Week 45 – Never Give Up on Your Dreams – They Don’t Give Up on You…

dream  Recently we spoke about dreams.  In fact, the blog post was entitled “Real Dreams.”  Let’s take some time to dive a bit deeper into what dreams truly mean in the practical sense and why we should never give up on them…but be patient in the manifestation of them.  We also want to talk about how to foster, nurture and care for our dreams along the way.

Imagine the dreams you have in life; the things you long and wish to come true but are currently dreams in your mind.  We typically allow what we see in our current “reality” to stifle what we don’t tangibly see in that reality.  Imagine for a second that your dreams, every last one of them, are your unborn children.  Literally think of them as your unborn children.  What dreams do you currently have that have not been realized?  Do you dream of a loving and lasting relationship?  Do you dream of the career you’ve always wanted?  Do you dream of having some large home?  Do you dream of world peace?  What do you dream about?  Whatever that is, focus on it for the next few minutes.  Now think of those dreams that have not been realized as unborn children.

If you’ve ever experienced pregnancy in the traditional sense of a woman being pregnant or a man who has a child on the way or even if you simply know of someone who has or is currently pregnant, several thoughts come to mind with the expectation of this new human coming into this world.  What will they look like?  How will they act?  What wonders in life will they discover?  Might they be a famous actor or entertainer?  Will they work to better humanity in some way?  So many things come to mind when anticipating a new little one into the world.  Then they are born.  The parenting kicks in.  We feed them.  Clothe them.  Provide shelter for them.  Protect them.  Nurture them. We love them.  We expect wondrous things to happen in their lives.  There are no limits or boundaries to what they can do!  We are so excited in contemplating what amazing things they will accomplish in their lives.  These are the things we expect while “expecting.”  And these are the same thoughts we carry forward once they are born to us.  Your dreams are no different.

When we dream of our desires and allow ourselves to truly dream without boundaries and limits, the expectations of the those dreams being manifested are in alignment with our soul.  So why do we stifle our dreams and expectations?  Most times we do this because someone else is telling us we can’t have what we desire.  Sometimes WE are the ones telling ourselves we can’t have what we desire or we don’t deserve to have it.  Or our circumstances don’t allow for us to have what we truly want in life.  Or we are not financially stable enough to pursue this or that.  And THAT is the “reality” we adopt.  And THAT is the “reality” we create.  But think about that for a minute while thinking about the power of expectation when “expecting.”  We don’t have the same expectations when we think about our babies being born.  We don’t say, “oh, this baby is going to grow up and be financially insecure.”  Or “this baby will have adverse circumstances that don’t allow him to be satisfied in life.”  Or “this baby will NEVER grow up to be anything at all.”  The point is, we don’t stifle the possibilities of new life as it enters the world.  But we stifle and put limitations on ourselves based on what we can “see” versus what we cannot.  We don’t actually KNOW what will happen with the newborn babies.  But we EXPECT something great.  This is the same way we should walk through life…expecting great things.   And honestly…what do you have to lose?  Especially if you didn’t have it in the first place?  We often times are afraid of disappointment of not receiving.  But how can you be disappointed in not receiving that which you have never had?  So let go…and allow yourself to dream.  Dream freely.  Dream wildly.  Dream expectantly.

Just as the children we birth, it is our responsibility to nurture, care for and love our dreams.  THIS is the way they grow!  Pay attention to them.  Provide them with some direction, but allow them to grow in their own ways and flourish.  When that child doesn’t do exactly what you say to get from point A to point B but they arrive there anyways…why do we scold them?  The same holds for our dreams.  When they don’t go the path you are directing them to go, it doesn’t mean they won’t get there.  Allow them to arrive to point B simply by giving them some direction but not smothering them with what you feel is the only path to their success.  Your dreams will take many twists and turns…but when we continue to expect them to be “born,” this is when we are nurturing, caring for and allowing them to grow.  They continue to thrive, flourish and eventually mature and manifest based on our expectation of their reality in our lives.  Not based on the expectation of failure.

I’ve seen many parents deal with many issues and challenges their children have presented no matter if the children were 5 years old or 55 years old.  Good parents tend to be there for their children no matter what.  No matter if they did or did not live up to the parents expectations.  The love a parent feels and shows comes through and the parents don’t abandon their children but continue to believe in their success.  So should be the same for our dreams.  When your dreams are not manifesting in the time you expect them to, or when it seems or feels as if your dreams have abandoned you, don’t give up on them!  One thing is for sure…when we DO give up on our dreams, they certainly have zero chance to be realized.  BELIEVE in your dreams the same way we BELIEVE in the boundless success of a newly born child.

Spend time with your dreams through your thoughts and meditations.  Nurture your dreams by continuing to envision them as reality in your life.   Love your dreams as if they have already been birthed into existence.  They are yours.  They belong to you.  And most importantly…your dreams provide insights to your purpose in being here in the first place.  If this were not true, they wouldn’t be your dreams.  And they wouldn’t make you happy and blissful when you think about them.  NEVER give up on them.  And EXPECT them to be realized.

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