then receive. When you take responsibility for how you’re feeling and not put that blame on someone else, then and only then do you have the divine benefit of moving yourself into harmony with what you really feel and what you really know.

I think this could be the best election outcome ever because it gives us a chance to discover that it was never about the candidates anyway.  The Republicans do not create your reality nor do the Democrats create your reality.  YOU CREATE YOUR OWN REALITY!  These people have minuscule influence over what happens to us.  Your relationship with your inner being and your ability to relinquish resistance and get into the receiving mode is what most influences what comes into your life experience.


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