Week 41 – The Personal Duplicity of Life…

duplicity  Usually when one considers the definition of duplicity or when considering duplicitous behavior, we consider it to be be deceiving or underhanded behavior in some type of way.  This week we want to talk about the personal duplicitous behavior we demonstrate within ourselves.  And how do we identify it, which provides clarity in our lives…without judgement?

The Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines duplicity as “contradictory doubleness of thought, speech, or action; the quality or state of being double or twofold.”  In many ways, while unintended, we live personal duplicitous lives without even realizing it.  Our duplicitous behavior is not directed at any individual but more so within ourselves.  We are not actively looking to deceive ourselves, nevertheless, we often contradict our thoughts, speech and actions depending on what and how we are choosing to feel at that particular time.  There is no judgment in that statement and you should also release any judgment against yourself in that understanding.

Perhaps a little longer than two years ago I started on this journey of aligning my soul to help me walk with an enlightened view of life. Over many months I’ve worked to be consistent with my meditation, recite my daily mantras/affirmations, pattern my thoughts in positive ways and channel my energies and desires to manifest the life I want to live. And it has worked out wonderfully. However, I still find myself “reverting” back to some old ways of doing things or I catch myself lingering WAY too long in thoughts that do not align with my “newfound self.” I see myself sometimes almost from the outside looking in. Or as if I am some character playing a role but I hear the “director” in my head saying “that’s not the way it is.” Or “that’s not REALLY the way you feel so why are you doing/saying that?” And this is the personal duplicity of life.  It’s when people go to church on Sunday and curse out their coworker on Monday.  It’s setting out to have a great day full of gratitude and being ungrateful when you don’t get your favorite parking spot at work.  It’s saying you want to be more loving and understanding but at the first opportunity expressing disgust and levying judgment against another.  There is nothing “wrong” with this behavior.  What’s “right” is understanding that it exists, which puts it into context.  And then choosing to move in the direction you authentically desire.

There is no question that we are made of three parts, mind, body and soul which we’ve discussed before.  But how does the personal duplicity of life factor in with our mind, body and soul? When I walk in or focus on my spiritual side…the meditation, the daily mantra/affirmations, the prayer, my authentic desires, the understanding of energies and the Law of Attraction…I remain centered, calm, chaos-free because I am operating from the core of my authentic being (soul). But there is ALWAYS the human (body) side that is focused on what’s right here, right now in my face. The job, the bills, the kids, the grocery store, the bank, the annoying neighbor; the stress of it all is right in my face. And sometimes because it’s tangible and in your face, it takes over as being what’s “real.” And therefore we accept it as what is truly “real.”  We “deal” with it in our “real” or humanistic type of way. But what’s really important is making the balance and understanding personal duplicity.  Our bodies interpret the world in one way while our souls understand the world authentically.  Half body.  Half soul.

This past two weeks has been exciting yet overwhelming for me. I resigned from my job to take on a new career with a start up automotive company. I started teaching a class for my first time ever at the University of California. I put my house up for sale and am in process of finding another. I had to purchase two new cars. I got word that I will be conducting my first speaking engagement for Align to Enlighten. Like I said…exciting but overwhelming. Overwhelming not because of all the stuff that’s going on…but overwhelming because of where my focus lies.  The human side of me felt extremely stressed this past week.  My stomach hurt, I had headaches, I felt anxious and overwhelmed.  I felt less than confident in managing all of the things on my proverbial plate.  It was “in my face” and I counted it as being “real.”  Real…meaning, I counted the things that needed to be done and by what timeframe.  I evaluated the shear amount of work that needed to be done for each of those things.  I planned out my time so I could work to achieve all of my personal objectives regarding those things.  And then I allowed my mind to provide meaning to what I was looking at.  My mind said, “this is waaaay too much happening right now.  You’re gonna be stressed out.  How are you planning on doing all of this stuff and still having your family to take care of too?”  My mind answered the questions of what my body asked.  It became “real” to me from that perspective.

Then, as I was almost to the brink of shutting down, my soul asked me…”did you breathe? Are you centered?  Do you remember who you ARE?”  Remember, personal duplicity represents equal halves of one whole.  I thought about all the blog posts my cousin and I have done, the hundreds of conversations we’ve had with people regarding spiritual enlightenment and empowerment.  I thought about one of my daily mantras which states, “Everyday I am manifesting the life I desire.”  I thought about the energy and the vibrational marker I was emitting and how the Universe was matching that energy.  I thought about how I truly want to FEEL in comparison to what I was feeling.  I thought about…I am a spiritual being FIRST living a human experience.  And in that instant…I felt silly.  I felt silly because I knew I was depending too much on the human side as opposed to seeing it for the half it actually represents in my personal duplicitous nature.  My sense of foolishness wore off quickly as my soul denounced the judgment I was levying upon myself.

So what is the bottom line here?

  1. Body – In our everyday lives of hustle and bustle, it is extremely easy to lean heavily on the physical things and situations we are faced with and label them as “reality.”  Our 5 senses are telling us how to interpret and deal with the physical things that are in front of us.  Or in my case, “in my face” causing me stress, anxiety and a sense of overwhelming.  But let us understand that the body is simply one half of the whole and the physical things we are facing have no more power over us than the power we choose to give them.
  2. Soul – Our soul is the Quiet Observer, as Deepak Chopra calls it.  The Quiet Observer is not affected, shaken or worried about the physical things or situations that concern the body.  Our souls understand and provide authentic truth to ALL of the physical things or situations we face.  The soul is where we commune with God the Almighty.  It is a place, both full of tranquility & peace as well as extreme power.  And that power is demonstrated through creative manifestation that stems from thought and desire.
  3. Mind – Our mind is the bridge between the soul and the body.  The mind is designed to be the two-way communication between our physical world and our spiritual being.  Our minds provide reasoning based on physical circumstance but this too is only half the story.  Our souls house our desires.  Therefore, let us first identify what we truly desire in everyday life and expect it to be delivered.  That way, as “life happens” our minds should see reflections of our desires and not be swayed by the physical circumstance.

So do not be overly worried or anxious about things that are happening physically.  Be aware and conscious of them, but be careful in understanding your physical reality is one half of the equation. Your extremely powerful spiritual being is the other half.  Our bodies interpret the world in one way.  But our souls interpret the world in another.  Understand them both with reliance on your soul to deliver authenticity, which will provide clarity…not duplicity.

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