Week 37 – The Perpetrator, The Victim and The Witness

trial  When we consider perpetrator, victim and witness in the sense of our judicial system, usually the perpetrator is the person who committed the crime, the victim is on the receiving end of that crime and the witness is the person who saw it all happen.  But in the context of aligning to enlighten, we all play the role of perpetrator, victim AND witness in our everyday lives even when no crime has been committed.  Understanding which role aligns with our authentic desire is the key to unlocking inner peace, calm and tranquility.

The Perpetrator

“To bring about or carry out.  To produce, perform or execute”  – Merriam-Webster Dictionary.  The perpetrator is concerned with the physical actions we take in life.  The perpetrator is closely aligned with the physical body.  Therefore, when things happen in the physical or material state, the perpetrator must act in return.  The perpetrator is not concerned as much with inner feeling, intuition or authentic awareness.  Simply, what’s happening right now that is affecting ME and how will I respond?

When someone has made me angry and I need to retaliate, when my boss didn’t give me the ‘credit I deserve’ last week so I’m not going to work hard this week, when I see they are not doing it the way that I would, so I need to take over.  In these situations, we become the perpetrator.  The perpetrator acts with deliberate intention given the current situation and/or circumstance.  “I will MAKE them see my p0int of view.”  Or “He cut me off in traffic, I’m gonna jump in front of him and do the same thing!”  The perpetrator reacts to whatever the outside circumstance or situation is.  The perpetrator operates from the outside-in versus from the inside out.

Clearly we perpetrate daily.  We go about life and “make things happen.”  We work to put things in motion to satisfy the things we desire in life.  But sometimes we ignore what is happening from within, only allowing space to deliver on the task at hand.  The outside circumstances of a perpetrator’s life determine every next move the perpetrator will make.  The focus is on the here and the now.  Whatever is happening that needs ‘fixing’ the perpetrator has an answer for that, a new job to handle and nothing will stop him/her from getting to the final destination.  The perpetrator reacts swiftly to circumstance.  But the perpetrator is unaware of the fact that he or she has the power to change the outside current circumstances from within as opposed to “muscling” it to be what it is they desire.

The Victim

“One that is acted on and usually adversely affected by a force or agent” – Merriam-Webster Dictionary.  In the traditional sense, the victim is usually adversely affected by the perpetrator.  But in this context, the victim is affected by the forces around him/her that have also been created by him or her.  Sometimes this is not realized because the victim has created a false sense of reality based on their own interpretations of their perceptions.  The victim is closely aligned with the mind.  Therefore, when outside circumstances  or ‘force agents’ intrude, the victim immediately views this as an attack on them personally.

“I can’t believe she treated me that way.  It’s probably because she’s jealous.”  Or, “Joe didn’t speak to me this morning.  He just hates me for no apparent reason at all.”  Or perhaps, “no matter what I do, I can’t EVER seem to get ahead!”  The victim has reviewed, analyzed and interpreted all of the circumstances and situations in their lives as having some direct meaning to their well-being or lack thereof.  The victim is not focused on authentic reality which is only realized from the point of the soul.  But rather, the victim is completely invested in what the mind has viewed and given shallow meaning to but calls it truth or reality, never understanding that our realities are created from within.  Not from with-out.

None of us are necessarily immune to being the victim.  We all have some sense of ‘poor me’ during our days or weeks.  The challenge is, identifying when this is happening and deciding what you will consider as authentic truth and what is not.  Is it really true that someone is jealous because they treated you a certain way?  Or are they simply having a tough day?  Does ‘Joe’ truly hate you for no reason?  Or did he not speak because he was engrossed with the presentation he had to deliver that morning?  And is it really true that you can never get ahead?  Or have you simply lost sight of those things we should be grateful for in everyday life?  The victim, similar to the perpetrator, has limits to his understanding of what is authentically true.

The Witness

“One who sees what happened” – Merriam-Webster Dictionary.  “One who ‘SEES’ what happened.  When you are not the perpetrator OR the victim, and resign yourself to being the witness…you SEE what is happening around you from a different perspective.  In the context of this discussion, the witness is aligned with your soul.   The authentic you (the soul) is not concerned with outside circumstances, but more so in creating the circumstances you authentically desire.  This process is hampered when the perpetrator and/or the victim are playing a larger role than necessary in our lives.  The witness, or the Quiet Observer as Deepak Chopra refers to it, experiences life at a deeper level than what is seen, analyzed and interpreted at the level of the body and the mind.  The witness is not affected by the things that are happening around it.  It simply observes and speaks to the mind and body in the quiet voices of instinct, intuition and coincidence.  The witness is an unbiased, detached, non-emotional observer of any circumstance or situation and provides authentic perspective.

Your soul is not concerned with material wealth because your soul is not reliant on material things to provide comfort.  Your soul is not concerned or affected by others behavior but instead, the way you choose to react or respond to that behavior.  Evidence being, however you choose to respond in any given situation ultimately affects you and you alone.  Not the other persons involved.  During meditation, we provide a ‘voice’ for our souls to speak the authentic truth and provide authentic perspective the perpetrator and the victim can not provide.  Why?  Because the perpetrator and the victim are too close to the situation and are invested in the situation for very different reasons, while the soul, the witness, is a simple observer providing unbiased insight to the situation and/or circumstance.

We ALL participate in playing the role of perpetrator, victim and witness.  But when we spend time as the witness, we are able to garner clear perspective.  That clear perspective is invaluable to the next moves of the perpetrator and will produce authentic clarity for the victim.  By ‘witnessing’ life we are able to move in peace, love and harmony.  Not because of what is or is not happening around us.  But because of what is happening from within us.  That which is happening within us ultimately defines what happens around us in our everyday lives.  Be the witness.


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