Week 38 – LIFE IS NOT A TEST! 

images    Watching television as a child, the program being viewed would often be interrupted with an announcement of, “THIS A TEST.  THIS STATION IS CONDUCTING A TEST OF THE EMERGENCY BROADCASTING SYSTEM.  THIS IS ONLY A TEST.”  After which a loud alert tone would go off for a few seconds. The system was established to provide the President of the United States with an expeditious method of communicating with the American public in the event of war, threat of war, or grave national crisis.  Although the system was never used for a national emergency, it was activated more than 20,000 times between 1976 and 1996 to broadcast civil emergency messages and warnings of severe weather hazards.

Often in life we see obstacles or adversities that we face as tests, just like that broadcast announcement.  Tests we must pass or fail.  Tests to overcome that affirm our worthiness.  We’ve heard it said or maybe it has become part of our own belief system that life is a test.  And that we go through different trials and tribulations to learn lessons- life lessons.  I’m sure we’ve all heard the saying that, “there’s no testimony, without a test”, meaning you’ve got to through some measure of adversity to be qualified to testify of God’s greatness.  But do you really?  Many of us have come to the conclusion that God tests us, allows us to experience loss, pain, sorrow, and in some cases, even punishes us to strengthen our fortitude or “prepare us for something greater.”  We have come to believe that there is some grand examination that is designed to help us evolve to the next level of our own evolution.

But the reality is, life is not a test.  There is no pass or fail.  Life is simply life, to be lived, explored, and enjoyed. It is tempting to see life circumstances as tests because we gotten used to structuring how we behave to satisfy the rules of “success” that a test provides.  We often study to pass exams rather than to learn, or we work hard to achieve a performance score or a pay raise, rather than the fulfillment of the work. And although there is some validity to overcoming resistance and being more resolved after a trying encounter or adversity, life and the circumstances of life, however is not a test.  There’s no one, no entity, no force, who is somewhere laying in front you, different and various circumstances so that you can either sink or swim, and then shaking his head in disappointment at the fact that you “failed” the test.

You are the creator of your own “test.   You and you alone get to decide whatever you want to experience in this life, by the choices you decide to make or not make.  The truth is, some things in life can and may seem test-like for us, but it is solely and completely up to us what becomes a test or not.  It is solely and completely an internal journey.  Nothing outside of us is ever testing us! We were not born to prove that we were good enough for our creator. We did not come here to prove anything of worthiness.  We were born worthy!  We were born already sufficient, and with nothing to prove to anybody, not even God.  Our creator already knows our worthiness. Our Creator is somewhere wondering why we’re consumed with this quest of validation.  Who taught us this notion?   I know this may sound somewhat sacrilegious, living in a culture and society that says just the opposite.  Where we’ve been taught that you must measure up.  We think we must meet the criteria.  We think we have to make the grade.  We are graded by our teachers, parents, one another, and oh yeah, even the Most High.  But life is NOT a test.  We did not come here to be graded, or tested, or tried.  We came here to simply BE; to serve, to experience the joy of this life, and to do those things that we are called to do by inspiration. 

We live this life to sift through the choices, make decisions on what we prefer, decipher what’s most important to us, and expand.  We were born to create. We do this regardless, whether by default or by deliberate intent.  Life is better described as an adventure rather than as a test.  This is an excursion with peaks and valleys, twists and turns, designed only for us to make more conscientious choices. These choices and decisions that we make either cause growth or stagnation.  However, there is no pass or fail.  There is always only well-being and our separation from that well-being.  From a place of separation we may feel we’re being tested, but it’s only that we have separated ourselves from the well-being that flows constantly.  We are always only being loved and supported on our journeys.   The Universe is never ever testing us.  The universe is always yielding to us evidence of where we are, vibrationally.  The next time, or maybe even now if you’re experiencing a trial, an adversity, or some undesirable problem in your life, don’t think of it as a test.  Consider it nothing more than a clarifying experience; a clarifying experience that signifies where you stand at this given moment in relationship to where the Creator stands.  A clarifying experience that reminds us that we have the power to choose differently, make another decision, come to new conclusions.  See it as an opportunity to come to new resolutions of what you prefer.  This is one of God’s ultimate gifts to us!

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