Week 39 – Be an Agent for Change…

change-agent    Change is often times a scary notion in life.  We all carry some type of anxiety from time to time when we are faced with an impending change.  Why is that?  What stops us from embracing change at times and then other times we run to or long for change?  Usually we embrace our impending changes when we anticipate something good coming our way or when it’s something we feel we can “control.”  However, when change is sudden, unexpected or not completely apparent to us on how things will work out, we are often resistant to that change.  We become fearful and may create stories about the upcoming change.  “Oh my God, this is going to be horrible. I wasn’t expecting this to happen.”  We treat it like an unwanted visitor and ignore it or push it off to the side or dismiss it as irrelevant to our life’s experience.  But in being in tune with who we TRULY are, our spiritual being, we understand that change is necessary for the sustainment of life.  Change is the fuel that propels life forward.  The alternative to change is stagnation and eventually death.  This holds true on all levels of life.  For example, if our very skin cells did not die and fall away from our bodies when we bathe our own skin would become toxic to us.  But instead, our skin cells die and are rejuvenated every day.  Necessary change.  Seasons change and facilitate growth and new life.  The tides of the oceans change nightly doing the same.  In fact, as the saying goes, the ONLY thing that remains constant in this world is change.  So how do we overcome our aversion to change when we consider it unwanted and/or unwarranted?  We first begin to welcome change into our experience like an old friend instead of a dreaded foe.  We look for change and expect it to come.  We simply embrace change as it happens.

One of the first things to understand is that change is not a stranger to us.  Change does not happen by coincidence or happenstance.  Change, wanted or perceivably unwanted, has been created by us in the first place.  Change is a pawn in our game of creation.  When we remember that we are the creators of our realities, we understand the role change plays in our lives.  We are forever manifesting our realities.  This is why it is important to be proactive in our thoughts, our words, our expectations and our desires because it is from this space our realities are born.  The Law of Attraction is absolute.  Therefore, what we focus on is what is delivered to us.  Without question.  So when change happens…embrace it!  Because if we have been actively focused on our creation of reality, change is an agent to assist in the manifestation of that desired reality.  Even when it does not seem that way.

As changes happen in our lives, it is important to understand, the only thing we actually control is how we feel.  It is even more important to understand the power of those feelings and emotions because they influence the reality we are creating.  We are constantly emitting a vibrational marker the Universe is looking to match.  And that match of emotion, feeling and desire is delivered to us through people and experience.  So staying focused on what we desire and remaining in alignment with who we truly are while being attentive to how we feel, grounds our feelings and emotions which makes us comfortable with unexpected change.  When we are grounded in our desires, feelings, emotions and expectations, we are not rattled, rocked or rolled as changes happen in life.

When we are not proactive in this process, two scenarios happen:

1) When things are going “smooth” in our lives we are resistant to change because we like things “just the way they are.”  Our bodies, minds and souls have fallen into a state of conscious comfortability. Change “intrudes” and we turn away from it because we don’t want our current state altered in any way.

2)  When our lives are NOT going the way we want it to go, we long for change.  We pray to God for change to come.   And when our lives are serving us adversities in this state, our bodies, minds and souls jump into action looking to facilitate immediate change.

These are very reactive ways to live.  That is why when things happen that are perceived as adverse changes in our lives, we resist and turn away because we feel we haven’t actively invited that change.  But by not acting, we are still acting nonetheless.  We continue to have emotion, desire and feelings…but they become reactive and not proactive.  Being an ‘agent for change’ means living a proactive life and understanding that change is a useful tool in manifesting your authentic desires.  We are constantly emitting vibrational markers to the Universe and the Universe, because of the Law of Attraction, is seeking to match whatever it is we are feeling.  The Universe is seeking to help usher in whatever experience you are focused on into your life.  Whether that be instantly or in the next 10 years.  The fact is, the more we focus on it, the stronger that vibrational marker and the quicker that experience is also coming our way.

So what does this have to do with change???  When we live proactively, we understand that change works for our overall good and well-being.  NOT to the detriment of our existence.  But this understanding comes from having an aware consciousness, and enlightened view of existence.  We often lose sight of this or do not appreciate the change because we don’t feel like we are “in control” of the situation.  The authentic reality is, the more we mitigate our resistance and embrace the change, the quicker we realize our true desires.  While this sounds counterintuitive because we’ve been conditioned to “fight,” the reality is, through allowance we continue to move forward.  Through resistance we remain stuck.  Resistance is like quicksand. The more you resist or fight against or struggle, the deeper you sink into the quicksand of life.

So contemplate a few things:

  1. Proactively spend time in your thoughts about life and what you desire.  Not necessarily the material things but more so what and how you desire to FEEL?
  2. Create your expectations in regards to those feelings without focussing on how those feelings will be delivered or by whom, but just the expectation of the feeling itself.
  3. Be open to change…HOWEVER it is delivered to you without question, doubt or suspect.  Simply except it and allow it to have space in your life.

By doing these three things, you have become an Agent for Change.  An agent who is aware that the changes you are experiencing are serving your desires, not stifling your existence.

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