Week 43 – Real Dreams

real-dreams   Real dreams.  Have you ever had a dream so vivid you literally were crying when you woke up?  Or a dream made you literally fear for your life? Or you were hot in your dream and literally sweating in your cool home?  Or perhaps you had a dream where someone was chasing you and you were “running” while still in your bed?  I remember my wife had a dream recently where she was extremely angry with me, woke up and stayed angry with me for the rest of the day…because her dream was that real to her and I had made her THAT angry…in a dream!

We also have dreams where we are blissful, happy, content and satisfied.  I’ve had several dreams where I physically wake up smiling from ear to ear.  Or I’ve had such pleasant dreams to where the feelings from my dream carry me throughout my day.  The funny thing is…the mind can’t tell the difference between what is being dreamt and what is actual “reality.”  You will understand shortly why I use quotes regarding the word reality.  But first, let’s talk about “realists” and “dreamers.”  I sincerely don’t like labels but for the context of this week’s blog, let’s assume the roles of these labels.

Realists – “a person who tends to view or represent things as they really are.”  How many people do you know proclaim the title of “realist?”  Are they the people who also say, “I’m just keeping it ‘real’?”  Do they seem to walk through life with a ‘matter-of-fact’ type of attitude?  Are they the ones always saying, “it is what it is?”  There is certainly a place for that in this world.  But the challenge, for the “realist” is, they don’t seem to know they have a choice regarding the reality they see that they are “keeping real.”  Nor do they understand that it is only “real” because they are keeping it that way.

Dreamers – “a person who is impractical or idealistic.”  Do you know this person?  These people often times look at life through “rose-colored glasses.”  Or perhaps they believe that everything will always provide for a happy ending.  Or maybe they believe that “everything will be okay and I’m just going to wait it out until it is.”  There is also a place in this world for this person too.  But the challenge of the “dreamer” is they never seem to wake up to the reality in front of them.

There is a reason as to why our minds don’t know the difference between dreams and what we consider as “reality.”  And that is because our realities begin in our dreams, in our imaginations and in our authentic desires.  In a nutshell, our deepest thoughts and our deepest focus is what creates our authentic reality.  God has equipped us with the tools to create the realities we choose.  The imagination, combined with focused thought, desire and expectation are the ingredients that create YOUR reality.  But often times, the “realist” has lost site of this.  And the dreamer lives in this space for entirely too long.  The realist observes the current state of situations and things and determines “THIS is the truth! THIS is my reality!”  yet forgetting he has the power to create a new reality simply by desire, intent and expectation.

The dreamer tends to live in the “dream-state” and loses sight of what has manifested in front of them and becomes stagnant thru a lack of any type of action. However, the action that we speak of is not the same action the “realist” would take which is usually muscling or hustling a situation or circumstance to their favor.  The “action” is listening and focusing on the communications the Universe is bringing your way with subtle hints that say “it’s time to refocus your desire, intent and expectation” to help you move forward.  The best case scenario is to balance both sides of the realist and the dreamer in our lives.

Let’s first understand, there is nothing or no-thing as my cousin says, in this world that you can’t have.  And if you think there IS, why do you feel that way?  Whether it’s a material thing or an intangible feeling, it is available to you.  THAT is a REAL statement wrapped in a DREAMY package.  When we lean too much on the “realist” state of mind, we voluntarily place our souls in bondage.  Imagine if we had no imagination.  This is a totally ironic statement, but consider it.  If we had no imagination, nothing new would ever be created.  No cell phones, no cars that drive themselves, no new hit television shows, no new clothes…no-thing.  This is clear evidence that it is through imagination and day dreams that things begin to be created.  The realist is not dependent upon her imagination.  Perhaps she doesn’t value her imagination as much because as she “day dreams” her “reality” squashes all of those thoughts and places her firmly back into the “realistic penitentiary” of her mind.  BE EMANCIPATED  and allow yourself to be free to imagine, dream and create whatever it is you desire.  The desires we all have at the cores of our souls are beacons to our authentic purposes of being here.  When we ignore those heartfelt desires, we are ignoring our authentic being.

Of course this does not mean drop all responsibilities, pack up your stuff and move to the top of some mountain and expect everything to be okay.  This would be the epitome of the “dreamer.”  But what it means is, allowing ourselves to dream freely.  The dreamer falls down when it comes to the action of what needs to be done.  But the “realist” misunderstands what actions should be taken.  It’s not that we need to get out and hustle it up or force it to happen.  But it’s also not about putting it out there and leaving it with the expectation for it to fall out of the sky.  The balance is simple and absolute.

Steps to Making the Balance of Being BOTH the Realist and the Dreamer

  1. Explore – allow yourself to explore the space of your most heartfelt desires.  Don’t stifle this exploration with the “logic” your mind will want you to focus on.  Simply explore freely to discover what inspires you most.  Last week we spoke about the difference between motivation and inspiration.  Find those things that INSPIRE you most.  Those are the things that align with the authentic you.
  2. Intend – Once you’ve allowed yourself to explore your deepest desires, imagine yourself living out those desires in your everyday life.  Focus your intentions on achieving just that.  Make it known to yourself that you INTEND to be what you want and have those things you desire that align with your desires.  Again, don’t let the “logic” arrest and incarcerate this process.  Think about it as if you are simply window shopping in the mall of your mind.  It’s a carefree exercise with no boundaries to hold you down.
  3. Expectation – Here’s the final step to bring it all home.  By this time, you’ve explored and identified your deepest desires.  You’ve intended for them to become a part of your everyday life.  The only thing left to do, or the “actionable” thing to do is, expect it to show up!  And don’t let go!  Envision yourself being in the life-space you desire most.  Focus on it in your mind frequently.  Speak it. Keep it top of mind. Keep your focus on it without wavering.

These three steps are what it takes to manifest the authentic reality (no quotes) you truly desire.  BE a dreamer and help the realist that is in you to understand what true reality is all about.

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